Why You Need a Blog and SEO Domain Name

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, January 20, 2017
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A domain name that describes your product is best, especially for small businesses. Let your website focus on your target audience and speak to their demands.

2. Include Important Keywords

Search engines are constantly developing and improving their algorithms to help them rank websites and content better when online visitors start a web search. One of the major components that helps in the ranking is the presence of keywords.

When people want to search for anything online, they type in a set of words related to what they are trying to find. Those words are keywords that help search engines bring up the related results online.

To make your website more visible, you should consider including a major keyword in your domain name and your web content, so that when people search for that keyword, your website will be listed in the search result.

Try a quick search for ‘android’ on Google. Among the top 10 results that come up, you’ll notice that two of the websites (android.com and androidcentral.com) contain the keyword ‘android’ in their domain names.

The same goes for many other keywords. They help to bring up related websites in the search results. When choosing a domain name, make a quick list of keywords related to your business and include one of them in your domain name.

3. Select the Right Domain Host

Many people tend to underestimate the importance of a good website host. People often don’t realize that the quality of their domain host impacts on the visibility of their website online. The host is like your house. Your website is hosted by the domain host; like the house your website lives in.

Many companies offer domain hosting services for small and big websites. Domain hosting is generally expensive, so you must be wary of websites that offer knock off deals and cheap hosting services. It is important for you to choose the right domain host. You can start your search here www.freeparking.co.nz/domain-names-nz.

For your website, a few things to look out for in a potential domain host include the reliability, subscription fees, and packages, customer assistance, back up, and speed.

Speed is an important factor to consider. You certainly don’t want a website that takes forever to load because it will lead to a significant drop in the number of visitors to your website.

Also, adequate back up is important especially as more hacking cases are being recorded in recent times. You should select a host that offers regular website backups, and will make it available when the need arises whether your website shuts down or you are working on an upgrade.

Talking about your website shutting down, a 24/7 customer assistance service is crucial for the survival of your online profile. Some website hosts are not always available online and take too much time to help you out when a problem arises. Be it a bug or coding error, the best domain hosts offer a round-the-clock customer service to provide immediate responses when you need them. With this, you can be confident of the smooth operation of your business online.           

To get the right domain name for your website, check out Domain Name Registration | Umbrellar to choose what is most suitable for you from the list of available options.

Top Ways to Ensure Your Small Business Becomes a Success

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, January 19, 2017
Whether you're in the process of launching your first startup, or already have a small business operating that you began recently, it's important to keep in mind that executiion is vital when it comes to success. While having a brilliant idea is a huge help when it comes to establishing a venture, you won't enjoy great results unless many other elements are done right too.

If you're keep to follow in the footsteps of some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs around and to create the  


kind of business and results, you’ve always dreamed of, you must be strategic as you launch and then build your company. Read on for some top things you can do today to help your small business become successful sooner rather than later.

Get Educated

The first thing you need to do as an entrepreneur is get educated on relevant business topics. Take a look at the most successful founders and managers across the globe and you’ll see that they typically always talk about the importance of education when asked about their abilities as an entrepreneur. It pays to learn about a variety of areas, including finance, sales, marketing, customer service, and more.

There are multiple ways to go about this. For many people, the best solution is to enroll in school with degrees such as online MBA programs and the like. This type of education will not only give you in-depth knowledge about a variety of topics, but also provide you with an important piece of paper when you graduate that can be helpful when trying to impress investors, customers, job candidates, the media, and more. While you are obtaining your degree, you will also likely meet like-minded people who can become helpful business contacts, and even customers, over the years.

If you’re looking for other ways to learn, you will find that there are plenty of great books, blogs, online courses, newsletters, industry magazines, workshops, and the like on the market that you can utilize to build up your knowledge and skill set. These educational avenues can help you learn about specific areas of interest, as well as broader things such as trends in your industry.

Ensure You Have a USP

Another essential element of a small-business launch is having a unique selling proposition (USP) in place. If you want to be able to stand out from other businesses in your industry in this competitive day and age, it is essential that you have a demonstrable point of difference. It pays to research other organizations who are targeting your preferred demographic to ensure that what you think makes your venture special actually is.

Knowing what it is you offer that is different, and/or that you offer it in a unique way, will enable you to better market to prospective leads, get more publicity, attract more investment funds, convert more customers, and build your brand. Having a clear USP in place will also make building a base of regular clients quicker and easier, and will go a long way to ensuring that you can generate enough revenue to stay afloat.

Create Benefits or Solve Problems for Customers

Something else you need to think about when developing your USP is what it is that your business offers to potential customers. That is, what problem(s) do you solve for people, and/or what benefits do you create for them? If you want to create a thriving venture, you must somehow bring worth to shoppers, whether that is via making their life easier or better in some way, or fixing a “pain point” (issue) that they are having in some area.

Once you have figured out this benefit or fix, don’t forget that you need to ascertain if there is actually a large enough base of customers out there who are interested in receiving this type of benefit or who are searching for a solution to the problem your business addresses. If your research shows you that the size of your potential market may be too limited to generate the revenue you’re looking for, think about ways of adapting your product or service to make it more appealing to a wider group of buyers.

Surround Yourself With the Right People

Lastly, when you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, it is incredibly important to surround yourself with the right people. If you have the cash available to hire employees and contractors, you must search for candidates who not only possess the knowledge and skills needed for the job involved, but who also possess beneficial team characteristics such as beneficial team characteristics such as aptability, positivity, and a willingness to learn. 

You should also try to find mentors and coaches who can guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you hire people or can chat with friends, family members, or other helpful people for free, you will give yourself a better chance of avoiding common start-up mistakes.

What Is the Best Degree for Multinational Marketing in eCommerce?

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, January 19, 2017

When you are marketing across borders there is a lot more to account for than whether or not there is a market for what you have to sell. While there are some products that just don’t do well culturally in another nation, this may not be your biggest concern. Even products that you know they want, have a use for, and would gladly buy can be hard to sell if your marketing strategies aren’t in keeping with their culture.

A degree in marketing would go a long way, but even that isn’t your best approach. Have you considered earning an online MBA degree while working as a marketing specialist? However, you need the right online MBA program from a university that has a strong emphasis on international policies and diplomatic relations. Here’s why this particular advanced degree would prepare you for multinational marketing and commerce.

A Look at the Type of Online Business Administration Degree You Need

The reason why a multinational approach to an MBA would be in your best interest when marketing to an international audience, is because different cultures have acceptable social norms they observe. For example, when marketing to most Islamic countries and those in the Middle East, using a picture of a model in a skimpy bikini would be a mistake.

That would be totally unacceptable in their culture and would probably do more to hurt your client’s image than any good it would do to sell sunscreen, for example. While you ‘might’ be able to pick up these kinds of best practices for foreign nations in a marketing class, they are more in keeping with a masters in business administration degree with a strong focus on international relations and diplomatic communications.

Finding the Right MBA for Your Purposes

While all MBA programs from top universities have a core foundation of business and finance classes, some basic law, and legal principles, not all universities pride themselves on fostering international dialogue. A school like Norwich University with a common thread throughout all of their advanced degrees, and that seeks to communicate well with other professionals on a global stage, is what you really should be looking for when pursuing an advanced degree in business administration.

Most MBA programs have a strong emphasis on finance and on business practices, but not all MBA programs are well suited to take your degree global. If you were to do a bit of research first by browsing textbooks and a class synopsis prior to enrolling, chances are you’d find a lot of legal issues and business practices pertinent to the United States and perhaps a smattering of information ‘in case’ you had dealings overseas, but few universities have caught up to the times.

A Few Closing Thoughts

We are living in a global community so cross-border commerce and marketing is a must. If you are a marketing professional who deals with multinational corporations, it would behove you to pursue an advanced degree in business administration with a focus on international commerce. To market effectively, you must stay within the confines of the law and best practices for that country, so get the right degree for the job.

How to Develop More Effective Social Media Campaigns

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Is your business benefitting from the huge popularity of today's social media websites? Social media platforms attract millions of online visitors every day and this makes them the perfect places to advertise and market to shoppers and customers who may be interested in the products and services you offer. Below are some of the best ways to develop more effective social media marketing campaigns.

Education and Preparation

Individuals with a background in marketing or public relations have all the skills required to carry out effective social media marketing campaigns. However, if you don't currently have these skills, you have two choices.

You can either improve your marketing and PR skills by completing a course like a public relations masters program, or hire some else who has these valuable skills. Ideally, you should enroll in an online masters in public relations course or similar program so that you are more informed and can even create your own social media campaigns.

Identify Clear Goals and Create a Social Media Plan

You need to understand exactly what you want your social media campaigns to achieve. Once you know what your goals are, you can create a plan that allows you to achieve these goals. This plan should include the platforms you intend to use, the people who will run the campaigns, the campaign budget, and the type of content you will add to the campaign.

Research Your Ideal Audience

When you are developing a social media campaign, you must realize that you are reaching out to real people. This is why it's essential to carry out extensive market research before you post content, tweet or take part in any social media activities. The main things you need to know about your target audience include their location, gender, age, interests, fears and needs.

Select the Appropriate Social Media Platform

Different groups of people are attracted to different social media platforms. This means you often have to customize your social media campaigns to suit each type of platform you use for marketing purposes. The expertise required for each platform can also differ, so you need to make allowances for this.

Create and Monitor Your Budget

Like any marketing campaign, you need to have some kind of budget in place. This should cover the cost of hiring social media professionals, marketing materials, the cost of advertising on a particular social media platform and any other costs associated with this type of marketing. During the lifetime of the campaign, you should ensure that you closely monitor the budget you have created.

Track Progress

As well as keeping an eye on your finances, it's also vital to track other progress. For example, you need to record and analyze the traffic generated by your campaigns, the interactions that take place, the revenue generated and any other metrics you believe are important. You may need to invest in certain analytics and metrics tools to make it possible to obtain this information.

Social media marketing has the potential to increase business leads, customers and sales, as well as enhancing your business's online image. However, it's vital to take into account all of the factors above before you start this type of marketing campaign.

How to Effectively Combine Online and Offline Marketing Methods

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Are you getting the best return from the money you spend on marketing? If not, it may be time to reconsider how you market and look at ways to combine traditional offline marketing methods with newer online marketing methods. Below are some of the most effective ways a business can do this.

PR and Marketing

Many of the skills learned by traditional PR and marketing experts can be used online as well. If you or people in your business have a background in either of these areas, it should not take much effort to get up to speed with the latest online technologies. However, you need to be willing to retrain or send an employee on courses that will enhance their current skill set.

In other situations, you or someone in your business may need to start from scratch and complete an online PR degree course from a university like Kent State University or complete a similar marketing related course that covers a range of different online and offline topics. After completing an online PR program or similar course, you will be in a much better position to effectively market your products and services on the internet and in the real world.

Marketing Materials

Traditional marketing materials such as business cards, leaflets, brochures and advertising on company vehicles is still an extremely effective way to reach out to potential customers and business leads. However, it's not good enough to simply add your contact details to your marketing materials any more. You should also mention your website, social media profiles and any online offers you may have.

Newspapers, Magazines and Local Publications

Despite the huge popularity of news websites and magazine websites, millions of consumers still like to read a physical edition of their favorite newspapers and magazines. Some people never miss an edition of their local newspaper to keep up-to-date with the local news in their area, while other readers always want to keep updated about the latest developments in a particular industry or niche by regularly purchasing magazines about their favorite topic. These are the perfect places to advertise your online business through ads and articles that mention your website and other online assets.

Ecommerce Solutions

If you have a brick and mortar store, developing an e-commerce store could be a cost-effective way to sell more products and services to your customers. The fact that you have a real store builds trust with your customers and shoppers and they will be more willing to buy from you online. In other cases, some people like to browse online, but are then happy to buy from a store in person whereas other shoppers like to buy online and pick up their purchased items in-store.

The more ways you market your business, the more customers and shoppers you will attract and the more sales your business will make. Combining your online marketing and offline marketing activities ensures that you reach an even bigger audience than you otherwise would.

5 Marketing Tools Your Small Business Should Be Using

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

To get your small business out there in front of as many people as possible, you need a strong marketing strategy in place. With the right marketing tools, and the right education in the form of an online MSM degree, you can take your company to a whole new level while staying ahead of the competition. Keep reading to learn about five tools that you should be using today.

1. A YouTube Channel

These days, you can’t do without a YouTube channel. As one of the biggest social media channels, and the place to go if you want to use video marketing to promote your products and services, you shouldn’t be reluctant to dive in. In fact, statistics have proven that customers seek out video content, in addition to written content, online. As long as the information that you’re providing is entertaining, useful, and interesting, this is an inexpensive yet effective method you can use to teach people about your brand and get them to make a purchase. Just be sure to use what you learned while studying for your online master of science in marketing management to properly optimize and promote your channel.

2. Facebook Live Videos

Speaking of videos to promote your business, you should also consider using more Facebook Live videos within your marketing campaign. Major brands, such as Dunkin Donuts, have already started using Facebook Live to engage with customers in real time. Plus, you can repurpose those videos by adding them to your site, blog, and other social media channels.

3. Google My Business

Nearly half of all searches performed on Google are for local businesses, so setting up an account on Google My Business is an important step you can take to promote yourself to the local population. You can use this tool to check your customers’ reviews, gain insights into how your customers interact, check how many requests are placed for directions to your business, and even see how many people are visiting your site from Google.

4. SurveyMonkey

To be successful, you need to know what your customers want, expect, and need. You also need to know what they already purchase and why. Since you operate a small business, you might not have the budget for a big market research project, but you can still gather valuable insights by using an online survey tool called SurveyMonkey. Create simple surveys and share them with your mailing list and social media followers to learn more about how you can improve.

5. Yelp

Getting your business listed on Yelp is yet another way to generate more interest in your company, especially amongst local consumers. This site receives over 100 million visitors each month, and many people use it to find information about a business, including operating hours, reviews, photos, and more. Getting a positive rating and reviews on Yelp can help increase the number of customers you connect with.

When marketing your brand, keep the above five marketing tools in mind. You may be surprised by how easy these free tools are, as well as how effective they can be. 

How to Become a More Accomplished Marketing Professional

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Do you want to improve your marketing skills? More companies than ever need people who possess these important skills. Alternatively, if you own your own business, you need to understand marketing so you can attract new business leads and customers on a regular basis. You can become a more accomplished marketing professional by following the tips below.

Complete a Business Course That Includes Marketing Modules

Today's marketing industry is a lot different to how it was in the past. Online marketing in particular has become a much more important way to reach out to potential shoppers, customers and business leads. Traditional marketing methods do still work extremely well in certain circumstances, so it's vital to complete a course that teaches you what method to use and how to become a better marketer.

A masters in business administration online program and similar business courses  give you an overall view of how a business operates and how it should be managed. These online MBA programs also explain where marketing fits into a business and how you can create better campaigns based on all of the information contained in a business.

Get Help from a Mentor or a Successful Marketing Professional

Marketing theory will give you a great head start as you attempt to become a successful marketer. However, it's not until you actually put your skills to the test that you will really begin to make progress. For your initial marketing campaigns, it's a good idea to look for help from someone who knows what they are doing and has previously run many successful marketing campaigns in the past.

Marketing experts usually charge a premium fee for their services, but the lessons you learn and the results you get could be substantial. You will also find out how the pros approach each marketing campaign, what 'tricks of the trade' they use, and much more.

Test and Track Campaigns

Unfortunately, many novice marketers waste a lot of money on marketing activities that don’t produce any positive results. They spend money on the wrong tasks or even worse, they don't realize what marketing tasks work and what tasks are costing them money.

From the start, you need to learn to test and track ever single aspect of every campaign you run. Each campaign should start off small until you find out what's working for you and what activities are a complete waste of your time and money. Once you do this, you can stop doing the things that don't work and focus all of your effort on the things that do work.

Always Keep a Close Eye on Your Budget

Don't be reckless with your marketing budget. Just because there are many amazing marketing tools and advertising platforms available, does not mean you have to spend money on all of them. Instead, have a clear marketing plan in place and only spend the money you have on marketing activities that work.

It takes time and a lot of hard work to become a more accomplished marketing professional. However, if you follow the tips above, you will reach your goal a lot quicker.

5 Must Have Items To Help You With Your Business

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If you are getting ready to start up your own company, then congratulations! Small business is the backbone of this economy, and is something you can be very successful if you are equipped with the right ideas, services, and tools.

With some smart shopping, you can get your entire office ready to take you to new realms of success without spending too much of your precious capital. The following must have items for business startups should all be on your shopping list.

1. Comfortable Chairs

This is a lot more important than many people realize. If you are like most small business owners, then you will spend a great deal of your time at your desk in your chair. If you skimp on the chair you get, then it will quickly become an uncomfortable place to be. Invest in good chairs for the office with good cushion, lumbar support, and style. Any office furnishing store can help you find the perfect chair for your needs.

2. Good Printers

A good printer for your home is a very different thing than a good printer for your office. As you look through the options available, be sure to keep the needs of your company in mind. Some of the important features to consider are as follows:

•Networking Capabilities: You want a printer that can be used by all the computers in the office.

•Quick Printing: When you have a lot of pages to print, you do not want to be stuck waiting for an image to work itself through the printer line by line. Speed is of the essence when you are running a business, so get a printer that works fast.

•Durable: A business printer will work a lot harder than a home printer, so make sure you get one that can handle the traffic.

•Easy to Use: Make sure you choose a printer that everyone in your office will be able to operate without an advanced degree in technology.

3. Stylish Storage

Paper, scissors, books, files, equipment, product, tax information, and so much more will all have to be stored in your new office space. Staying organized can be a struggle without the right storage solution. Think about the size of your space and your specific storage needs when you head to your local office supply store. Many stores like Office Depot & Office Max can help you find the perfect organization items for your needs. Some of these stores even offer some helpful coupons and promo codes, a better way to save more.

4. High Quality Copier

Ask anyone who works in an office, and you will hear that the top complaint about office equipment is about bad copiers. The copy machine is more often than not the unsung hero of a business. It will work harder with more abuse than any other machine you invest in. When you purchase one, be sure to choose a model that will be able to take on the load you will be putting on it.

5. Furniture

In addition to the desks for you and your employees, your office will also need furniture for your sitting area. If you do things right, you will have many opportunities to have clients right there in your office. You want to have a stylish and comfortable sitting area for them to lounge in. Look for furniture that tells a good story about who you are as a business, and what you have to offer. A good office equipment supplier will have some good options for you to look at.

Your Long Hours Can Cause Diabetes

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, January 13, 2017

Marketing is a very challenging field to be in. it is not uncommon for those working in marketing and advertising to spend late nights at the office, making sure the next marketing campaign is running smoothly. According to studies complied by the University of Arizona and its Masters of Science in Nursing Online program, however, a lack of sleep and an unhealthy lifestyle are among the most common causes of diabetes.

Our body needs enough sleep to regenerate cells and maintain a healthy level of metabolism. Lack of sleep happening for an extended period of time and bad habits such as smoking and an unhealthy diet can easily lead to Type 2 Diabetes. Fortunately, the same studies also reveal that this type of diabetes is preventable.

The next time you want to spend a few extra hours at the office, think about your health first. For more information, be sure to read the Understanding Chronic Conditions: Diabetes infographic below.

This infographic was created by the University of Arizona.

University of Arizona Online Nursing Degree

Are Your Product Descriptions Doing Your Products Justice?

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, January 11, 2017


When you’re ready to open an online shop, you first start by gathering all of the products that you want to sell. This includes categorizing your entire inventory and organizing your website in the same fashion that a brick and mortar shop would design the exterior and interior of their space. You’ll then begin to do research and write descriptions of products that are available for purchase. These product descriptions are the main determinant in how well your products sell. They essentially take the place of a human salesperson, since the descriptions boasts the item’s best qualities, uses, benefits, and features in a way that should persuade the customer to buy the product.

Once you’ve completed all of your ecommerce descriptions, you may think that you’re done and ready to begin selling. Not quite. Once you write all of your product descriptions, you have to test them to see how effective they are at engaging visitors and converting them to sales.

James Cummings, CEO of Daily Posts Writing Agency explains “Too many copywriters and marketing people treat product descriptions and copywriting in general as an art. They are right in so much as writing is a creative medium. Engaging people with copy though is a science. It is about the right wors at the right times. It is about understanding the audience mindset. It is about overcoming objections and building desire.”

The Importance of Testing Descriptions

The whole point behind this kind of test (usually called a split test or an A/B test) is to see what works and what doesn’t for your online store. Split testing can be done to check the effectiveness of different things on your website. From simple aspects like the color of the shopping cart button or product photographs to more complex things like the overall structure of your store or the search bar – split testing can help you see what elements of your site impact your customers and their behavior. By performing a split test you’ll be able to see if the setup of your site makes customers click where you want, linger on certain pages longer than others, buy specific products, and more.

With product descriptions, a split test will tell you which version of an ecommerce description draws more attention and drives more purchases. You’ll be able to word one product description in various ways and see which version appeals to your customers best. Sometimes your tone and overall word choice can be the difference between making a sale or losing out on business. If you’d rather start small, you can choose to split test only the ecommerce descriptions for your top selling products. The results for this may be able to show you the general parts of each description that lead to a successful sale (such as keywords or descriptions). You can then take those generalities and use them to create similarly effective descriptions for the rest of your stock.

Successful split testing may show you a large improvement, but some of the time you’ll only see a slight difference, if any at all; your original product description may have been brilliant to start with.

How to Test E-commerce Descriptions

Nowadays, a lot of ecommerce software has split testing tools that will launch two versions of your site with the various product descriptions. It will show these different versions to random customers and you’ll be able to see the results of both versions, which should tell you which variation impacted your customers more. There are a number of split testing apps available to purchase and use on your online store.

What to do After Testing

Once you’ve completed all of your product description tests you’ll want to study the results. By doing this you’ll be able to see which changes worked and which didn’t. You can then go through all of your descriptions in turn, tweaking them in ways that will create more positive site interactions. Once you’ve successfully edited all of your product descriptions, you’re finally ready to start selling.

This process of writing, testing, and tweaking is never completely finished, though. You’ll benefit from constant testing and tweaking as time goes by, since your customer base will always be changing and (hopefully) expanding.