8 Hot Content Marketing Strategies For 2017

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, April 10, 2017

Its 2017, and the marketing competition is fiercer than ever. Many companies are turning to content marketing as a way to reach a wider audience. It’s time to step up your content marketing game with these hot strategies that would put you firmly ahead of the pack.


This media giant is still a major means of reaching out to millions at any given time. For this reason, it is the ideal platform for showcasing your brand’s products and services. To use Facebook successfully as a content marketing strategy, it is important to incorporate compelling calls to action (CTAs), avoid overly bold claims in order to preserve your brand credibility, and constantly test to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Visual content

What do Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat have in common? Yep, picture is king. In fact, three days after people hear information, they are likely to only remember 10% of it. However, 65% of that same information is remembered three days after, if a relevant image is paired with it. Stimulate online engagement through the use of images, infographics, memes, and screenshots.

Video content

Videos are gaining real momentum in the world of content marketing. Reports state that in 2017, video-driven internet traffic will rise to 74%. Even though videos are more expensive to use than still pictures, written content or infographics, they have a high potential of being much more effective. Audiences love short, explainer videos that show the positive impact of your brand on the world; they want to feel connected to products in some way. Marketing videos, which could easily be uploaded onto Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or YouTube is an excellent way to achieve this.


The average person today has a mobile phone connected to the internet. Think of all those times when you went with your phone to the bathroom, when you held it in one hand while you ate with the other. Why should you use mobile for increased impact of content marketing? Since I’m willing to bet you are reading this from a mobile device, I’ll just answer that with this interesting statistic: mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending by 2019.

Brian founder at www.infintechdesigns.com, shares his experience with mobile marketing:

“Utilising the opportunities created through mobile internet availability has been incredibly impactful on our content marketing results. We have been able to reach a wider audience and have proof of high ROI.”

User-generated Content

Content marketing is about building trust. Unfortunately, more than half of the time the media campaign adverts put up by big companies create higher feelings of scepticism and lower conversion rates. Get reviews from members of your target audience who already use your product and angle them towards potential buyers. This is one of the quickest ways to allay all fears about the quality of your product and increase the impacts of your ads exponentially.


Even in 2017, email is still very effective as a method of reaching a big audience. Utilize email marketing effectively through giving opportunities for subscription to your email list, and send information about your products and services. Remember to throw in short videos for high impact.

Data from Research

Data is a useful method of content marketing in two ways:

     Data driven marketing

     Original research data

Ensure your marketing has the required impact necessary to make conversions possible by analysing available data. There is an incredible amount of data available to find out what type of content works best for your business, when to publish such data and through what channels that should be done.

A survey of content marketers showed that research/original data performs best for companies. The key is to use data that is fresh and relevant. Find out what data your target audience would find useful and use that.

Influencer Marketing

With influencer marketing, you first need to market to the right influencer (usually someone who has about the number of followers you require, and is open to your brand) then, tailor your products and services to their followers. Your target audience would reason that if someone they look up to trusts your brand well enough to use its products, they can too.

The content marketing industry is constantly evolving, thus adopting fresh methods is important to keep your products and services memorable.  

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