How to do Accounting Transactions for Small Business

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, December 20, 2017

If you own a small business, most probably you have tried to manage your accounts so you are able to know when you make losses and profits. It is a good idea to keep accounting records as it helps you to understand how your expenses and revenues are flowing, and from this information you may understand what to do to boost the performance of your business. However, not many people know how to go about accounting and most of them resort to speculation when making decisions.

Use these guidelines for accounting to enhance the performance of your small business.

You need a bookkeeping system

Simply defined, bookkeeping is the record keeping process you perform each day in your business. These could be expenses, revenues, or even transactions. As a small business, you should choose which bookkeeping method to use. You may go with the DIY option of installing Quickbooks or you can outsource the work to a part-time bookkeeper. Lastly, you could decide to hire an in-house team, but most startups will not be in a position to afford this.

To record your transactions, you need invoices and documents that can show what transaction has been committed. If you are wondering how you can design an invoice, you can search for invoice templates online that will guide you through the process of designing your invoices.

Cash method bookkeeping

In the cash method bookkeeping, you take revenues and expenses and record them as they are paid or received.

Accrual method of bookkeeping

The accrual method requires that you record revenues and expenses after the transaction has happened, and this also calls for the tracking of payables and receivables.

Setting up a payroll system

If you have employees or people who are helping you, it is important to have a payroll system where you can submit payments to your employees. If you are based online, you should have a system to distinguish between freelance accounting experts and workers from your in-house team. The system should log details to show the expenses you have incurred in paying salaries to your employees. You may also set up the payroll schedule so the money is deducted after every specified period of time.

Establish tax procedures

Taxation is a legal requisite for any business, and to ensure you don’t get on the way of the law, it is necessary to have tax procedures that help you to know how much you need to pay in taxes after each sale. This will help you submit your taxes in time and you could avoid penalties that come with declaring wrong figures. People may choose to boycott your business once they discover you have not been adhering to tax requirements, so consider this as important.

Setting up an accounting system for your small business is not a complex process. All you need is to ensure you understand all the requisites that should be availed to allow you to account for every transaction. The ideas given above are a good way to start, so consider them for your small business.

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Ideas for Personal Debt Settlement Without Professional Assistance

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Financial difficulties are a part of our life. Some people are strong enough to manage period experiences and pay their bills on time, but others may not have good fortune. These people may become the victim of disparaging credit report, judgments and collection proceedings. If you belong to this helpless group, you may need some debt to mitigate financial problems.After borrowing money, it is essential to pay it on time. Some people find it difficult to repay their debt because if exhausting circumstances, such as business failure, loss of employment, foreclosure and health impairment. you should try to settle your loans as soon as possible. you can consult a debt settlement professional to learn how to get rid of extra loans.

In the absence of professional assistance, you can take the following steps to make your debt settlement easy:

One-time Payment of Debt

If you are in need of a least-strenuous method to pay debts, you can try onetime payment. Make sure to settle a fixed money for repayment of the loan instead of tied down to a never-ending cycle of monthly payments. If you don’t have substantial assets, such as a boat, expensive car or home, the creditors will take this settlement seriously. Creditors may try to pressurize you for higher payment, but you have to be careful. They can’t harass you to make payments.

If they try to take you to court, it can be expensive for them because they have to pay money without any guarantee. This expensive procedure discourages your creditors to take a legal action that may take you to judgment. You can take advantage of this situation and offer one-time payment settlement to your creditors in a hardship letter. Make sure to attach your financial statement showing your liabilities, assets, and income. After evaluating your income statement, they may reconsider to sue you. They may often a way to settle your loans for pennies on dollars.

Settlement Next to Judgments

You have to follow the similar steps explained in the judgment section. In this situation, you can direct your proposal to settle the attorney of the creditor that may get a verdict against you. Judgments can be deleted from the bureaus in 5 – 7 years, in case of nonpayment, they may remain registered with the main office of the high court. This can be a hurdle for you to obtain a mortgage for major purchases. To avoid this problem, you should act on right time and offer a one-time settlement to your creditors before they think about taking you to court and get a judgment.


 Though it is an easy way, you should avoid it unless a 3rd party forces you. the conclusion of bankruptcy is eliminated from the files of the credit bureau after 6 to 7 years. It may leave an indelible mark to haunt you for your whole life. Try to avoid this situation as much as possible. Try to limit yourself to a line of bank credit. and 2 credit cards at favorable rates.      

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4 Social Media Strategies You Need to Implement to Boost Engagement

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, December 15, 2017

Social media marketing is no longer optional — it is required. In order to present a professional image to your target audience, you must establish a social media presence with clear, confident brand messaging.

Identify Your Unique Angle

In order to really make a splash with your social media marketing, first you need to determine what audience you are trying to reach and how your product can help them. Consider how your product is better than competing products and find a way to incorporate those strengths into your brand messaging as well.

Customers are often overwhelmed by the options available, so they appreciate a succinct explanation of how your product or service is better than the rest. Think about how you pore over Amazon reviews of similar products, looking for some details of why to choose one item over another. Consider the product that you are marketing from this perspective. Aim to answer customer questions in your marketing messaging so that the reasons to choose your product are crystal clear.

Create Valuable Content

Your social media posts should have more substance than just "look how great my product looks." Some of the most socially successful brands use social media posts as an opportunity to share valuable content with their audience that is designed to educate, inform or in some way make their lives easier. For instance, Amway uses their Instagram account to offer holiday guide ideas to followers, while Solly Baby uses Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to offer followers babywearing advice to make their product even easier for customers to use.

Give & Take

Engagement is key for building your brand's social influence. While establishing a large pool of followers is critical, it is just as important to get them to interact with your posts with likes and comments. Encourage this type of interaction by captioning posts in a way that seeks feedback. Another way to attract more engagement is by simply following the golden rule. Like and comment on followers' posts to keep your brand relevant and top of mind to them. You don't have to follow back every follower; you can build just as much merit with your brand fans by simply engaging with their posts in a meaningful way.

Reward Your Followers

Encourage your followers to be your brand's best advertisements by offering recognition or even prizes for posts that showcase your brand's products. For instance, you could do a weekly photo collage of all of your favorite posts from the week that included your brand's hashtags. Another option is to do a random drawing of everyone who posted your hashtag in a given week or month in which the winner receives a complimentary product.

When it comes right down to it, one of the biggest keys to social media marketing is connection. It's the reason you need to painstakingly consider your brand messaging. It is why you slave over an editorial calendar to ensure you always have valuable content in the works. It's why you work to engage likes and comments and also why it is worth using your own reach and merchandise to reward your followers for putting your brand in front of their audiences. Rest assured that with your diligent work and thoughtful editorial messaging, you can serve your clients in the most effective way.


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Incoming Message: Text Marketing Is In

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, December 14, 2017

You don’t have to read studies to know what a goldmine mobile phones are for marketers. It’s a rare sight to see an individual without a smartphone in their hands, and even a rarer sight to see someone without one at all. Whenever you hear a phone vibrate or ring, it seems like only nanoseconds pass when it’s answered.

With text message open rates bordering on nearly 100 percent, it’s a mystery why more businesses haven’t taken advantage of text marketing campaigns. Perhaps they haven’t gotten the message, but texting is an effective addition to any marketer’s toolbelt. What exactly do you send, though, and what rules and regulations do you need to know? Read on to find out; message and data rates do not apply.

Stick to the Plan

Before you start sending texts left and right, there are a few steps you need to take to plan your text marketing campaign. To begin with, you need to narrow down what you want to accomplish. Depending on what you want to achieve, there’ll be different tactics you’ll want to utilize that will help you reach your end goal.

This will be easier once you know who your target audience is. Varying demographics will respond to a set of messages in unique ways, so it’s best to do some research on what kind of media will garner a higher interaction rate with your audience. Pinpointing who your target audience is will also make creating your mailing list a much simpler task. 

You’ll want to study up on the many messaging tools you can choose from as well. These tools are relatively inexpensive and can help you send and schedule out your texts while simultaneously tracking the success rate of your text messaging campaign.

Follow the Rules

Texting may seem like a rule free zone, but with the implementation of the Telephone Consumer Protections Act, certain laws have been instated to protect consumers from being bombarded with unwanted texts. Similarly (although not laws), the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association and the Mobile Marketing Association have created their own guidelines of highly recommended practices. Here are a few that all best text message marketing companies follow:


     Always get permission from the individual first before including them in your text marketing campaign. This can easily be done by having them text your shortcode a specific phrase.

     Only send messages between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Keep in mind that this time restriction applies to the time zones of the people receiving your texts, not the time zone of the sender.

     Have an opt-in option on the initial text and opt-out option on the rest.

     For a minimum of six months, keep records of opting in and out incidents.

     Do not advertise smoking, drugs, or alcohol in your text messages.

     Depending on the marketing campaign, age verification should be used.

Before You Click "Send"

You can’t send just anything in your text marketing campaign. Nobody likes spam, and as soon as your text messages begin to come across as spammy, people will be opting out as quickly as they can. Prevent this by making your messages as clear as possible.

Let customers know what they’re signing up for and what kind of texts they can expect to receive. Make user experience as easy as possible. That being said, steer clear as much as possible from abbreviations and text messaging shorthand. If people can’t understand what you’re trying to say, your end goal will certainly be affected. 

Give back to customers as well. Advertisements have their time and place, but what people like even more are special savings and deals like coupons and promotions. Get a feel for what people like and want as well by A/B testing and texting out polls and surveys.

It can feel like a drag when having to complete a survey or poll through email on your computer. By making it easier through just a click of a button on a text, completion rates will definitely go up, giving you helpful and beneficial information to integrate into your business decisions. Lastly, limit the amount of texts you send.

Customers will not be pleased if the reason why their phone is constantly going off is because of your text marketing campaign. Two to four texts a month seems to be the sweet spot for most campaigns, and make sure you make it clear it with your initial text how many messages a subscriber will receive. The more your customers know, the less likely they’ll opt out.

Texting is a big part of of many people’s lives. With this form of communication becoming one of the most preferred methods to talk with one another, it’s crazy how text marketing campaigns are not being used more widely. Once you have a plan and know the rules, what to send will come naturally. Marketing is all about meeting the customer where they are, and right now, they’re on their phones texting.

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5 Tips to Dental Marketing to Reach Potential Clients

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dentistry, just like all the other professions requires many clients so that the owners can break even and make a better business. As a dentist or an owner of a dental clinic, there are many challenges that you will likely face as you go along with the business. There are other dentists and dental businesses in your locality that are competing for the same clients. What should you do so that you can stand out from the crowded business? Well, there are a number of things that can help your business to move in the right direction and make profits. You may need to do a lot of dental marketing so that you attract more clients and maintain those that you have already netted for your dental business.

Here are 5 tips to help you do dental marketing that can reach your potential clients:

1. Search engine optimization

You need to use your website as a tool for bringing in more clients. If you have a website that does not do the marketing for you, then you need to have it optimized for the search engines. Local SEO is what is actually required in this regard. Have your website properly structured so that your visitors can find the information they are looking for quickly. The web content should be appropriate for your target audience and also ensure that you are using the right keywords for this purpose.

2. Outstanding customer service

Just like the case of positive reviews, you need to offer your clients the right service that will make them want to come back for more. You can keep a lean patient base but still be able to reach your targets for the year. When you treat your clients well, they will definitely refer you to their friends and family. This may take quite some time to work but in the long run, you will be happy to have more clients. This would work in the same manner as getting reviews from Yelp and other platforms.

3. High Converting Website

You should think about making your website a high converting one. How is this done? Well, all that is required is looking for a good web developer and website marketing gurus who can help you turn your website around. If your website can be optimized for conversations, then this is a sure way of generating as much as 3 times the number of patients that you currently work with.

4. Building lasting relationships

Dentistry is much more about the relationships that you create with your clients. Your existing patients are your treasure. Treat them well and take their dental issues and concerns with the seriousness they deserve. Listen to your patients. Ask them questions where necessary and know them by their names. This way, you will build a long lasting relationship that will help you keep these clients and get more in the process.

5. Your target market

You need to think about your target market. Where are your businesses located? Are there many clients in that area? You could map out the areas that you feel could bring you more clients and start marketing your dentistry business with such areas in mind. Do Facebook Ads targeted at the said areas. You could even sponsor neighborhood events in such areas just to let the people know that your dental business exists in those areas. The results will speak for themselves.

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How to Choose Your Digital Marketing Budget for 2018

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, December 14, 2017

Every company knows the importance of digital marketing in the modern economy. However, it does not mean that companies are willing to spend insane amounts of money on marketing campaigns. That is why it is so crucial that we address the “B” word as soon as possible.

To avoid any issues down the road, it is much better to have an open conversation about the budget for a marketing campaign for the year. The sooner you figure out the budget, the sooner you will be able to get started on your budget specific plans for the new year and beyond.

Sorting Through the Digital Marketing Budget

Each company takes its own approach to how the budget is sorted out. But we believe there are a few steps that need to be addressed. The first step is to decide whether you are going to keep everything in house or if you are going to use companies such as for assistance with matters like website development, SEO services and B2B lead finder strategies. There are always pros and cons to going with a third party, but we believe that for companies that are just formulating a marketing strategy, it is the best option.

Where You Are, And Where You Want to Go

These are the two most important questions that you have to answer before choosing any budget. You have to know where you are with your company, and where you want to go. This is about more than a budget, it is about figuring out what you want to achieve in the coming year. Let us say that your company is happy with its current sales figures, and just wants a year of consolidation. The budget would look very different for such goals, as compared to a company that wants to expand and grow its customer base in an aggressive way.

Having Realistic Goals

If you have a small business and you are just getting off the ground, having a goal such as making $1 million in profit in the first year may not be realistic. Similarly, your goals for a marketing strategy must be realistic. Digital marketing is known for its return on investment. But if you only want to spend $200 and you want to get 10 million unique site visitors each week, you are asking for the moon!

Divide Up the Budget

Depending on your company’s sales and expenses figures, and the way you want to approach digital marketing in the new year, you may have settled on a full total for the budget. Now comes the hard part of figuring out how to split up that budget between things like YouTube videos, social media campaigns, email marketing, SEO, website design and more.

We advise that your business should speak with a professional who helps other companies with these matters. A company that specializes in digital marketing could help your business in a big way. This company would have the information about how many results you can expect with X amount of spending in each category, and that would help you set your budget up the right way.

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Interesting Things You Need to Know About Data Archiving Software

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, December 08, 2017

When we think of data archiving, we tend to confuse it with ordinary data backups. However, the two concepts are quite different. Modern organizations are archiving data at rapid rates, especially those that have been online for many years. Archiving accomplishes many purposes. Some archiving is done because it is a government requirement, while it can also help a business ensure that older data is kept separate from current data. But what should you know about data archiving software so that you can ensure this process goes smoothly?

Choosing the Medium and Devices

Handling data archiving on your own is not an easy process. The first step involves choosing the correct medium and storage devices for this data. Some companies go with tapes, but those do tend to give the user problems after ten or so years. In contrast, optical storage media is going to last for a very long time. When it comes to storage devices, it is hard to know what is going to stay relevant and modern. For instance, zip drives were the rage for archiving data, but they are barely used these days.

There is also the case of figuring out whether you need to migrate some of your older archives. You have all this data that was archived using old formats, but you are wondering if you need to move it over to your modern methods so that it will be easier to access in the future.

Storing Online or Offline

Companies must make a decision about whether they find storing data online or offline the most prudent policy. Storing offline means that most of the above concerns become very real. It means figuring out the best medium for storing the data, understanding if you have enough space for those mediums, and knowing when those mediums need to be switched out for something that will stand the test of time.

Online data archiving has many benefits, because everything is being done on the cloud. While archive servers can present their own share of problems, the method is a lot better for easily accessibility and versatility.

Using Data Archiving Services

Companies do not have endless time and resources to figure out the best data archiving method. Using third party software for compliance archiving is probably the best way to get the job done. Whether archiving is being done for compliance or internal reasons, third party service providers can help with the process. They provide the software and assistance to archive social media posts, messages, app details, emails, customer data, website data and more.

When choosing a company to use for data archiving services, it is a good idea to go with the companies that offer the most bang for your buck. These companies will offer a variety of services related to archiving within a single umbrella, which can prove very useful. In addition, it makes sense to go with companies that already have quite a few high profile clients. This indicates the company has satisfied those businesses with it archiving services.

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How The Content Improves SEO More Than The Keyword - Explained

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, December 08, 2017

When businesses and site owners think about SEO, the obsession is often with keywords. The reason is because we have become conditioned to think that keywords matter more than anything else where SEO is concerned. That is why you will see so many people ordering articles and being more concerned about the keywords that are contained within that article rather than the quality of that content – and that is a crucial mistake. Content can improve SEO a lot more than keywords, especially with modern Google algorithms. Here is our explanation of why.

Content is King

To understand how content helps SEO, we must understand content marketing. What is content marketing? It is a process that involves getting a site visitor through your sales funnel by enticing them with helpful and engaging content. It is not just about stuffing content with keywords and hoping someone lands on the site. It is about having engaging content that will not only satisfy the readers, but make them want to come back to your site again for new content. But how does content marketing intertwine with SEO? Experts such as Brad Smeltz have been tackling this concept for many years, and his insight could help you.

More Content Means More Keywords

Think about how you are stuffing keywords onto your site. You are probably pushing these keywords into homepage copies, text descriptions of photos, small paragraphs on the various pages of your site and in meta descriptions. Those opportunities are fine, but having proper articles where you could put those keywords would help you so much more.

By having articles that are engaging and an authority on a subject, you would have so many more chances to put in relevant keywords. And having these keywords within articles accomplishes two things: the keywords help get you higher on search engine results pages, and having the great articles means that someone who lands on your site is going to want to stick around.

Google Cares About Quality Content

Studies are beginning to show that when we look at Google’s search engine results pages, the sites that are near the top are the ones that have the highest content. The top three positions for most search engine results pages will have at least 2000 words or more. It does not mean that you are being encouraged to stuff articles with more words. It just means that lengthy and engaging content is helpful when it comes to getting your site higher up on search engine results pages.

It is time that we stop thinking about SEO as being all about keywords. The old methods involved stuffing content with keywords, without even caring about how coherent or engaging the content sounded. Those days are in the past. Google cares a lot about sites that have lengthy and insightful content, and so do readers. If you want someone to arrive at your site, stay and eventually make a purchase, use engaging content that is appropriately filled with keywords. 


Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, December 05, 2017

SEO Strategy: How to Evade Google Penalties

You have done all the things that you were taught with respect to SEO and online marketing. Now your website is in a great place. You are driving tremendous amounts of traffic from search engines, and you are even getting great traction through social media and other avenues. While those other avenues are safe, you are always going to have a nagging fear in your mind with respect to search engines. Ask any site creator or SEO expert, and they will tell you that everyone holds their collective breath when a new Google algorithm update is released.

Adapt to Change

Why are these algorithm updates so intense? Because you are always going to see changes, and they can destroy traffic for some sites. Whether you are running the site as a blog or an online store, or it is a tool to promote your regular business, having your traffic decimated can have a very negative impact. That is why it is so vital that you are reacting quickly. Making quick adjustments to your SEO strategy, and quickly understanding what the algorithm is changing, will be so important to maintaining your traffic levels.

One of the options that you have is to use the expertise of someone like Tim Schmidt. SEO experts can certainly help you, but so will developing techniques and strategies of your own. If you are relying on others, you will have to wait till they can adapt to algorithm changes. If you come up with a plan of your own, you are just relying on yourself.

Avoiding Google Penalties

Another huge issue with Google updates is how you are going to see different penalties depending on how you are boosting traffic to your site. We are going to assess some of the most common actions that incur penalties, and how you can avoid them.

  • Link Farms are the first thing to avoid. These are created to boost PageRank by exchanging links with themselves. If you are using unauthorized programs to generate page and site submissions, or to check site rankings, you may get into trouble. Always limit your use of something that is not certified to work within the Google framework.
  • Rank manipulation is also something that Google takes very seriously. You are probably using some form of keyword stuffing, even in your organic content. Sometimes you can get away with it if you are using keywords in a certain way. But a new update means the algorithm for detecting manipulation may have changed, so be careful about how you are handling this process.
  • Guest posting is another popular SEO method that can get you in trouble. Make sure that you are using guest posting sparingly if you want to avoid penalties. The issue with guest posting arises when you are unbalancing your link profile, using too many links from a single source, or getting into a position where Google may devalue links that are arriving from guest posts.

SEO is always a game of cat and mouse. You game the system, and Google changes the system. You must be ready for changes if you want to stay at the top. 

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A Guide on Marketing Your Business

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, December 04, 2017

Being an entrepreneur comes with a host of challenges and one that is particularly prevalent is getting to reach potential buyers. Getting the time to conduct marketing is something many entrepreneurs fail to achieve and this translates to a slow pace in reaching those who should know about the existence of the product. To get your products to the market, you need a budget and this is definitely a challenge when the business is not established yet. This means many upcoming entrepreneurs have to rely on creative ways to get their businesses out there. Here are some of the ways you could spend a shoestring budget and still achieve your marketing goals.

Although it might be a good idea to go into a field unaided, sometimes fate is not on your side and you have to embrace businesses in your area that are non-competitive so you can put your energies together to market your businesses. Cross-promoting your businesses will support you through a small budget and the impact will be more plausible than when you enter into the market alone. Collaborating also allows you to reach new customers as you are able to touch new people in the course of marketing the business.

Create a buzz

Public relations is one of the steps you have to pursue to get more people to trust your business and embrace your products. On this, you don’t need an expert to work on your behalf as you can accomplish the task yourself by responding to reporters’ queries. Take advantage of any media opportunities that show up and capitalize on showcasing what your business is able to do and the reason it is different from competition.

Give coupons

Giving coupons is a good idea if you want to attract new customers. People will not miss an opportunity to use a coupon and this might help boost sales and attract new customers to your brand. It is a perfect strategy for expanding your customer base without the need to spend a lot on marketing. If the coupons and products are designed well, you could get more return clients.

Embrace social media

Virtually every company has social media profiles. This is one of the things users will look at before they make a decision to buy from your company, so if you would like to cement your client base, make sure to have social media pages. On these pages you can give buyers an opportunity to ask questions and occasionally you might offer information about new products as well as discounts that buyers can take advantage of. Reply to the comments posted by fans and be always available to give them facts whenever they request for that information. If any of these options prove difficult to accomplish, it is advisable to consult a marketing agency like SMR Digital.Sign Up Now

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Marketing is one of the most important processes when building a business. You need to understand some of the basic principles that could help you put up a successful marketing campaign without necessarily spending a fortune.