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With modernization of technology, almost every one can afford a smart phone and has access of internet. The internet has made access of and sharing of vital information of any kind easy. In the 90’s people spent less time on the internet. With the introduction of social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and others, the world has been reduced to a small village where people are literally in constant contact and sharing of information has become very easy and fast.

With the coming of big and respectable business hubs like Amazon, many business opportunities came with. Amazon provide a platform where willing buyer and willing seller can meet online and execute their business deals. A good example of such a business opportunity is the Private label business.

To effectively become competitive in the Private label business, you have to know important features that defines online customers, where to get them and how to lure them into your business are.

Below are some of the unique features you have to use to hit many sales on the Amazon platform.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Understanding of key word usage is vital for your business to thrive in online search engines like Ask, Yahoo or Google. Have insight on how to frame your key words so that your business will be highly ranked in the online search engines. Here are some key points on how to make your business get high ranking.

  • If you have more than one website for your business, use permanent redirects from your other website to the main website. This will make the two websites to look like one website.
  • As a qualified client on Amazon, provide your testimonials to other qualified business who will also in turn provide links back to your business site.
  • Don’t over price your products. Low prices often attract high ranking from Amazon and Google.
  • Provide a unique brand that will create a social buzz and provide links back to your site on Amazon.
  • Research on how to use keyword and find out which keyword your customers mostly use. Also find out which key words your top ranking competitors use and improve on yours.
  1. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

According to the social media and internet marketing expert Jeff Johnson, over 91% of people engage online search engines like Google or Yahoo to find more information about certain products before they can make a move of purchasing such products. This is a good proof that, currently, social media is the best parameter used by many customers to gather information about products they intend to purchase. Mr. Johnson further says that more than half of those who conducted online search, visit local store to make the purchases.

To draw attention of many social media users to your products on Amazon, provide specific information about your brands. Specific information helps online users to understand and use your products easily. Carry out a dedicated online search to find out which social media platforms clients can access Amazon.com from. Put more adverts on this social sites and provide links to your brands on Amazon.com.

The most important thing to consider before using any social media is your marketing strategy.

  • Have a picture of how social media is supposed to transform your online private label business on Amazon
  • Which social media platforms best suites your interests.
  • Have a detailed plan on how best to execute your strategy.
  1. Email Marketing

Despite the stiff competition from the social media sites, email marketing is still active and a relevant tool to use in your private brand advertising on Amazon. Consider the following strong holds when using email marketing.

  • Concentrate on key points like being brief and straight to the point about your products, using catchy titles that best describes products you sell, being time conscious when you send your emails to your clients.

  • Use automation tools such as Aweber that will be automatically be responding to your emails any time of the day. These tools easy time to concentrate to other matters of the business. They handle customers and clearly introduce them to the products that your business set up handles.
  • Detailed content. Feed your customers with first class information about the products your business handles and any changes made with your business at least one in a month. This will create and maintain loyalty with your customers.
  1. YouTube  Videos

According to statics, over 75% of online users understand content more and quickly using videos than using written content.

  • Apply for a slot on You Tube to establish your business channel.
  • Use short and relevant titles to describe videos of your business. Always remember use the ‘video’ keyword and use descriptions that can uniquely identify your business.
  • Provide simple and clear and instructions on how your products are used.
  •  Use annotations to direct online users to subscribe to your business channel where they can find full information about your products.
  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is an important weapon to make your private label business known all the internet. Keenly research on the most visited websites and around the world where Amazon operates and pay for your adverts to appear on their webpages. Provide links on the adverts to link back to your business site on Amazon. Out of curiosity, some online users may decide to click on your links to know more about your business. This may lead to new customers in your Amazon business.

  1. Influencer Marketing

To improve sells of your private label business, find some key people who have huge number of followers on social media like Twitter, Facebook or a blogger to associate with your business brands. Ask them to write blogs that promotes your business on Amazon. This person can draw a lot of traffic to your online business since many people trust them. This people are key to the business since they can command interests of many people at any given time.

  1. Google Maps

Google maps are helpful in helping to position your business premises in a certain location. This is important since some customers may decide to come physically to your stores. Place your business premises in strategic locations where customers can have ample parking and they will feel secure. Knowledge of how to use google maps is also important; to know physical locations of your customers. This can help you when charging transportation costs.

  1. Outreach

Find big business establishments within Amazon that handle different but complementary in usage to your products and become a serious contributor in their websites. In turn they will provide links that refer their customers to your business website or your Amazon dashboard. This is a great way of getting your business known far and wide both within Amazon and outside in general.

It is one thing setting up a private label business within Amazon and it is another in keeping it afloat. It takes sacrifice and hard work to get and keep your private label business on top of the chart. With careful means discussed above I know your business will undergo major positive changes. Apart from the online powerful campaigns for your private label business, the fundamental factor to the success of your private label product is to ensure that they are manufactured by trustworthy private label manufacturers.

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Sarah Kaiser is a digital marketing manager at casino global sourcing, the sourcing division of a French retailer Groupe Casino. She’s in charge of godirek.com, the digital product catalog of casino global sourcing, which offers helps and handles enquiries about private label manufacturing and sourcing. She’s a fan of water sports and has studied business management in France. Her works have been published on dozens of websites and blogs. 
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