How To Boost Employee Motivation

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, April 27, 2017

The best way to maintain your business’s high levels of productivity is to invest in boosting employee motivation. Many organisations in a number of industries tend to overlook employee job satisfaction or are unable to adapt or adjust old policies to make way for new ones. However, motivating your employees doesn’t always require radical changes or a complete revision of your company culture. Creating an environment that helps to nurture positivity and energise employees is capable of drastically changing your organisations levels of productivity, your turnover rates, your clientele and your public image. Happy and motivated employees bring with them a great many benefits. Here, we’ve put together a number of different methods to boost employee motivation within your organisation.

Implement An Open Door Policy

One of the major boosts to employee motivation is open communication with senior members of staff and executive managers. Honest and open communication is an easy way to let your employees know that you care about them and their place in the company, particularly when it comes to whole staff meetings. Demonstrating an interest in your employees’ work – from the office apprentice to the second in command – and having an open door policy can help to really increase employee effort, in a discreet way. In addition to this, stay tuned in to the goings on in your employees’ lives. New babies, holidays and personal or company events that you may not be directly involved in can have a significant impact on your employee’s life and the quality of their work. If you demonstrate a sincere interest and consideration for them, your employees will return your compassion with hard work and loyalty.

Team-Building Activities

While these may seem like a tedious and forced effort to gain your employees’ attention and act as a morale boost, if you plan the right type of team building activity, you will find that employee motivation will develop naturally. Employees need to feel like they are a part of something beneficial, and the stress of the day-to-day job can have a seriously negative effect on the team if there is no reprieve. Take your employees out of the office when you can afford to do so and give them something fun and exciting to take their mind away from work. Juts be sure to keep the focus on building relationships within the workplace at the same time as letting off the steam and make the most of team-building opportunities. One highly recommended option for a team building activity is a treasure hunt in London. This whacky, fun-filled activity can incorporate a number of different themes that you can relate back to your brand and company ethos and can be a quirky way to get your team involved in something different without them feeling forced to do so. Once your team get into the treasure hunt, you can be sure that they will act like a whole new team at work.  

Provide Opportunities For Staff Development

All employees want to continue to develop their knowledge and skills, no matter what industry or job role they are in. Providing new opportunities for your staff to be involved in important meetings, events and activities, or giving your employees responsibilities that are normally aligned with supervisors can really provide them with an opportunity for growth and inspire them to take their career further. This is the perfect way to help boost your employee’s motivation as they will see that they have the opportunity to progress. Personal development plans are also a key aspect of keeping your staff motivated, as they will feel like they are achieving their goals and find this a rewarding experience.  

What You Should Know About Running a Reseller Webhosting Business this 2017

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, April 26, 2017

If you are looking for an IT related business path to follow this 2017, becoming a web hosting reseller is one of your best bets. It is a business you can start from the ground up and also one you can take on if you already have a robust IT infrastructure in place.

The business is easy to set up and doesn’t need a massive cash injection to get it off the ground.  With reseller web hosting business, there are few logistics to navigate, and the returns can be highly rewarding.

How Reseller Web Hosting Business Works

The Internet has permeated all spheres of life and today; it is unthinkable for businesses and brands to be without web presence. From small sole proprietorships to multinational corporations, everyone needs a website to reach their target audience.  To build a website, web hosting is a must. This presents an opportunity to people looking to get on the reseller web hosting business train. Here is how the reseller web hosting business works:

1.    You purchase a reseller hosting package from a trusted hosting provider

2.    You sell the hosting packages in smaller units to your clients

3.    You can control bandwidth and disk space allotted to all account holders

4.    You can customise packages as you deem fit, to cater for different business owners with various needs.

“As a reseller web hosting businessman, you are a middleman for the main web hosting company,” says Brendan Wilde Marketing Manager at Umbrellar. “You are, however, allowed to run your business as you deem fit with your brands, labels, website and business front.  Unlike other reseller relationships, however, the web hosting company takes control of backend issues like security fixes, software updates and server maintenance. You only focus on growing your business.”

Important Considerations

If you are getting into the web hosting world for the first time, the path to reseller hosting can appear intimidating. It is easier for companies that are looking to use their current resources to generate additional revenue. An IT service providing company or web design group can easily incorporate web hosting reselling into their existing structure. All that is required is the addition of the web hosting reselling service to the brand name.

Regardless of your position, keep in mind the fact that reselling web hosting is competitive. Millions of websites are launched daily, but you still need to position your brand to win new business strategically.  To ensure success, here are some important points you should pay attention to.

Overall reputation of the hosting company

When you partner with an established brand with thousands of satisfied customers, you are already starting on a firm footing. Your clients will not face difficulties that will lead to loss of business for you in future. It is important to stick with only reputable providers as a negative reputation doesn’t just hurt the parent hosting provider; it also hurts your brand. Your brand is what clients see.

Research of Your Target Audience

This is another vital consideration as you start your new business. As is the case when setting up any other business, you need to work out your audience well ahead of time.  Are you gunning for individuals and SMEs or big established businesses or a mixture of both?  Your analysis will help you better craft a marketing plan and most importantly determine what kind of hosting packages you purchase from the parent web hosting company.

Customer service

Some people in this niche leave customer support to the parent provider. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but you will be better served setting up your customer service desk. The reduction in wait time for queries to be answered could be the difference between success and failure with your new business.

Marketing and Business Development

To ensure a steady stream of customers, you will need a robust marketing and promotion strategy across the platforms you are targeting.

What to Do When You Feel Stress Is Getting the Better of You as a Marketing Professional

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Marketing can be an extremely fast-paced environment to work in and you can often feel the pressure. When you have clients who are depending on you to bring results or you are struggling to find the best solution or strategy for a given project, it can be easy to start to let things get on top of you. Stress can have a lot of negative effects on your performance, as well as on your general wellbeing and your personal life, so it is important to be able to identify times when you are starting to suffer from stress and take some action. Here are some things you can do when you start to feel overwhelmed.

Talk to a Professional

There are lots of well-qualified people who work as stress counselors, with degrees like the online masters in counseling or the counseling degree online offered by top schools like Bradley University. These are people who are used to supporting professionals who are experiencing stress levels they can't cope with. They can be great to talk to and can help you identify why you are so stressed and what you can change about your situation or your own mindset to help you to manage it better.

Talk to Your Manager

If you currently work for an employer (rather than being a freelance marketing professional) then talking to your boss may offer some solutions. If you feel your workload or targets are unfair and this is something your manager or company should address, having a conversation about how overworked you are and the stress you are feeling may lead to them taking some action, for instance hiring more people or adjusting the client's expectations. While it may not always be possible for anything to be done, simply letting your boss know that you feel under heavy pressure can make things better for you, as they may not have been aware of this before and may have thought you could handle even more work!

Make the Most of Your Breaks

If you feel exhausted, you may just want to laze around or sleep during any time you have free during the evenings, weekends, or holidays. While rest is important, it can be better for your stress levels to try other ways of relaxing which may help make you feel more positive and refreshed, such as doing some light exercise, or meeting up with friends and having some fun. Your social life can be important in ensuring you feel like you have balance in your life and aren't just working or sleeping all the time. It can also be beneficial to take a proper break and go somewhere different to refresh you mentally, for example going away for the weekend.

Stressful times are inevitable for most people in marketing, but knowing when the stress is beginning to feel negative rather than motivational and doing something to help yourself is key to staying on your best form.

How to Create Exciting Branding Experience with Digital Signs

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Digital signage over the years has grown into one of the most effective and productive marketing strategies for businesses, enterprises, corporations and even startups.

Digital signs (i.e. LED signs) have been leveraged in promoting content to target audiences and making awesome use and leveraging of the different famous social media platforms which include the likes of Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others. Digital signage (i.e. LED signs) essentially turns data and information into meaningful and empowering digital out-of-home experience to targeted audiences. Getting the best of the use of digital signs can be tricky as you need to "get it right."

Below are a few tips on creating exciting branding experience with digital signs.

Cohesive Digital Experience

While there are loads of digital s options available such as LED signs etc. Marketers might get distracted and swayed by the available options.

It remains important to create a cohesive digital experience for you target audience and not just start implementing all the variants of available technology. Making and following a plan (avoiding mismatching digital installations) that suits your target audience is important to both the audience as well as the marketing team that would be managing and monitoring these moving parts.

It is important and useful to aesthetically look at the big picture and ensure you tell a consistent digital and visual story.

Extend the Horizon of Your Digital Signage Displays

There are technology options such as the installation of a 24-hour interactive window display which is being utilized by Kate Spade's store in New York City. Such technology allows customers interact, window shop and make purchases (which is delivered to locations around the city), giving all customers a choice of either enjoying an in-store experience or alternatively going for a swift delivery experience of their select purchases.

Such digital technology like digital menu boards from FM digital enhances in-store customer engagements. It is however also important to make provision of similar engagement levels to customers preferring to shopping outside of the usual brick-n-mortar locations.

Build Social Media Trust

With social media basically being at the tip top of internet user’s activities and engagements (especially millennial). It is important to build brand trust on these platforms if you truly want to harness and leverage the power of social media.

Building trust on these social media would not only with time build you as an authority in your niche but would also invariably generate and increase both web as well as foot traffic of your targeted audiences.

An example of this practice can be taken from the Nike Running store in New York City (Flatiron District), they integrated social media to their retail location via a floor-to-ceiling LED display that displays social media posts pertinent to the Nike brand. This engage the customers as well as giving an excellent customer relation feel

Leverage the Use of Technology for Shopping Convenience

An example of using technology for convenient shopping is the which is one of some available interactive, virtual fitting-room technologies that conveniently enables customers to try on clothes without having to deal with the usual stress of actually, physically trying the clothes on.

Other retailers make use of gadgets such as iPads and other tabs to provision an inventory levels lookup, online purchases as well as sales floor direct purchases for their clients and customers. These options allow for the convenience of shopping for customers as they perform their shopping tasks at their own pace and preference and at their own terms providing a much needed and appreciated convenience for shoppers.

Center Your Digital Experience around Your Customers

Keeping up with your customer’s trends and taste is also very important with in-store shopping experiences experiencing dramatic changes over the past years. Digital marketing has moved beyond print ads and static sale signage and moved towards a much more multifaceted digital experience that integrates social media platforms as well as in-store technology.

To get the best digital marketing experience, there is the need to outsource your digital marketing to seasoned professionals. Centering your digital experience on your customer will all but guarantee both web and foot traffic to your stores as well as enterprise success.

Top 4 CAD and CAM Orthodontist Software

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, April 10, 2017

Many years ago, orthodontists found it difficult to design prosthetics and properly manage their patient’s database. With the surge in 3D printing, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) the practice of designing and manufacturing prosthetics for orthodontists is now much easier. With the availability of the right tools, and relevant qualification, an orthodontist can take his career to the next level by designing and sculpting these prosthetics at ease.

However, for this to be effective there is the need for the hardware to communicate with the computer system. This has led to the development of special software solely for orthodontics. Theses software allows an orthodontist to easily design prosthetics, manage data, print the prosthetics capture deep details where the ordinary eye cannot. Much said, let us briefly look at the top 4 CAM and CAD software commonly in use today.

Maestro 3D Ortho Studio

This special software is designed to allow dentists easily inspect, edit and analyze information gotten from each patient’s scan session data. This software only supports data gotten through the Maestro 3D dental scanner and it is available for iPad and Windows.

CEO of Marty Fahey, who has expert knowledge in this field explains that the Ortho studio has five modules with its specific and unique function. “First is the Maestro Ortho Studio Viewer, which allows you to view the 3D models you have created with the Ortho Studio comes with full 3D functionality of panning, zooming, rotation, measurements of the models, and the accompanying patient’s data.”

The base module is used for the management of the clinic, patients, doctors, and their respective case through a database.

The Virtual setup module is designed for the movement of the teeth for both the archs, contact and distance intersections evaluation.

Other available modules are Transition Models Builder Module (creation of 3D models); Brackets Placement Module (for automatic placement of brackets on the teeth); Clear Aligner Module (for the design and construction of the clear aligners); and the PDF3D Module.

Planmeca Romexis Ortho Studio

This is no doubt one of the most advanced 3D and 2D orthodontic and prosthetic imaging and clinic management software out there. It has an easy-to-use user interface that provides advanced tools that will meet the imaging needs of virtually any dental facility.

It supports PCs running both Windows and Mac and fully compatible with 3D images scanned with Planmeca  ProMax. The sophisticated coding of this software allows users to easily analyze, re-design, and re-align 3D models with its vast range of tools.

It also allows you plan your treatment in 3D, especially how each tooth should be moved and placed in its proper position, teeth extraction and interproximal reductions, all these in a summarized detailed treatment plan report.

With the Integrated document management Printing module, you can easily create professional high quality radiology reports and printouts.

It also comes with an optional Clinic Management which allows all Planmaca equipment to be hooked up in a network for easy access. It also allows easy access to different X-ray equipment data, logging of doctors, patient’s files, appointments as well as the storage of individual chair positions.

Geomagic Piano

Geomagic is known for being the pioneers of one of the biggest 3D reverse engineering software ever available. Venturing into orthodontics, the company manufactured yet another powerful 3D software, Geomagic Dental. This software opens a new word of management and design possibility and improved communication model between the dental lab and the office.

The Geomagic Dental Lab is known for producing aesthetically excellent results, reducing less chair time and ensuring better care for the patient.

With the Geomagic Dental you can also design and create precise restorations of prosthetics as it has an advanced connection in the imaging and production workflow.

Geomagic Piano was designed based on research done in more than 10 years and in collaboration with high ranking dental companies in the general dentistry field, dental implants and orthodontics.

It stands out from other orthodontist 3D software with its support for dental chair-side and laboratory systems designed with for the accuracy and automation needed to care for the challenging requirements.

WorkNC Dental

WorkNC is an open CAM milling software that allows you easily calculate the safe cutterpaths putting into consideration the tool shape, holder’s position and the machine geometry giving you the highest level of reliability and safety when you mill.

The software has a user friendly interface that is easy to navigate and comes in three versions; 3+1 axis, 3+2 axis and full 5-axis machining available on Windows and IOS.

It also comes with an optional implant module allowing one the ability to fully automate the implant based prosthetics.

In conclusion, though many technicians are unable to access most of these software, whichever one  you chose depending on your budget and knowledge, getting the best result is what 

The Truth about What You Should Know Before Starting an E-Commerce Business

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, April 10, 2017

You may think that you are fully prepared to open and operate an online business. The funding is already in place, you have created a plan for cash flow, and you have your inventory stocked and ready to ship out to your customers. However, there are a few other factors that you will want to consider before launching your first marketing campaign.

E-commerce sales in the United States grew by over 10 percent last year to over $103 billion, and this includes travel. In fact, in the first quarter of 2016, online spending in the United States had already reached $93 billion. Statistics like these prove why e-commerce is the fastest growing segment in retail.

Although most of this growth is coming from retail giants like Walmart and Amazon, there are smaller retailers using platforms like Etsy and Shopify that are also making an impact on e-commerce growth. Most entrepreneurs of these e-commerce businesses are enjoying life-changing profitability and success.

Seasoned entrepreneurs will likely tell you that you need to have a handle on things like accounting, marketing, and operations. However, they may fail to tell you about the surprises you may face in other aspects of your business.

Be Very Detailed Because People Do Not Read

One of the things that may surprise you the most when you are operating your business is how explicit you must be when describing policies, products, or offers. Most of your customers will quickly skim this information; that’s if they even read it at all. If they do read it, they may still misunderstand certain statements.

Your Customers May Be Right but They Will Not Always Be Nice About It

When you operate an online store, you are running a service business. The main objective of your business should be to assist your customers in finding the products and services they are looking for, and ensuring those products and services are delivered to them quickly. There are plenty of new businesses in the e-commerce arena that are going above and beyond what many consumers have come to expect with customer service.

With that being said, there will be many times when you will go above and beyond ‘normal’ customer service to offer consumers the ultimate online shopping experience and they will still be mean to you, make false claims about your store, or even file claims and disputes against your company when you have not done anything wrong. Learn more about financial disputes at this website.

Packages Will Disappear in Transit

The United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx generally provide excellent shipping services. Unfortunately, these carriers are also known to not only lose packages but lose them during the most critical times.

Many retailers notice an increase of reports of packages never arriving around the holiday season. In fact, every year new and established e-commerce companies will get reports that dozens or even hundreds of packages never arrive at their destinations. Therefore, you should be prepared to not only deal with disappointed and frustrated customers but also be willing to bear the cost of these lost packages.

You will never be too far away from your next opportunity when owning an e-commerce business. Although you will have a fair share of problems, the potential is there for you to reach your goals.

Anik Singal’s Motivational Tips for the Struggling Entrepreneur

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, April 10, 2017

Starting a business is one of the most challenging things you could experience. Sometimes it could take every bit of fight left in you. But you don’t want to give up too soon on your dream business.

According to this article, 90% of Startups fail before they can even take off. However, it need not be so. Anik Singal, CEO of Lurc Inc., a successful digital marketing company says businesses fail because their founders tow the wrong path or give up too soon. In this article, Anik gives 5 ways business CEOs (startups and established) can remain in the game and succeed.

  1. 1. Ensure you product is right for the market

This is among the top 3 reasons why businesses struggle. It is not uncommon to see Startups offering a ‘panacea’ to something that doesn’t really need a solution. The saying goes, why reinvent the wheel? Anik Singal says, today’s digital age customer is not only smart, but tech-savvy and highly-informed. They can see through a superficial product and make quick purchase decisions.

Before you launch your Startup, conduct numerous tests in hypothetical market situations. Ask yourself if the product is really innovative. Only when people can genuinely derive value from your business, it is okay to take off.

  1. 2. Find a capable co-founder

Managing a business can take its toll on you, especially if you are the only one holding the reins. Sometimes, you’ll need a partner who can see the signs you may be missing. Nobody’s perfect, we have our competencies and weaknesses. You may be good at closing deals, but not necessarily charismatic enough to lead a team.

Identify your weaknesses and choose a capable co-founder or partner to complement you. This way, you can share the responsibilities and focus on your strengths instead of wearing yourself thin. A business with focused co-founders is more likely to come out of a tight situation. 

  1. 3. Ask for advice from more experienced entrepreneurs

“No business is an island,” says Anik Singal. You will often find help in unusual places. Surrounding yourself with experts is good, but meeting more experienced entrepreneurs for advice is better. Consider organising an advisory board, and in some cases, it might be helpful to offer stock options in your company as incentives.

Some successful entrepreneurs can share their playbook with you, it all depends on your attitude. Network aggressively and seek partnership opportunities from other entrepreneurs. Instead of seeing your competitors as just competitors, you can also learn a thing or two from them. Keep them close.

  1. 4. Market your business everywhere

As a CEO, you are the face of your business. Make it known everywhere you go so people can associate it in a positive way. This includes attending conferences and asking for a speaking slot, organising product launches, setting up booths at trade shows and so on. These are some inexpensive ways to put your brand out there.

Focus on your online presence too. Today’s customers co-exist on the web, you can reach them there as well. Start by building a professional-looking, modern website. Learn the basics of SEO (search engine optimisation). This way, people searching for your services online can find your business. As a digital evangelist, Anik Singwal recommends a strong email marketing strategy to keep in touch with customers.

Other helpful tips include:

     Focusing on the customer (great customer service)

     Raising more funds

     Monitoring your expenses- or hiring a reliable expert to do so

     Hiring the right team

Businesses will go through a rough patch- this is a certainty. However, it is your resolve and the people you surround yourself with that can help you get through it successfully. Don’t be quick to quit. Sometimes, all you need is an alternative solution.

8 Hot Content Marketing Strategies For 2017

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, April 10, 2017

Its 2017, and the marketing competition is fiercer than ever. Many companies are turning to content marketing as a way to reach a wider audience. It’s time to step up your content marketing game with these hot strategies that would put you firmly ahead of the pack.


This media giant is still a major means of reaching out to millions at any given time. For this reason, it is the ideal platform for showcasing your brand’s products and services. To use Facebook successfully as a content marketing strategy, it is important to incorporate compelling calls to action (CTAs), avoid overly bold claims in order to preserve your brand credibility, and constantly test to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Visual content

What do Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat have in common? Yep, picture is king. In fact, three days after people hear information, they are likely to only remember 10% of it. However, 65% of that same information is remembered three days after, if a relevant image is paired with it. Stimulate online engagement through the use of images, infographics, memes, and screenshots.

Video content

Videos are gaining real momentum in the world of content marketing. Reports state that in 2017, video-driven internet traffic will rise to 74%. Even though videos are more expensive to use than still pictures, written content or infographics, they have a high potential of being much more effective. Audiences love short, explainer videos that show the positive impact of your brand on the world; they want to feel connected to products in some way. Marketing videos, which could easily be uploaded onto Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or YouTube is an excellent way to achieve this.


The average person today has a mobile phone connected to the internet. Think of all those times when you went with your phone to the bathroom, when you held it in one hand while you ate with the other. Why should you use mobile for increased impact of content marketing? Since I’m willing to bet you are reading this from a mobile device, I’ll just answer that with this interesting statistic: mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending by 2019.

Brian founder at, shares his experience with mobile marketing:

“Utilising the opportunities created through mobile internet availability has been incredibly impactful on our content marketing results. We have been able to reach a wider audience and have proof of high ROI.”

User-generated Content

Content marketing is about building trust. Unfortunately, more than half of the time the media campaign adverts put up by big companies create higher feelings of scepticism and lower conversion rates. Get reviews from members of your target audience who already use your product and angle them towards potential buyers. This is one of the quickest ways to allay all fears about the quality of your product and increase the impacts of your ads exponentially.


Even in 2017, email is still very effective as a method of reaching a big audience. Utilize email marketing effectively through giving opportunities for subscription to your email list, and send information about your products and services. Remember to throw in short videos for high impact.

Data from Research

Data is a useful method of content marketing in two ways:

     Data driven marketing

     Original research data

Ensure your marketing has the required impact necessary to make conversions possible by analysing available data. There is an incredible amount of data available to find out what type of content works best for your business, when to publish such data and through what channels that should be done.

A survey of content marketers showed that research/original data performs best for companies. The key is to use data that is fresh and relevant. Find out what data your target audience would find useful and use that.

Influencer Marketing

With influencer marketing, you first need to market to the right influencer (usually someone who has about the number of followers you require, and is open to your brand) then, tailor your products and services to their followers. Your target audience would reason that if someone they look up to trusts your brand well enough to use its products, they can too.

The content marketing industry is constantly evolving, thus adopting fresh methods is important to keep your products and services memorable.  

Top Dublin SEO Alliance flying the flag for excellent standards in Search Optimization

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, April 07, 2017

Our SEO agency is made up of two businesses that have merged up to form a stronger and the best SEO agency in providing top notch services to our clients, our main objective to combine our skills together is for the benefits of our clients, our agency is situated in Dublin and Ireland that is formed by Eleanor Greavy and Paul O’Reilly,the benefits of us coming together is that we have the best skills now and resources that ensures that any business in online industry gain control over the rest of the competitors in the online business.

When it comes to giving the best services, we are ranked above all the other SEO companies and digital marketing agencies for all the major and most competitive SEO terms.

Our agency works with well established, ambitious, growth oriented businesses who recognize the massive opportunity provided by SEO and who wish to control their market -locally nationally or even globally.

There is no other place that we are well known for our outstanding services like in Dublin it is easy to determine who are the absolute experts and specialists in this industry, Google themselves share the same information.

Our stream of Services

We offer services to typically well-established business with an understanding of the value of SEO whom already know that want an SEO expert to have control of driving rankings and traffic for their website on an ongoing basis

Secondly, we offer services to developed businesses that may already have an in-house team and need and SEO expert to work alongside them in consultancy or training role. Furthermore, if your business and website are relatively new then perhaps your resources may not stretch to our ongoing monthly services but you may be interested in our custom SEO Audit and Action plan or our SEO setup services to help get your business off on the right footing.

Thirdly, our SEO audit is a deal for any businesses who are uncertain about how to proceed with their SEO or who may perhaps just want to arm themselves with a little more information specific to their website and categories before retaining the ongoing services of an SEO agency.

Our services are not limited to anyone if you are unsure as to which services that you may need from our SEO agency we have experts that are always available therefore do not hesitate to consult us through our online number and we can continue to discuss your online goals resources and objectives.

Our Top-notch SEO strategies

  • Excellent onsite optimization: that is, we make sure that the contents, tags and keywords of our clients are getting the necessary traffics that they may need.
  • Proper social setup that is good communication between us and our clients
  • Content publishing and social buzz around your content
  • A consistent level of high authority links back to your website

Our main objective is to make sure that your website is setup to the highest SEO standards through excellent technical setup, website structure, onsite optimization and branded network and we also make sure that we monitor your google search console for errors.

When looking for an SEO agency to trust we are the here for you.

6 Tips on How to Get ROI for Your SEO Efforts on Your Website

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, April 06, 2017

6 Tips on How to Get ROI for Your SEO Efforts on Your Website

Not every business has realized what the internet has to offer. Marketing at this level is affordable as compared to offline marketing and also you can reach customers across the geographical boundaries without hurting your budget. Your SEO needs have to be well addressed if you are to get the desired results for your website. The following tips will apply for you to achieve this:

Ensure you have a well-structured website

A website whose structures are well in place will help the readers or visitors navigate it with ease. This also goes for the search engines and thus a huge contributor to the quality of your website’s SEO. In that case, your web designer should work hand in hand with your SEO Melbourne expert to guarantee this.

Focus on one keyword phrase on your page URL

You do not want a situation whereby you have stacked a couple of keywords in a single URL. This will be wrong for SEO purposes as search engines will have a hard time indexing those URLs for ranking purposes. You have to keep it a maximum of one keyword phrase so that readers can know what is in that page before they can even open it.

Instead of underscores, use hyphens to separate words in the URL

Underscores should not be included when you want to separate words or phrases in your URLs. Once used, they do not break up the words when they are indexed by the search engines which can affect the quality of your SEO. You should thus replace them with the hyphens so that when indexed they can appear as separate words which will be good for your site’ SEO.

Create a catchy title

Your content may be top notch but if the title is not that interesting, then you may not get the proper traffic to that content or website in general. You have to pay more attention to the kind of titles you put up for your readers. The title gives the reader an idea of what they will find. If it is catchy, then they can proceed to read it. It might be the break or make aspect for your SEO Melbourne campaigns.

Include a Metatag description for your title

Such a description will be the first thing a potential client or reader will see before they can open the link to your website. It should be short, clear and ignite a call to action for the reader. In short, it should entice the reader to open the link and continue reading. You can include the keyword in this description to help optimize it for search engines. This is how you get to win through the first impression on your reader.

Research before you choose the keywords to optimize

Not all keywords will bring out the best out of your content or SEO efforts. You have to know which keywords are the most searched on search engines. This will require extensive research and keyword management as new keywords will pop up every other week. Look for a SEO Melbourne manager to take you through all the ropes on how you will stay on top of this aspect for quality SEO.