Reasons Why Web Hosting is Significant for SEO Business

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, May 18, 2018

You might be surprised to discover that SEO and web hosting are connected closely. If you would like to see how this relationship works, MangoMatter has a great review page that offers information about hosting and how it could impact SEO. You cannot achieve positive SEO results unless you pick a good web host. To get you started with choosing which company to host your site with, here are key reasons a good host will boost your SEO business.

Website loading speed is crucial

SEO is a combination of many parameters and search engines use all these things to rank sites. One of the considerations that are useful to search engines is the speed of a website, so sites that are slow will often rank lower than those with good load speed. Although you could design your site in a manner that ensures it is fast, a slow server will neutralize all these results. That’s why choosing a good hosting provider is essential in ensuring your site gets the best speeds and ranks well on search results.


You should also remember that the online availability of a website is determined by the uptime or downtime score of the hosting server. This means a server that experiences a high downtime score could make your site unreliable because of unavailability. Google and other major search engines consider site availability as a measure of relevance and reliability, so when spiders crawl and discover that pages are not online several times it will mark them as unavailable, and the result is that your site will lose rankings over time. The solution is to ensure that the hosting provider has an uptime score of not less than 99%. Good uptime scores will ensure your site is available most of the time and your clients can access it, and it will also allow you to reap from SEO.


Many people will look at the encryption technology you have before they decide to use your website. A site that does not have an SSL certificate is likely to lose customers because they are convinced it is not secure enough. That is why you need to consider that the hosting provider assures the availability of TSL/SSL certificates and also allows use of HTTPS. In addition to assuring customers of security, HTTPS and SSL certificates are part of the things that Google considers to assign your website a ranking. Sites with these security features are given a higher rating because they are viewed as more secure than those that don’t have. Your SEO business could improve by hosting with a company that guarantees the availability of SSL and HTTPS.

Web hosting is important for your SEO business because this is one of the ways you can access important tools. Your website needs to rank well on SERPs to get customers and this cannot be possible unless you succeed in SEO. That is why you should consider choosing a web host that avails the most important security features and server performance as these are some of the metrics that are considered by search engines to assign ranking.

5 Useful Tips for Ghost Marketing

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, May 18, 2018

In order for any business to be successful, it must have a sound marketing strategy. With a good marketing strategy, an organization will be in a great position to promote its business and attract the right type of customers. At the same time, the organization's reputation will be safeguarded.

Nowadays, most businesses have embraced the internet and social media as a strong marketing tool. They understand that with the click of a button, they can be able to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers. One of the most popular social media campaign strategies is ghost marketing.

Under ghost marketing, business organizations outsource individuals or teams to market their products and services on their behalf. For example, you can have a person or group of people recruited by a company as ghost tweeters. Their task is to come up with tweets on behalf of the company.

How can I Become a Ghost Marketer?

One of the main reasons a company hires a ghostwriter is so that more effort can be focused on other aspects of the business. Business owners don't want to spend too much time on social media and have no time left to serve their customers and grow the business.

Here are some useful tips for ghost marketing:

1. Know Your Client's Interests

At the end of the day, all your client wants is to be able to connect and engage with potential customers. If you want to help him achieve this, you must first have a good grasp of the topics that the client would like you to post on social media. Take the time to know the perception the client wants to create and try to deliver that.

2. Learn Your Client's Language

If you want to be an effective ghost marketer, you must learn to market your client's products just the same way they would do it if they did it on their own. Try to find out how they have marketed their products before and the language they have used.

3. Be on the Lookout for Negative Feedback

As a ghost marketer, it is your job to listen to what is being said about your client's products. You must be quick enough to nip negative comments in the bud before they spread further. If a problem seems to be escalating, it is time to let your client be aware of it.

4. Put Your Client First

In everything you do, always remember that you are trying to promote your client's products and not yours. So, before you post anything online, make sure it is something that would be acceptable to your client. You should not be the one starting controversies.

5. Be Creative

In order to be a good ghost marketer, you must always find new ways of coming up with ways of creating things that are not being created elsewhere. Your posts should be so unique that they stand out from the rest.

In summary, Ghost marketing is all about showing your clients and their products in the best possible light. You must always take the time to understand what is required of you and what the ultimate goal is. This way, you will always be in a position to deliver what your clients want.

3 Tips to Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, May 17, 2018

World transformation on different levels has occurred because of technology advancement. The business sector relies on technology to perform most of its crucial activities. The improvement has influenced the trends used by business people, customers, and suppliers from various business entities. Replacement of the conventional marketing strategies by the digital ones motivates entities to keep up with the dynamic technological business trends. To survive the stiff competition and attain the set goals, selecting the perfect strategy is essential. Here are crucial pointers that will help you to come up with an effective digital strategy:

1)               Invest In Frequent SEO Updates

Digital marketing relies on the traffic you create on your website. You need to reach out to the right customers to create profitable traffic on your website. Be keen on the keywords you select. Gauge whether the domain names or keywords are adding or losing your traction. Search engine optimization enables business people to reach their target market with ease. Consider doing SEO as many times as your business can afford throughout the year to maintain steady traffic for your products or services. Quarterly updates are recommended.

2)               Know Your Best Customers and Make Them The Right Offers

Effective marketing requires a businessperson to know what exactly he or she wants to achieve. Understanding your clients is important in achieving effective marketing. For instance, it could be profit maximization or brand awareness. For both objectives to be successful, you need to know your target group and the right products or services to deliver through analyzing their behavior and needs. Target groups have differing traits thus you can use segmentation, lifecycle stage, personas and job specification in relation to your customers to identify the right customers and offers. You get to make the right offers by prioritizing the customers’ needs.

3)               Invest In Hosting High-Quality Live Events For Your Customers

Sometimes, a business only requires creating a memorable experience to retain and attract new customers. In the digital perspective, online event promotion, podcasts, and webinars are effective strategies to create a worthwhile experience for your customers. We recommend pursuing help from a third party to make the process and goals easy to accomplish. For example, you can collaborate with popular bloggers or social media influencers to participate in ticket sales promotion or giveaways. This approach will not only boost your sales but also help to create brand awareness thus leading to growth. Seeking external help enables you to focus on the main agenda, as the whole process can be overwhelming, thus, affecting the quality of services the customers experience.

There are several marketing strategies that you can adopt for your business in the digital world. However, you need to evaluate whether the strategies align with your goals, customer’s needs, and your budget. Some approaches will suit large businesses while others are best for small startups. Understanding all these will save you from making loses and losing customers, enabling you to grow your business.

Marketing Strategies on How to have a Successful Training Business

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, May 17, 2018

When you are a trainer, you know that the most important thing in your business is motivation towards growth and well being. It is also important that you sell yourself in the market amidst competition to be successful. With technological developments today, it is easier to sell your talent on social media and websites compared to trusting the old-school style referral market or word of mouth.

Creative marketing strategies are far better than the earlier options of getting involved in cold calling or hard selling your services. In the medical field, it is important to have a trustworthy image on your training business to avoid being flagged as a sales-y trainer, If you are in the medical field, you can use these strategies to sell online ACLS course, life-saving emergency training, PALS, BLS highlighting your brand, and making quality leads.

Follow these ideas to make your business stand out:

1. Be Friendly - A friendly approach can make a lot of difference in the quality of your training work. To build a reputation as a great trainer, be more approachable, helping clients become more comfortable in your presence.

2. Offer Free Monthly Emails Filled With Helpful Tips - Most trainers in the market offer monthly newsletters which are a bit focused on bringing in more clients. Unfortunately, this approach does not work. Having a newsletter with relevant and useful information can help you build a brand as a trainer.

3. Offer Discounted or Complimentary Mini Sessions - One way to make your audience respond to your e-mails is by offering free sessions or sessions at a discount on a regular basis in your newsletter.

4. Create Challenges - People love being challenged. Create an opportunity to give your customers a challenge or a professional goal to make them more involved in your training business.

5. Be Creative - When you design your business card or a new brochure, be more creative and make your potential customers remember you. Uniqueness is quite important in the training business to avoid being lost in the crowd.

6. Use Local Businesses to Promote Your Business - Drop off your brochures in local community centres and health centre bulletin boards to let people know your business and training programs. For example, if you run UNITED MEDICAL EDUCATION, make sure that name is visible on all your promotional materials.

7. Create Your Email Signature - When you are sending out emails, make sure that they sound professional adding credibility to your training business. Include proper credentials on your social media handles, website and everything related to your business.

8. Social Media Pages - Spend time to create your social media pages. Social media business pages give a good first impression with a number of good reviews when a possibly potential client looks at it. It is also a good idea to create a portfolio page as a trainer.

9. Write Guest Posts - Blogging is yet another effective tool to bring more to your business. You can also think about guest posting to popular niche related authority websites.

When you are involved in training, it is important to make your business stand out from the rest. Offer affiliate programs and get involved in the community by giving training sessions to your related field of students. Gaining a good network is an effective way to promote your training business.

7 Creative Ways to Market Your Wedding Blog

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Running a blog is a great creative outlet, a great way to earn money, or both! Wedding blogs, in particular, are popular since brides and grooms are always looking for ideas to make their big day perfect. If you’ve started a wedding blog, you may have already begun to build up loyal followers, but that doesn’t mean your work is done. It’s important that you put out fresh and exciting content regularly, interact with your followers, and market to bring on more.

These days there are hundreds of different ways that you can market your wedding blog—some free, and some not. If you’ve recently written a post about getting sorority dresses for your bridesmaids, you can promote that post with paid ads on Facebook, or you can share a picture and include the link in the description for free on Instagram. Don’t just advertise and promote on one or a few platforms, though. By getting creative, you can bring in more traffic and build up the number of followers on your blog.

Here are eight creative ways to help you market your wedding blog and get a stronger following:

Start a Mailing List

If you haven’t already, you need to start a mailing list. You can invite people who already follow you to subscribe and invite first-time visitors to join the mailing list as well. Through it, you can notify followers and those who are subscribed about your latest posts, exclusive updates, and other juicy details you may not share directly on your blog. It’s a great way to get the word out about your blog and keep your blog on people’s minds—don’t start spamming them.

Make Sure You’re Social

Social media is a blogger’s best friend. It’s an extremely important tool for getting updates out about your latest posts, sharing updates about your life, or sharing funny things you found on your own social media page that apply to your blog page. If you’re not on social media already, you need to be—wedding bloggers should be on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest at the very least. Not only can you promote your latest posts on Facebook and Instagram, but you can share those posts on Pinterest, helping them get read and shared around by brides.

Incentivize Readers to Share

Did you know that you can use your already-loyal readers as a marketing tool? Inside your posts, you can include calls to action that ask them to share the post or make a comment. You can also include special incentives inside some of your posts to get them to share. For example, you could incentivize brides with a mention of their wedding and a photo of their invitation for a share on Facebook.

Guest Post

Guest posting is a great way to get the word out about your blog and reach an audience that may not already be following you. You can collaborate with other bloggers in your niche or related to your niche and offer to write a post that they can then share on their own blog. This will help you get the attention of their followers and create marketing for your site.

Host Guest Posts

Just like guest posts can help you get the word out, hosting guest posts can help you draw the attention of people who follow those you let post on your blog. All you have to do is get in touch and offer to collaborate with other bloggers. Then, if they accept, you can post their posts as a special guest feature on your site, and you’ll be drawing the attention of your followers, theirs, and those interested in the topic.

Write Special Features

Every once in a while, it’s good to shake things up and write a special feature that is still related to your niche, but maybe goes into more depth, features a specific person, or stands out in another way. You could feature an influencer in the industry, or you could write about a roadshow you attended. Whatever you do, special features are a great way to market and attract new attention.

Run a Contest or Promo

Who doesn’t love stuff that’s cheap or free? If you can, get your hands-on tickets to a roadshow, an exclusive product, or a killer deal on a honeymoon getaway. It doesn’t have to be something big; you can choose something a little smaller if you’d like.

Once you’ve got something to give away or auction or run another type of promotion on, write a post announcing the rules and details, (always be sure that you run your contests and promos within the laws and regulations of your country and state). You could require that readers share a post to gain entry or tag three friends who don’t already read your blog—it’s a great way to get engagement and build up your following.

Final Thoughts

When you run a wedding blog, it’s important that you market constantly. Whether you choose methods that are free or are willing to drop some money on advertising, marketing can help you keep your blog thriving and draw in more traffic, helping you quickly rise in rank. What marketing strategies do you think will be most effective for you?

Buying an e-commerce business vs. starting a new one — which is the smarter choice?

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Many business situations are start out similarly and e-commerce is no exception. When it comes to the way the business is initially started, there are two options you can follow. You can either make a fresh start or buy it from someone else. If you choose the second alternative, rest assured because you can always find salesmen with reasonable price ranges. Read below for an evaluation of criteria for both choices, either buying a business or creating one from scratch.

Advantages vs.  inconveniences of buying an existing business

Acquiring a great valuation is one of the the many advantages that buying an existing online business has. The other advantages are connected to the setup, as an already established business can spare you the initial growing pains.

However, that doesn’t mean that buying an existing business will require no work at all. You might not have to handle all of the stressful, early development stages of your business, but you are missing the personal investment you would have in a business that you started and nurtured yourself. Adiționally, buying a new business means that you are at least initially beholden to someone else’s setup and management, and a poorly managed business may require a lot of work to turn around.

Buying a business might be a logical approach when expanding into another territory

Buying a business rather than starting one yourself makes sense if you intend to expand into a new territory, either in the same country or beyond borders. In e-commerce, this can be done quite easily through an e-commerce exchange platform that can help you buy a business in a new market.

The thing to note here is that when you expand across continents, cultural elements need to be taken into account, and a new business is often too much to handle in this context. We’ve noticed that whenever a giant e-commerce company expands internationally, they buy a local business that has already a solid cultural setup established.

Identifying the proper target when expanding internationally

When it comes to expanding your business, we should ask what the acquirer (often an e-commerce giant) is seeking by making a seemingly ridiculous acquisition choice. If we are looking at the case of a domestic acquisition, the main goals include the following: strengthening the brand and the supply chain, expanding your customer base and increasing top line revenue, and creating bigger management team and consolidating . However, if we consider an international addition to the company, the target usually is for the e-commerce giant to gain a niche in a new market.

Buying into an existing business has many advantages, one of them being the possibility of a smooth expansion into new geographical grounds. E-commerce investors also tend to agree that buying is a more efficient option than simply starting a new online business.

4 Ways Businesses Can Save Money

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The success of a business relies upon certain elements where managing cash is one of them. The recipe of running a business smoothly depends upon the capital a business has. However, this is easier said than done. 

A considerate amount of money can be saved by making a few smart decisions which will neither hurt the quality nor the production of the business but increase the gross revenue.

Here are 4 ways businesses can save money:

1. Save 60% By Going For Used Equipment

The costs of buying new computers, printers, machineries and furniture takes away more than half of the profit a business has earned. A good option to counter this is to go for used equipment.

You can save up to 60% by doing this. Everything from furniture to electronics can be bought used. Your easiest bet is to go online, but the problem with shopping online is that you cannot inspect products in person and returning items can be a pain if they are not of the quality you expected them to be, since you cannot be sure about used items.

This is why a garage sale can be a good idea. You may also visit a thrift store to see what they have. Other than this, you can buy refurbished items or items that are being sold by people you know.

Also, see if you can get a checking warranty. This way you will be covered, especially in case of electronics as they can malfunction anytime.

2. Invest In Marketing

People often think that cutting expenses means to reduce everything. That’s not true. You can still reduce expenses by increasing investment in something such as the marketing department.

For 61% marketers, SEO is the top most priority of their business because it helps them reach a much larger audience. Considering how important SEO is for a business, we must give it a try.

SEO is expensive but it has a high interest rate. If your business is not already on the web, then you need to create a web presence. This can be done by having a website and social media accounts. You will also need someone to handle these accounts for you. This is again an investment, but a good one. Here you can stop spending on traditional methods of marketing to reduce expenses and put your money where the profits are maximized.

Other than this, you can try some other cheap marketing tactics, such as getting customized stationery with your brand's name on it. This way anyone who uses the stationery will get to know of your business. you can get everything from notepads to custom mouse pads for your computer.

3. Smart Hiring

Employees are expensive, especially experienced employees. While a business needs skilled and experienced staff to run well, you still need to know who you really need and who you can do without.

4. Work From Home Policy

About 30 million businesses in the USA now allow work from home for at least one day a week. This is because remote working helps cut down a lot of overhead costs.

As per Forbes, American Express managed to save 10 to 15 million per year by allowing employees to work remotely.

If your business does not need a physical space then you can allow employees to work from home. This will save the money spent on utilities rent and other expenses.

What Else To Do?

Besides adapting to these strategies, also look into expenses individually and if there’s any room to cut costs on a program, even a tiny bit, then by all means go for it because smaller expenses can add up to become a lot bigger.

How Video Brochures Can Increase Sales

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, May 03, 2018

Companies are using video brochures to increase revenues. This is a method of advertising that grabs the attention of the user and it capitalizes on videos to help set apart a business from its competitors. Video brochures can help you attain tremendous ROI and can be used for sales, training, or branding, recruiting, and sharing testimonials. The focus of many businesses is to increase sales and leads, which is something you can achieve with the creative utilization of video brochures. Here is a preview of how video brochures can help your business to increase sales.

Increased Recollection

Where video and audio is used, recollection among recipients is seen to be high. Video brochures are done using video and audio and this is one of the reasons someone who comes across a business video brochure will easily remember about the business. To generate leads, you first have to create familiarity and this is something you can achieve quite perfectly with video brochures. The message will stick in the minds of the target audience and when the time comes most of them will take action.

Recipients more Likely to Retain Brochures

Unlike traditional brochures, recipients of video brochures tend to keep them. This gives you a benefit because it could act as a way to retarget the person without having to put in more effort in marketing. When the same message is repeated continuously, the person will gain awareness of your brand and this could help them when they are looking to buy. If you would like to improve sales, you can talk to a company like that specializes in the development of video brochures. They will help you to design and create good video brochures for your business.

Influences Buying Decision

Research shows that recipients are 85% more likely to buy something they want after they watch a video about it. A video brochure gives a glimpse of a product and helps one to understand different features and benefits of the product, and this could induce those looking for a similar product to opt for the one you are promoting.

They Engage All Senses as a TV Commercial

Another thing you will learn about video brochures is that they use the same approach as a TV commercial and could also be customized to offer a better preview. The benefit is that this is a cheaper way to market a product and its effect is the same, if not bigger, than what you can get with a TV commercial. This is a more affordable marketing approach compared to other strategies that give quick results.

Market Products without Representatives

With a video brochure, you can achieve impressive results without requiring a sales representative. The brochures can be used anywhere at any time and don’t require any form of monitoring. The recipient only needs to open the brochure and that’s it. No programming or other intricacies are involved.

Your business can strike it big in sales by using video brochures. This is a medium of advertising that speaks to the audience at a personal level without requiring a representative. Many people keep or share video brochures and this makes them an effective way to target specific audiences.

Everything that You Need to Know About the Salesforce DX Product Too

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, April 27, 2018

When it comes to choosing a reliable cloud computing service provider for development platforms, Salesforce seems to be the most sought-after option. It basically offers a social enterprise utility tool for developers to increase the efficiency of their ongoing development program. Salesforce has its own collection of development utilities and all of them are available on the Salesforce App Cloud. Salesforce DX is one such tool that has been recently announced, which has changed the entire scenario.

Salesforce DX enables developers, admins, and business analysts to build and monitor Salesforce applications in a better, direct, and effective manner. If you are looking to maximize the benefits offered by the tool, consult with the professionals like and others. Take a look at the various features provided by Salesforce DX:

     More well-defined exposure and granular clarity into the change administration of a developer’s production org.

     Enhanced VCS (Version Control System) sync via modified tracking of the Setup facilities.

     Introduction of Continuous delivery (CD) along with continuous integration (CI) that enables you to increase the time to market and improve the quality of the development platform.

     The capability to integrate more lightweight release management procedures.

The Key Elements of Salesforce DX

     Salesforce CLI: The key feature of the new Salesforce DX is applying its Salesforce CLI in order to sit well with source sync, scratch orgs, Heroku, as well as, different Salesforce services.

     Source Sync: This really comes in handy while synchronizing all packageable data out of the scratch tags. Likewise, you can also incorporate metadata into the scratch orgs, owing to the source-driven development platform.

     Scratch Orgs: Probably the most relatively new concept that came with the announcement of the Salesforce DX, scratch orgs play a vital role during the code application. Developers can use them alongside CI tools for development.

     Continuous Integration: This facility allows the developers and admins to utilize SFDX innovations with several CI procedures including Jenkins, TeamCity, Heroku, or Travis CI.

The Advantages of Using Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX has streamlined the development process, but it comes with several features that are mentioned above, which offers developers with many benefits. Some of the advantages of using Salesforce DX are:

     Ability to use continuous integration alongside automated testing. The tool eases the pressure and helps the developer to avoid all the manual processes that were previously required.

     It has turned the release cycle into a modified product that is far more lightweight and efficient to work with.

     Developers can utilize the platform very easily, owing to the set up of the local development workspace.

     Encourages collaboration along with team development at the same time.

     Creating and setting the timeline of orgs are pretty easy with scratch orgs.

What Are the Pitfalls of Using Salesforce DX?

Although there is no serious setback of utilizing the tool, just the fact that Salesforce DX is considerably a newcomer in the market, there is still a lot to learn about the features provided by the tool. The only possible drawback is the strong application of new command line instructions, which might need the admins to work differently.


As you can see, Salesforce DX easily outnumbers the minimal disadvantages with its big bunch of benefits. The utility was introduced with a motivation to simplify the development process for developers and the key features of Salesforce DX are just meant to do that.

Top Social Media Marketing Strategies That Every Tech Company Should Try!

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, April 27, 2018

There are many traditional social media strategies in the B2C sector and B2B brands mostly get confused on devising an appropriate strategy for their social media marketing campaigns. In fact, they play in a different field than B2C, and many believe social media is only for direct to customer businesses as it is the direct channel to customers. However, in contrary to this popular belief, many of the B2B companies too, including the industry giants, use social media effectively to make tech buying decisions.

In fact, the significant difference as it comes to strategizing B2B social media marketing promotions is that you need to be presented in front of the right decision makers which is more focused and hard to spot group when compared to the B2C spectrum. The quick solution for this is to practice a specific set of social media best practices focusing towards spotting, engaging, and motivating these decision makers at the right time. Let's discuss it in detail

 Segmenting the target audience

People now are not hesitant to share a massive amount of information online related to who they are and what they are interested in. So, using an appropriate social listening tool, you can surely benefit from this information to devise a social media marketing strategy. Majority of the information which you may be interested in, are out there, about your target customers. Getting this is crucial as it can help you design the campaign materials and personalized messaging as you hold the most demographic insights about the target audience as the age, language, gender, and preferences.

Establishing your voice

On planning for B2B marketing, you need to establish a strong, but friendly voice to be heard consistently by your audience to bring them closer to you. This approach will also help to humanize your brand. Similar to B2C, in B2B also people (other business), want to buy from real people whom they like and easily relate to. Social media gives you an ideal opportunity to create a unique brand personality and connect one-on-one with your target audience and engage in a highly personal way.

Sharing helpful content

As we know, content marketing is the key to the world of social media marketing, and it is not different in case of B2B social engagements too. For any B2B technology product, there are users out there who want to gain more insights towards optimizing the product use and get enough information to make a purchasing decision. So, they are always on the hunt for getting more quality and authentic information to more efficient ways to use these products where you need to come on top of these information searches to reiterate your authenticity.

Consolidation of debts may be ideal if you are finding it too difficult to manage multiple times. There are many providers offer debt consolidation services, which you need to consider carefully and judiciously to identify which one may work out the best for you. which puts forth many practical insights and inputs for those who are new to consolidation to understand the concept and practices better.

Social media best practices

As you know how to set the ground for B2B marketing by now, let’s now focus on the best practices in the most strategic approach to social media marketing. Knowing what works ideally for you will help to keep your social media efforts more focused and streamlined towards tangible results.

 -   Social media stories

Experts already commented that social media stories are out there to stay for long. The concept was initiated by Snapchat back in 2011, and by now instant stories are omnipresent in every leading social media platforms. This unique trend of showing up temporary content, which can put your stories on top of the target viewers feed is expected to continue the same way in 2018 also. With the authenticity it allows on establishing correctly, social media stores encourage immediate and active engagement by the followers especially due to its temporary nature.

However, you need to maintain a fine balance in it because, with so much of content, there also comes much clutter. You should know that more than about 200 million stories are created, and this clutter is moving up on top of the social media feeds. So, you have to strive hard to stand out from others with a unique strategy for it to offer the most engaging, real-time, top quality content.

Promoting brand advocacy

It is exciting to have a bunch of brand advocates who tweet on your content and mention your brand and your product in their social media posts. To achieve this, you need to first start with building real personal relationships on a one-to-one basis. It can be achieved as an add-on benefit to excellent customer service or by developing a strong community around your brand content.

By listening to the consumer conversations and with real-time engagement to solve their problems, you can even go farther to simply making brand advocates to get some real brand detractors. You can make use of the same Social Listening tools to locate the influencers on the social media platforms too and try to touch base with them personally.

Maintain transparency and trust

Fake news and false profiles are the significant things which diminish the trust of brands, and when it comes to social media, users are more sensitive to it. Brands can take the cue as to how much transparency and authenticity are pertinent to social media survival. Anything you say on social media is under scrutiny than ever before. Being unauthentic or unethical in stakeholder engagement will be easily pulled in this open virtual world. It is not only being identified but also will be shared at a faster pace to create an adverse impact to the brand.

There is no doubt in the fact that social media will be the most potent and relevant marketing tool in 2018 and beyond, but it does not mean that the digital marketers can put all their eggs in the same basket. Many things are cooking at the backburners as AI and VR, which all will show impact in the coming years, so your marketing strategies needed to be planned and fine-tuned for all these coming in the way.

Author Bio

Isabella Rossellini is a marketing and communication expert. She also serves as content developer with many years of experience. She has previously covered an extensive range of topics in her posts, including business and start-ups.