6 Moving Company Marketing Strategies from Proven Companies

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, October 12, 2017

When going into the moving business, it’s considered good practice to take a few hints from companies in the same line of work. This does not necessarily mean competitors, but getting a general idea of the market we’re stepping into seems like a good idea before going headfirst into whatever is waiting for us on the other side. Luckily for the majority of fledgling business owners, there are very few area which haven’t been delved into, so there’s pointers everywhere. When taking a closer look into the inner workings of these companies we seem to find six factors that most of them share in common.

Customer Service

There is no question about it, without a doubt, the single most important thing a moving company, or any company, needs is quality customer service. There is a reason the policy “the customer is always right” became popular. Simply put, a good relationship with customers guarantees good feedback and recommendations to friends and family in the future. The real kicker is the fact that unsatisfied people are usually the most outspoken – and if there’s one thing a company does not want, it is bad publicity. With the onslaught of review sites and social media pages, collecting a few bad reviews could tarnish the company’s reputation and tank it.

A Strong Online Presence

This goes for any company starting out: building a good site is crucial. We live in the information age where everything is at the click of a mouse, why wouldn’t your business be? Setting up a good site will keep people informed about what’s going on within the company, what you offer, where you offer it and at what price. Make sure to focus on implementing a simple, yet eye-catching design for your webpage. Larger companies usually stick to a certain theme or color scheme and focus on doing one or two things really well to set them apart from others. Pick a shtick, stick to it.

Be reasonable

When offering services, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of overpricing, or worse, underpricing what we’re offering. The first thing that needs to be done is gauging the service being offered. If we’re delivering a higher quality service than your competitors, then it’s perfectly find with asking for more to compensate for it. Most people would rather spend more to be sure their possessions will be safe as opposed to skimping out on a few bucks for a gamble. All in all, your revenue will vary on how much time you have to move people and how many appointments you can muster within this timeframe. It is important to keep both of these in mind as it can influence pricing quite a bit to make ends meet.

Keeping mobile in mind

With the online revolution gaining a stronger grasp on everything we do, we are faced with the sad truth that most people won’t take more than a couple of seconds to see what we have to offer. If these seconds should run out, they’ll just back away and look elsewhere. This is the society we live in and other companies have realized this and started optimizing for mobile as a response. The optimization doesn’t need to make the site AMP ready, but it should offer quick load times and neatly formatted content on as many devices as possible to cover the attention-deficient market.

Social Media

Out of reach of conventional marketing, there is the unique no man’s land of social media. With an astounding number of users on Facebook alone, it has become one of the most powerful platforms through which customers are being reeled in. If closely observed, every large business has bought into this marketing avenue and has taken to advertising on Facebook one way or another. Some have even went as far as to offer customer support through Facebook to hit two birds with one stone. However silly it may sound, social media can and will influence our business, whoever we might be.


Last but certainly not least, we get to the elephant in the room, SEO. With such a reputation preceding it, one might think that SEO is the crown jewel of online marketing – and they wouldn’t be far from the truth. Affordable home & office removals are a dime a dozen, and companies that offer these services have figured out how to reap the rewards of SEO, skyrocketing their offers to the top of Google’s searches. This provides organic traffic, leaving users with a sense of agency – ultimately nudging them into the right direction – your site. With all the other bases covered, anyone who does get redirected to the site is sure to be coaxed into loosen their wallet. 

In Summation

Every company ends up barking up the same proverbial trees when it comes down to marketing – and that is perfectly fine. We would all love to be the first ones to try something new and watch it succeed, but in reality, it’s better to stick to what’s been laid out. These are methods that have been tried and tested and, at the beginning, this is exactly what is needed. Save experimentation as an option down the line when a footing has been secured and you’re well on your way stealing business from those you took pointers from. Good luck!

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