"Call to Action" Postcards See a 95% Readership


Concept Marketing Group helps clients take full advantage of their association contacts with a cost effective post card printing and mailing service that helps large and small companies grow their customer base

Prescott, AZ January 10, 2016- Concept Marketing Group offers clients who purchase a targeted association’s directory a cost effective post card printing and mailing service that helps grow customer base, increase sales, and delivers a ninety six percent readership.

“We help our clients take full advantage of their association’s contacts by offering a post card printing and mailing campaign that plants our client’s message in front of their target customers and delivers impressive results” said, Barbara Spagnola, CEO of Concept Marketing Group, one of the leading internet marketing companies in the nation.

Concept Marketing creates flexible, informative, and creative - postcards that generate sales and keeps their clients names in front of their potential customers. The post card printing and mailing campaigns delivers an impressive ROI, while being inexpensive and simple to use.

Concept Marketing Group has marketed to their association contacts for over fifteen years. The marketing professionals at Concept Marketing know exactly what these association members are looking for and how to create the most effective post card mailing campaign to achieve maximum results for their clients.


“We know what it takes to get a response from our post card mailing campaigns” said Barbara.

Concept Marketing Group maintains a comprehensive list of over fifty eight thousand professional, business, trade associations, 501c non-profit organizations, and other charity and community institutions. All the contacts in Concept Marketing’s Directory of Associations include the names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, titles, description of services, websites and emails of all key corporate executives.

Concept Marketing Groups post card printing and mailing services has helped hundreds of companies expand networking, business opportunities, and increase sales and customer base. 

To learn more about the Directory of Associations post card printing and mailing services and other cost effective internet marketing strategies call Concept Marketing at 800-575-5369 or visit www.marketingsource.com

About Concept Marketing Group

Concept Marketing Group, Inc. Is a full-service marketing consulting firm with over 30 years of experience. They help companies maximize marketing dollars and grow their customer base through Post Card Marketing, Print and Mailing List Services, Press Release Writing and Distribution, and access to a Directory of Associations list with over 58,000 contacts. Concept Marketing also helps companies increase corporate identity, create positive awareness, improve corporate image, enhance profitability and maximize sales through effective, targeted marketing strategies.


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