Best Practices in Self-Promotion & Marketing

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, January 22, 2018

No matter the business you’re in, honing your brand and mastering the fine art of self-promotion will play a big part in your professional success.

People want to be seen as accomplished, smart and skilled in every endeavor, whether in business or in life. Confidence is a good trait as long as we don’t come off as overconfident jerks.

“There are times where a little self-promotion is necessary and acceptable, especially when competing for scarce resources, such as in an interview vying for a job with 50 other applicants, or when you are 1 of 28 women competing for the love and affection of one man on a dating show like The Bachelor,” says, research shows that self-promotion in most cases can backfire in terms of social likability, in that it comes across as boastful and obnoxious to others.”

Agree or not with that sentiment in terms of self promotion, there are ways to successfully work it into your overall marketing strategy. Promotion is a marketing technique used to reach customers and create awareness about a product, after all.

Relationship Building

Promoting aims to secure short-term sales to a large extent. Consumers are always looking for deals and free stuff. Promotions focus on getting exposure for your brand. Customers also want companies to help solve their problems and address their concerns.

Advertising through social media, newspapers and websites broadcasts your message to a target audience. Can this be done in a way that nurtures customer relations and builds a loyal following?

If you aren’t sure, then ask yourself if your efforts are nurturing customer relationships. If you’re only focused on the sales and not considering your faithful customer base, you’re showing that the brand is only worried about promoting the product and not whether they are a vital part of your brand family.

Social Butterfly

Become a social networking pro or at least hire people who know what they’re doing. Some people may disagree, but getting to know social media platforms intimately is an important part of your overall marketing business plan. Successful social media marketing doesn’t include popping in and out of platforms when you feel like it.

Giving people valuable nuggets of information via social media is just as important as promoting a new product or special offer. What you get back over the long run is worth more than what you “gave away.” The benefit for you is that social media marketing has a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing, and at least 84 percent of B2B marketers use social media in some form.

One of the most successful social entrepreneurs is TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie. A pair of TOMS isn’t cheap, but the product has a large worldwide impact. For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to needy children in a developing country — at least 20 million pairs have been given since the company’s inception in 2006. Pop culture and social media has given the company an amazing edge over other social enterprises. Tom’s success is a great example of why it’s important to integrate fans into your content strategy.

Deliver on Promises

Self promotion is a key component in interviewing for a job with a new company or securing a client in a new city. But of course you have to be able to deliver on what you promised in the interview or when you signed the contract with the new client.

Keeping promises should be at the core of everything a person or company does, especially in today’s competitive market when you have to earn people’s trust. If you can’t instill trust in confidence in the minds of customers, they are unlikely to stay no matter how awesome you tell them you are.

Content Marketing

An ever-growing branch of marketing involves the creation and sharing of online content, such as blog posts, website copy, social media posts, and videos. This content doesn’t explicitly promote a brand, but is produced to add value to people’s lives and stimulate interest in products and services.

Instead of being advertising-focused, the content is more educational in nature and designed to build relationships with potential clients and customers. It’s a good job scene for those with their finger on the pulse of content marketing right now. The number of content marketing jobs has increased by 350 percent since 2011.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a shameless attempt to get attention, and well-respected companies know the fine art of self promotion that also provides informative, real and inspiring value for people. Sometimes the work speaks for itself, but sometimes you need to build awareness by giving people a push to pay attention to you. 

Investing in Bitcoin: Here’s What You Must Know About It

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, January 12, 2018

Looking to invest into the latest and hottest currency of the year? Then you should learn more about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

It has been only a couple of years since Bitcoin has risen its value and at the beginning of December, 2017, it saw a tremendous rise: £13,000. In just a week, the Bitcoin has increased by some good thousand pounds.

Not Your Usual Investment

Cryptocurrency is not a usual investment, as it is only a virtual coin that cannot be touched. It gets created through ‘mining’. What does that mean, you might ask yourself.

People mine Bitcoin through computers that will operate mathematical formulas and will check the transactions of Bitcoin that get written in a blockchain.

Yes, it sounds nothing like you have heard before. What is a blockchain? It is a ledger that records all the Bitcoin transactions.

In short, people are paying for a currency that is digital and it is worth only what people want to pay for. The cap for Bitcoin will reach 21 million. After it reaches that amount, the systems will automatically shut down and the value of a Bitcoin might get higher, because it will become rare - like gold and diamonds.

It sounds great, but as all investments, it is a risky and yet an attractive investment. Then add the fact that it is a digital currency, and it will all get even more risky.

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Virtual Currency

Financial regulators are warning people that they will lose their money, as Bitcoin is not a regulated currency. It does not have checks, balances, it doesn’t follow government rules or guides and so on.

The pro of owning virtual coin is that you could pay things with it or invest in it, without paying taxes. And the great thing is that it is impossible to get regulated.

But the cons are many, one of which is that it is highly volatile - its pricing can rapidly rise or fall.

Andrew Bailey, The Head of the FCA stated that ‘if you want to invest in Bitcoin be prepared to lose your money – that would be my serious warning’.

Being a decentralized currency, it is impossible to regulate the transactions in a country, as they cannot get traced. The blockchain record the transactions, but not the personal details of those that have made the transactions. While the Bitcoin is a highly volatile currency, a lot of illegal money get laundered through it.

Wondering what will happen to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies this year? We can only wait and see if these virtual coins will be a good investment or not.

Do you want to know more? Check out more information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in this article: Thanks to

Defining A Fool-Proof Strategy For Debt Consolidation

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Are you all set for debt consolidation? Before opting for debt consolidation, there are many important things that you need to remember. It is vital that you review the terms of your credit account. You need to be aware if there are any pre-payment penalties that you need to deal with.

Another thing most people do is that they do not pay their debt on the due dates when they decide to consolidate debt. This is surely a wrong move.The right step is that you should continue paying your debt till your consolidation strategy gets the needed approval.

 If you do not make the debt payments on time, then you can end up compromising your balance. You also have to keep a continuous check on your balance to ensure that it is current.

Planning Out Debt Consolidation

Scrutinize The Finances

When you decide to consolidate your debt, then it is important that you have a correct idea about the income you earn. If by chance you earn an irregular income, then you have to base your income calculations on the lowest income that you earn.

Once you have analyzed your income, it is also important that you should define your expenses. Ideally, you should allocate a budget for your expenses. Once you have fully analyzed your expenses, you should deduct your expenses from your income, and this will help you achieve a figure for disposable income.

Once you have calculated your disposable income, it is important to figure out whether your source of incomeis stable or not. If your source of income is not stable, then you should only allocate about 70% of your income for debt consolidation

If you allocate a huge budget, then there is a possibility that you will not be able to manage the payments. This can end you in huge debt pile again, so you need to think smart in the first place.

Opting In For Online Debt Consolidation

 Once you have scrutinized your finances, it will be a good idea to opt for debt consolidation online. If you opt for debt consolidation online, then you will have to deal with a single payment method instead of multiple.

 When you decide to consolidate your debt online, then you do stand a chance to get lower interest rates. This means that you will not have to pay a massive monthly payment. When you decide to opt for online debt consolidation, then you can easily avoid the harassment of the lenders.

However, there are certain things that you need to know. Debt consolidation can be secure and unsecure.  For secure debt consolidation, you will have to put your collateral on the line.

If you are unable to follow the payment terms of secured debt, then your collateral may be seized, and the lender may take legal steps also. If you have decided to go with online debt consolidation make sure that you are going to an authentic site.

These little steps can save you from future trouble.

Quick and Easy Ways to Market Your New Retail Outlet

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, January 05, 2018

Whether you are opening your first or fifth retail store, you need to ensure that your customers know where you are and that they can reach you easily. That doesn’t just mean that you need to be in the right location, you also need to have the right marketing campaign. By using the local resources and placing ads strategically, you can attract your customers to your new outlet.

Do Your Research

Before you start advertising, in fact, before you even choose your outlet, you need to know that your customers are in that area. By doing some simple customer research, you can see what type or customers use that area and if there is a demand for your type of store. One of the easiest ways to do this is by doing some fact to face market research. By speaking to the people on the street in that area, you get a good idea of what they want and where there might be a gap in the market.

Choose the Right Location

A big part of having a successful retail store is the right location. If your market research shows that there is a demand in that area, then choose a store that is as close as possible. Make sure that you pick somewhere that has all the facilities you need, and that you get a conveyancing company to come in to check out the store. You can compare conveyancing quotes online to make sure you get a good deal. If you can get the right location, it will make marketing a lot easier.

Consider Leaflet Drops

An effective way to get the attention of local customers is by doing a leaflet drop. You can have people in the town handing out leaflets to passersby, and you can put some through the doors of the local houses and apartments. Don’t just promote your store, also offer them an incentive to visit you. Include a voucher or gift if they come and visit the store. It will encourage them to come in, and hopefully spread word of mouth.

Local Advertising

Advertising locally is vital to your store's success, although you can still utilize the national newspapers to market your brand, getting noticed locally is just as important. Find local newspapers that you can use to run an advertisement and see if there are any billboards nearby. Another good way to get your brand out there is to sponsor local events; they will display your brand in return for your company contributing to the cost of the event. Not only will it expand the reach of your brand, but it will also create a good standing in the community.

Growing word of mouth with small retail units is important. There is no marketing so effective as one person’s recommendation to another. If you can use the ideas here to generate word of mouth in your area, then you can make your store a success.

General Reasons Why People Get Personal Loans for Poor Credit

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, January 05, 2018

There is much common logic behind why unsecured loans for a bad credit score are incredibly sought after these days. Here are a few of those reasons for making an application and taking such financial loans aside from using them as possibilities for improving credit ratings.

Chance of Improving Personal Credit Record

Because of the impact of the current economic crisis, lots of people have to take unsecured loans for below-average credit as their only viable choice to obtain short-term relief for all their monetary problems. The good news is, such financial loans are now widely accessible across the industry. Whatever the reason for taking on a bad credit score status, you can certainly be sure you can access credit rating facility whenever you direly need it most.

Even though many people see taking these kinds of lending options as mind-boggling and at the same time disheartening, it is best to view it more as a chance. Once you know your individual situation perfectly, you can use unsecured loans for a bad credit score as a place or chance to improve your credit rating. That could be the most beneficial motive to take those solutions. There are more common factors that make submitting an application for personal loans for bad credit and taking such unsecured loans as a wise decision to explore.

Debt Consolidation Reduction

Nowadays, it's a smart move to merge current obligations to get back in line with regards to finances. Right now, you need to know how tiresome it really is to owe different loan companies all at once. You'd be forced to make separate installments on different schedules to be transacted through different financial institutions or programs. If you could just merge all your lending options and bad debts into one, you wouldn't get baffled and exhilarated when coming up with different installments for different financial products.
Through merging all your current personal loans into one, you might like to save money on costs realistically.

Small business Or Investment decision

Another typical reason why lots of people take unsecured loans for poor credit debtors is the need to collect funds to startup a new company. If you're interested in investing in different businesses but regrettably, you have sustained a bad credit score in the past weeks, you don't have to fret. You can still be eligible for a credit rating facility that you could gain access to and tap when it's needed the most consistent with a structured investment decision.

Unsecured loans for those who have poor credit may not offer big loan sums due to particular rules difficulties,but the amount can still greatly be useful if you're considering about setting up a new company or investing in any business. If you may well be more prudential and smart in your investment strategies, you can make more earnings so payment of the personal bank loan would never be considered a problem, you'd never go delinquent again, and in the end, you could purify your damaged personal credit record.

Should You Hire a Credit Repair Company, or Not

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Hiring a best credit repair company is a definitive way to fix your credit. You can try to do it yourself,but it won’t promise you the significant difference as a professional service.

If you have more than one negative entry on your credit report, entries like late payment, charge-off or collection issue with a big company, it will some time to get them off your report.

It’s important to note that credit repair agencies deal with lenders for their living. They perfectly understand the tactics used to get these negative entries off your report.

What a professional service can do in days will take you months if you try to do it yourself.  It’s important that you make instant chances if you want to make a real difference.

  • Let it Heal Itself

Paying a credit repair company upfront can seem like an unnecessary expense, but the result you get justifies the fraction of theprice you pay.  Yes, you are getting something much more valuable in return.

Fixing your credit lets, you enjoy low-interest rate on future loans and will help you get a mortgage on better terms.

How does a Credit Repair Company work?

When you hire a credit repair company, they clean up your credit history and make it more presentable.

Every company works this way; they start by pulling your credit report, and review it in deep details. They identify the negative items and craft a game plan that will help repair your credit report.  Following, we are going to break and explain this game plan:

Review:  The company carefully reviews your credit report, and goes through each detail

Dispute: After seeing everything they need, the credit repair company will dispute with credit bureaus and see If they can negotiate a better deal

Negotiate: They will negotiate with the lender, and remove negative entries from your credit report

Repeat: They will repeat the whole routine after 2 months until your score is elevated to a pre-set point

Choosing the Right Agency

You have to consider a few important points when you hire a credit repair company. Try hiring a well-established company as they have better resources and are better equipped to handle your case. They may charge you more, but it will be worth the difference.

Established companies work on a better payment structures; they can help lower interest rates, and even make the lender forgive a few installments. These companies let you pay their dues after they have delivered the promise.

So, yes you are paying these companies more, but it’s worth the slight difference as they leave you with a revitalize credit score.

  • Foreword

Like we said earlier, hiring professional help is the easiest way to improve your credit score. They take care of every important detail so you can focus on making the payment. You have to pay them in the end,but for what they give you in return, you won’t feel the difference.

There are many guides on how you can achieve this goal yourself, but they won’t help your case.

Cloud Based Storage and Data Management

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Your business is dependent on an enormous amount of data: company emails, downloaded software, and employee/client records. All that data has to be stored somewhere for further access and reference. On-site or off-site data storage is a proposition that is eventually presented to any business in the event they require considerable data management. In other words, whether you are going to store your company data on hard drives and networks located on your premises or on hard drives and networks provided by services on a third-party site (i.e. the cloud).

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a data storage method, you should be considering how much data you will be storing, whether or not sensitive data should be stored off-site or on-site, and recovery and backup methods. All of these concerns are handled a little differently off-site as opposed to on-site. Let’s look at three major deciding factors when determining your data storage options, and why an increasing amount of businesses are starting to store data in the cloud.

Cost Effectiveness

Comparable to the determining factors of renting or buying a house, the total costs of on-site versus cloud data storage comes down to initial cost and maintenance. The upfront cost of having your data stored on-site requires the cost of ordering hardware and the usage of power. The cloud’s hardware and power bill is taken care of by the service you choose to store with.

A monthly maintenance is suggested for your data, and when you store it on your premises, a technician is required to come in for hardware installation and updates. This costs your company time and money. Not to mention that when this installation happens, your business is susceptible to data loss and breaches.

A cloud service has a monthly charge for maintenance, which is adjustable month to month. This allows you to consistently and easily forecast your budget according to fluctuating data usage. Depending on the service you choose for your cloud, maintenance is done for you by professionals, much in the same way home repair costs are taken care of by your landlord when renting a house. In the case of data storage, since owning hardware isn’t as intrinsically important as owning a house, it is smarter and less expensive to store your data via the cloud and cloud services.  


Managing your data with servers and hard drives on premise is rigid and can leave your company spending extra money. Determining how much capacity you need for the amount of employees you have can be tough with this rigid system. Gauging the capacity for the exact amount of employees can cost you money if they aren't using as much capacity as you thought, and it can also cost you time and business if your employees end up using more capacity than you anticipated.

The cloud allows for a more fluid way of managing data usage and capacity. As described above, the service you choose allows for a monthly assertion of your data usage. Cloud services provide more flexibility in the way you can predict more or less capacity than you and your employees are actually using. An adjustable monthly rate will take out the risk in estimating — and being wrong about — amounts of storage and capacity.


Theft, cyberattacks, and natural disasters such as fires are the biggest external threats to data security. On site, your hardware is located on your premises — leaving it vulnerable to being stolen or destroyed in the event of a natural disaster. However, knowing exactly where your hardware is and who can access it leaves a slimmer chance for cyberattacks.

Perhaps the biggest concern about storing data off-site is security. However, third-party services are working to minimize security risks. Frequent data backups and encryption are precautionary measures in case of a breach. Cloud data management is off-site and guarded, so theft is a minimal risk. In the case of a natural disaster, you would be responsible for your lost files and destroyed hardware if you were to keep it on-site — but this is not the case with cloud storage as services can include natural disaster recovery.

It’s not hard to see why businesses are adopting cloud based storage. It’s cost effective and flexible. The only major concern is security, which is becoming less and less of a concern with continual improvements.  It seems the only reason you would store your data on-site is if you required little storage and capacity for data. Which in many instances, especially for growing business, is not the case. You’ll want to make sure to explore the options for data management with the cloud before you make a decision about your business’ data storage.

How to do Accounting Transactions for Small Business

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, December 20, 2017

If you own a small business, most probably you have tried to manage your accounts so you are able to know when you make losses and profits. It is a good idea to keep accounting records as it helps you to understand how your expenses and revenues are flowing, and from this information you may understand what to do to boost the performance of your business. However, not many people know how to go about accounting and most of them resort to speculation when making decisions.

Use these guidelines for accounting to enhance the performance of your small business.

You need a bookkeeping system

Simply defined, bookkeeping is the record keeping process you perform each day in your business. These could be expenses, revenues, or even transactions. As a small business, you should choose which bookkeeping method to use. You may go with the DIY option of installing Quickbooks or you can outsource the work to a part-time bookkeeper. Lastly, you could decide to hire an in-house team, but most startups will not be in a position to afford this.

To record your transactions, you need invoices and documents that can show what transaction has been committed. If you are wondering how you can design an invoice, you can search for invoice templates online that will guide you through the process of designing your invoices.

Cash method bookkeeping

In the cash method bookkeeping, you take revenues and expenses and record them as they are paid or received.

Accrual method of bookkeeping

The accrual method requires that you record revenues and expenses after the transaction has happened, and this also calls for the tracking of payables and receivables.

Setting up a payroll system

If you have employees or people who are helping you, it is important to have a payroll system where you can submit payments to your employees. If you are based online, you should have a system to distinguish between freelance accounting experts and workers from your in-house team. The system should log details to show the expenses you have incurred in paying salaries to your employees. You may also set up the payroll schedule so the money is deducted after every specified period of time.

Establish tax procedures

Taxation is a legal requisite for any business, and to ensure you don’t get on the way of the law, it is necessary to have tax procedures that help you to know how much you need to pay in taxes after each sale. This will help you submit your taxes in time and you could avoid penalties that come with declaring wrong figures. People may choose to boycott your business once they discover you have not been adhering to tax requirements, so consider this as important.

Setting up an accounting system for your small business is not a complex process. All you need is to ensure you understand all the requisites that should be availed to allow you to account for every transaction. The ideas given above are a good way to start, so consider them for your small business.

Ideas for Personal Debt Settlement Without Professional Assistance

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Financial difficulties are a part of our life. Some people are strong enough to manage period experiences and pay their bills on time, but others may not have good fortune. These people may become the victim of disparaging credit report, judgments and collection proceedings. If you belong to this helpless group, you may need some debt to mitigate financial problems.After borrowing money, it is essential to pay it on time. Some people find it difficult to repay their debt because if exhausting circumstances, such as business failure, loss of employment, foreclosure and health impairment. you should try to settle your loans as soon as possible. you can consult a debt settlement professional to learn how to get rid of extra loans.

In the absence of professional assistance, you can take the following steps to make your debt settlement easy:

One-time Payment of Debt

If you are in need of a least-strenuous method to pay debts, you can try onetime payment. Make sure to settle a fixed money for repayment of the loan instead of tied down to a never-ending cycle of monthly payments. If you don’t have substantial assets, such as a boat, expensive car or home, the creditors will take this settlement seriously. Creditors may try to pressurize you for higher payment, but you have to be careful. They can’t harass you to make payments.

If they try to take you to court, it can be expensive for them because they have to pay money without any guarantee. This expensive procedure discourages your creditors to take a legal action that may take you to judgment. You can take advantage of this situation and offer one-time payment settlement to your creditors in a hardship letter. Make sure to attach your financial statement showing your liabilities, assets, and income. After evaluating your income statement, they may reconsider to sue you. They may often a way to settle your loans for pennies on dollars.

Settlement Next to Judgments

You have to follow the similar steps explained in the judgment section. In this situation, you can direct your proposal to settle the attorney of the creditor that may get a verdict against you. Judgments can be deleted from the bureaus in 5 – 7 years, in case of nonpayment, they may remain registered with the main office of the high court. This can be a hurdle for you to obtain a mortgage for major purchases. To avoid this problem, you should act on right time and offer a one-time settlement to your creditors before they think about taking you to court and get a judgment.


 Though it is an easy way, you should avoid it unless a 3rd party forces you. the conclusion of bankruptcy is eliminated from the files of the credit bureau after 6 to 7 years. It may leave an indelible mark to haunt you for your whole life. Try to avoid this situation as much as possible. Try to limit yourself to a line of bank credit. and 2 credit cards at favorable rates.      

4 Social Media Strategies You Need to Implement to Boost Engagement

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, December 15, 2017

Social media marketing is no longer optional — it is required. In order to present a professional image to your target audience, you must establish a social media presence with clear, confident brand messaging.

Identify Your Unique Angle

In order to really make a splash with your social media marketing, first you need to determine what audience you are trying to reach and how your product can help them. Consider how your product is better than competing products and find a way to incorporate those strengths into your brand messaging as well.

Customers are often overwhelmed by the options available, so they appreciate a succinct explanation of how your product or service is better than the rest. Think about how you pore over Amazon reviews of similar products, looking for some details of why to choose one item over another. Consider the product that you are marketing from this perspective. Aim to answer customer questions in your marketing messaging so that the reasons to choose your product are crystal clear.

Create Valuable Content

Your social media posts should have more substance than just "look how great my product looks." Some of the most socially successful brands use social media posts as an opportunity to share valuable content with their audience that is designed to educate, inform or in some way make their lives easier. For instance, Amway uses their Instagram account to offer holiday guide ideas to followers, while Solly Baby uses Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to offer followers babywearing advice to make their product even easier for customers to use.

Give & Take

Engagement is key for building your brand's social influence. While establishing a large pool of followers is critical, it is just as important to get them to interact with your posts with likes and comments. Encourage this type of interaction by captioning posts in a way that seeks feedback. Another way to attract more engagement is by simply following the golden rule. Like and comment on followers' posts to keep your brand relevant and top of mind to them. You don't have to follow back every follower; you can build just as much merit with your brand fans by simply engaging with their posts in a meaningful way.

Reward Your Followers

Encourage your followers to be your brand's best advertisements by offering recognition or even prizes for posts that showcase your brand's products. For instance, you could do a weekly photo collage of all of your favorite posts from the week that included your brand's hashtags. Another option is to do a random drawing of everyone who posted your hashtag in a given week or month in which the winner receives a complimentary product.

When it comes right down to it, one of the biggest keys to social media marketing is connection. It's the reason you need to painstakingly consider your brand messaging. It is why you slave over an editorial calendar to ensure you always have valuable content in the works. It's why you work to engage likes and comments and also why it is worth using your own reach and merchandise to reward your followers for putting your brand in front of their audiences. Rest assured that with your diligent work and thoughtful editorial messaging, you can serve your clients in the most effective way.