The Benefits of Personalisation in Marketing


In order for businesses to compete against each other, they must first rise to the challenge of personalisation in marketing to ensure their customers are provided with the best experience. Whilst there are numerous ways businesses can successfully better their conversion rates, improve customer retention and turn a simple marketing technique into one that captures the eye of the audience using reliable online marketing efforts, few businesses consider how personalised parcel delivery can significantly benefit their brand. Find out how to stay on your customer’s radar below, and the importance of personalisation in marketing.

Better Conversion Rates

One of the most favoured benefits of personalisation in marketing is better conversion rates. How many times have you opened an email that mentions you name in the first line? We’re guessing most, if not all of them! Although email personalization techniques are nothing new to the marketing world, an increasing number of benefits are going beyond simple personalisation in order to achieve better conversion, such as making it fun and providing audiences with exactly what they are looking for.

However, even though several businesses focus on email marketing strategies to better their conversion rate, they can be achieved using offline techniques too. Businesses can boost their conversion rate by sending customers personalised discount codes and monitor the number of redemptions in order to track these conversions. From a business point of view, this can help marketers across the globe identify what marketing efforts have a positive impact, and what their audience react best to. Better conversion rates can be achieved via parcel delivery too. An effective delivery strategy can, in fact, increase repeat purchases. Whilst the first order someone places with a business is about testing the water, if all goes to plan and the delivery arrives as promised, they are likely to make a repeat purchase in the future. For an extra nudge, some businesses include call to actions in their parcels, such as a leaflet featuring popular products or a catalogue.  

Improved Customer Retention

Another benefit of personalisation in marketing is improved customer retention. Many business professionals believe that personalisation is the key to gaining customer loyalty – and they certainly aren’t wrong! There are numerous reasons why personalisation in marketing improves customer retention. For starters, businesses that provide post-purchase loyalty programmes containing personalised offers generally have a better relationship with existing customers than those that leave their shoppers in the dark, and although traditional marketing tactics aren’t yet extinct, loyalty programmes are great way to attract new customers for half the cost. Whilst businesses across the globe are competing for the best online presence, personalisation in marketing needn’t be limited to the online world. Whilst business that have a strong online presence don’t go amiss, businesses that use branded envelopes and mailing bags significantly benefit for the small investment they make. Branded envelopes are a great way to subtly gain your customers attention as they pick up the post. After all, how many times have you skipped a letter in place of one you recognise?

Useful Marketing

When it comes to personalisation in marketing, few large businesses take into considering the real benefits of personalisation, and whilst many businesses focus on the power of social media and concentrate on providing the best customer service, only a small per cent of businesses focus on the benefits of branded promotional products or personalised printed bags. However, there are numerus benefits associated to businesses using their brand’s logo on shopping bags and parcel delivery bags alike. Not only does the use of branded packaging help businesses establish their brand as more upscale, it is solid proof of their dedication to the company. Think of it this way: businesses that invest in their parcel delivery packaging have a better chance of building potential for repeat customers, and with so many people across the globe saving bags, instead of throwing them away, as much as simply seeing a brands logo might jog their memory enough to make them return to the website. If that hasn’t convinced you, businesses also benefit from free advertising as a result of printed mailing bags. Whilst customers might not be able to use the bags they receive through the post, vibrant printed mailing bags will certainly stand out against other postage campaigns, and businesses will reap the benefits of their investment as a result.

Parcel Delivery

Few people consider personalisation when it comes to parcel delivery. Whilst many couriers offer Standard Delivery, many forget about the other parcel delivery methods that exist. More often than not, if the retailer doesn’t provide adequate delivery options, the consumer will abandon their purchase. Why you ask? If you need a parcel to be delivered the next day, but there is no Next Day Delivery option, yet another retailer offers Next Day Delivery, it is inevitable that you would choose the retailer that offers Next Day Delivery over the retailer who only offers Standard Delivery. Whilst it may not seem important, it most certainly is. Consumers are very demanding, and in order to cater for their needs and maintain business, businesses must be able to provide their consumers with what they are looking for – and expect.  

As you can see, the benefits of personalisation never go amiss. With so many businesses competing for the best customer retention and highest conversion rate, it is vital that businesses across the globe rise up to the challenge and incorporate personalisation not only for the benefit of online marketing but offline marketing too by investing in personalised mailing bags, envelopes and even slipping catalogues into delivery bags as a reminder that their brand does in fact exist. 


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