4 Marketing Skills That Make for Successful Entrepreneurs

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, May 29, 2017

4 Marketing Skills That Make for Successful Entrepreneurs

When you read about the skills that most entrepreneurs have in common, you will often see traits like resiliency, a high drive and sense of focus and the ability to self-reflect. While these are definitely important, there are also a number of skills related to marketing that will help in your quest to become an entrepreneur. For example, check out the following list of marketing-related abilities that successful entrepreneurs should have:

Solid Knowledge of Social Media

In order to become a successful entrepreneur in this day and age, it is vital to hone your social media skills. But as Entrepreneur notes, this concept goes well beyond making a number of posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites; effective and entrepreneurial social media helps you to connect with your customers on a deeper level. To help your social media campaign to be as successful as possible, spend some time researching the brands that are doing it really well. For example, Amway’s Facebook page is a great place to start learning from the experts — in addition to posts about their products, the page features inspiring stories about their independent business owners, information about accolades the company has earned and posts that ask readers to reply with their own experiences.

Focus On the 4Ps of Marketing

To be a solid marketer, it is important to learn the “4Ps,” which in this case are product strategies, pricing strategies, product distribution strategies and promotion strategies. If you can get a handle on these four skills, you will already be ahead of the game as an entrepreneur. After all, if an entrepreneur has a great idea for a product or service and then prices it way too high and does not have any idea how to advertise it, the new business may ultimately fail. On the flip side, understanding how to come up with the services and products that your target audience really wants, pricing them properly and making it as convenient as possible for your customers to find and buy what you are selling are marketing-based skills that will help you to succeed in your new life as an entrepreneur.

An Understanding of Spending Money to Make Money

Sometimes, budding entrepreneurs may balk at the idea of spending their hard-earned money on things like test campaigns, lots of advertising and other approaches that can ultimately help a new company succeed. On the other hand, someone with a strong background in marketing understands that you often have to spend money to make money — which means shelling out the bucks to host a grand opening at your new location that includes door prizes, refreshments and promo items for the people who attend, running a small experimental campaign to see if an idea or product will work and working with a local public relations and marketing firm to get the word out about the company.

Being a Great Writer

Successful marketers are typically skilled writers. You can carry over this skill in your new life as an entrepreneur. If you have ever read a blog that is filled with spelling errors, visited a website with unclear headlines and tried to figure out what a post on social media was trying to say, you are already aware of the importance of effective written communication.

Stepping Up Your Social Media Game: Tips from the Experts

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, May 26, 2017

Social media is now an essential marketing tool. Social media activities are essential for creating awareness and building stronger relationships with customers. With the market being as competitive as it is today, regularly posting content and hoping for the best results no longer works.

It is time to step up your social media game and attract the right demographic. We talked to internet marketing professionals and discovered three top tips you can use to take your social media efforts to the next level. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Catchy and Consistent Branding

Many businesses aren’t utilizing their social media pages optimally. They use the default layout as it is and, again, hope for the best. This approach no longer works, especially since your business is competing with hundreds of others for attention. The social media pages for your business need to be catchy and memorable.

Most social networks allow for some degree of customization. You can customize your Facebook Page and Twitter profile with your own branding elements. At the very least, you can have a custom avatar that attracts attention. Other platforms offer more customization options. YouTube, for example, has a channel art section you can customize to attract more viewers.

Take the design of your social media pages seriously. Use a consistent color scheme and branding elements; it is even better if you can match the social media pages with your main website. More importantly, make them memorable.


There are lots of recent cases where brands have successfully engaged an audience and garnered plenty of attention. Wendy’s won big when a post asking for a year’s worth of free nuggets went viral. McDonald’s and Burger King exchange funny Tweets quite frequently. Aston Martin replied to a Twitter post asking for a car by sending the user a model Aston Martin car instead.

In all of these cases, the brands willingness to engage with their audience succeeded. You can’t always predict the outcome of a social media exchange, but you can connect with customers when you engage them frequently.

Stop using the old one-sided broadcasting approach and start taking user engagement more seriously. Ask questions and answer users’ questions. Respond to jokes or prank posts. Hire younger social media administrators and let them have fun – to a certain degree – on the business’s social media pages.

Stay Consistent

Another common mistake many businesses still make is creating profiles on all social media platforms, only to post sporadically later on. You don’t need to be on every platform. In fact, it is much more effective to limit your social media profiles so that you can post consistently on all of them.

Consistency is key. On YouTube, the audience will quickly see a pattern based on your upload frequency. The same can be said for the content you share on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The more consistent you are with your posts, the more customers will be willing to engage with you on social media.

So, are you ready to take your social media game to the next level? Use the expert tips we covered in this article and start boosting your social media performance today.

The benefits of incorporating social media into your Sales and Marketing

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, May 26, 2017

When social media was just coming out of its shell and no one could have predicted the kind of impact it would have globally, businesses weren’t all too concerned about incorporating social media into their design. However, today, not doing so is almost unfathomable at some levels of business. It is important to see that social media is able to garner figures that otherwise would be extremely hard to pull together. This is simply because of the fact that people are on social media naturally and are not lured there through a marketing campaign. In consequence, you will be able to find all demographics. If you were to fish for leads, social media would be a great pond.

The difference between a real pond and social media however is that these “fish” want to find the hook. They are always looking to be swayed by the next product or service that they need. It’s all a matter of showing them what you can offer and letting them know that you exist as a company. Sure, the more popular your brand is, the easier that will be to accomplish. But by using smart marketing campaigns in correlation with social media features you can pull in great numbers for your sales with relatively ignorable costs. It’s a trade just too good to pass. You can learn more about how you can even use social media to sell your products overseas through a distributor but as far as this article is concerned, we will show you some of the benefits of using social media in this context.

  • You get a major distribution platform for all marketing campaigns and content deployment as well as a direct mirror to your website
  • You gain access to your choosing of demographics and customers based on preferences and compatibility with the products and services that you are offering
  • You gain the opportunity of potential future partnerships with other companies and organizations through connections made on social media
  • You improve the brand name and image through a strong presence on social media
  • You stand to benefit greatly from a financial standpoint since the investments required for using social media and deploying marketing campaigns is next to absent. Any cost necessary for marketing would be the one that you would have to deal with regardless of social media
  • Social media also allows you to build a shortlist of future partners and clients based on social media rankings and references
  • You get direct feedback from customers on social media as well as a free means to publicly display positive opinions regarding your brand or products by enabling the customers to voice their appreciation

7 Actionable Tips to Remain Positive as an Entrepreneur

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, May 19, 2017

Entrepreneurship can be both a lonely and a challenging path, staying positive and motivated are key to maintaining the course for entrepreneurial exploits. The seven tips below will help any entrepreneur stay positive through the thick and thin of an entrepreneurial journey:

See failure as a lesson and not a disaster

Many entrepreneurs fear moments of failure and usually shy away from making mistakes. Such become easily depressed and discouraged when they encounter failures and usually throw in the towel at the first time of asking. As a good entrepreneur though, you must learn to ride the waves and seek new opportunities in the midst of a failure. Usually, the best things come in the least attractive packages.

Surround yourself with positive people

The power of positive influence cannot be overemphasized. Always having people who encourage you and say good things about you and your work will go a long way to keeping you positive and hopeful for better things.

Read about successful entrepreneurs

Reading about the stories of other successful entrepreneurs will boost your enthusiasm and expectations of the future. It does good to the soul to know that others have gone ahead and recorded success in the same pursuit you are currently engaged in. It takes off pressure from your shoulders and empowers you to dare for more.


Good exercise improves your blood flow and helps to take your mind off work which is key. A lot of entrepreneurs get so engrossed in the details of their work that they simply neglect time to stretch their mind and bodies. Add both physical and mental exercises to your routine and it will do you good.

Have A Good Sleep

One of the keys to staying motivated daily as an entrepreneur is to have a refreshed mind. One of the highest causes of depression and loss of focus is a lack of good sleep. You will always achieve more when you give your body its due rest. I recommend sleeping hours between 11 pm and 5 am for optimum rest.

Work Hard Play Hard

Always create a balance between work and play; as the adage goes: all work and no play make jack dull. Develop a hobby, fall in love with a sport, have a movie collection, join a cycling crew, go fishing, there is a whole lot you can do, just find what works for you.

Read motivational books

The power of motivational words can provide mental juice for a passionate entrepreneur. Motivational books will spur you on and remind you of why you can make it and must not give up. This motivational list of books will motivate and inspire you to remain positive always even in your business.

•    The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

•    Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

•    The Power of now by Eckhart Tolle

•    As a man thinketh by James Allen

•    Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

•    The magic of thinking big by David J Schwartz and lots more.

Revolutionary Technology That Could Improve Your Business

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Technology is forever evolving and there are a number of different ways that you can implement this within your marketing strategy or within your business as a whole in order to determine the very best ways to improve your business. There are a huge range of technologies that you may be able to implement, and this can bring improvements with your customer service, productivity or even your business’ security depending on the types of technology that you are looking to implement. Ultimately, new processes lead to efficiency which helps to drive optimal results across a number of objectives. Here, we’re taking a close look at some of the latest, revolutionary technologies that could help you to improve your business.

Improve Business Efficiency With Web Based Management Systems

The mobile and modern nature of businesses means that project management is moving very quickly away from paper-based files and calendars in order to help people keep track. While this was always inevitable with the growth in technology in the work place, the availability of web based management systems is helping to keep all types of businesses on top of their work load. This can be implemented with systems like the cloud, which can help with business agility and new innovation initiatives.

Whether you’re choosing a simple web based project management system that only create to-do lists, or you’re looking at a system that is complete with an entire suite of web-management tools, this revolutionary technology is boosting business efficiency dramatically.

Increase Internet Security With Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a relatively new concept, and is generally used as part of the digital currency world including Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is used across a huge range of purchasing options such as e-commerce sites and online transactions, one of its key areas is Bitcoin casinos. In order to provide a safe and secure environment for gamers who are using the digital currency, Bitcoin and the blockchain technology takes security very, very seriously. It provides a pseudo-anonymous transaction experience, meaning player’s identities are completely protected.

This could prove useful for businesses who deal with a lot of confidential information, and in the future we could see elements of the blockchain being implemented within IT and business security in order to keep in line with compliance. However, the concept is still in its infancy and would need a lot of development before being able to be used effectively.

Save Time With Automation                                                          

While artificial intelligence is still a long way from being developed as a fully viable option for businesses, automation is already in the present. If your business is battling repeated tasks that require people to manually complete them over and over again, you may find that you are losing a lot of time. However, new technologies can help to automate these processes, and this is a simple way to help save time on a huge range of tasks.

Business process automation is becoming an incredibly important aspect for businesses in all industries, and no more so than in marketing. If you are an agency and have clients who require regular reports or templates, or you’re an e-commerce website regularly looking to send out newsletters, you can automate the emails and reports in order to help maximise efficiency and productivity – and ultimately save time.

Manage Your Processes With Business Process Management Software

New business process management software has been introduced to the market in order to ensure that organisations are better equipped to respond to changes within the business. This is through process modelling, management tools and process designs, to provide a logical representation of the entire business. This can also provide reporting tools to help ensure that the business is managing their processes correctly so they can measure their effectiveness. 

Boost Customer Contact With Customer Relationship Management Systems

One of the best ways to boost your customer contact and help to build relationships in a far more manageable way is through the implementation of technologies like customer relationship management systems and tools (CRMs). There are a huge number of ways that you can help to boost customer relationships, and this is a great way to ensure that your customer service is exceptional at all times.

Step Into The Future With Virtual Reality

While this is a long way off being implemented in a consistent way across all industries, virtual reality may provide a new way for businesses to model and understand the different ways that their processes can be developed. This could be particularly important for infrastructure, as virtual architectural designs could allow builders the opportunity to develop better structures and come up with innovative designs in an easier way. This can be implemented in marketing when it comes to new designs and relaunches, as a virtual reality concept would give the marketers a ‘real’ example of what their expectations are set to look like.

There are a huge number of revolutionary technologies that have been introduced into the industry, and this can help businesses to remain exceptionally competitive, while saving money and time by boosting efficiency and productivity across all areas. 

Why Your Offline Business Should Not Ignore Digital Marketing

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Are you using the latest digital marketing tools and strategies in your offline business? Unfortunately, a large percentage of brick-and-mortar businesses are slow to embrace the internet and all of the marketing and sales opportunities available online. However, many of the offline businesses that have taken the plunge and that have started to market online are benefiting in many different ways. Below are some of the main reasons why your offline business should not ignore digital marketing.

You Can Reach More Shoppers and Customers

Millions of people flock to social media websites, search engines, blogs, forums and other websites every day. This huge flow of internet traffic includes a large number of people who want to buy every type of product and service. If you have an online presence, you are more likely to attract more shoppers and customers who use the internet, than offline businesses that don't have a website, a social media page or any other online outlet.

However, you can't simply develop a website and hope for the best. Hiring online marketing professionals such as Digital Marketing, Inc will ensure that more people find out about your company and what you can offer them. These companies cater for offline businesses that want to attract more local shoppers and customers, but they are just as proficient at marketing your business to a global audience if you decide to sell worldwide.

A Wide Range of Options Are Available

When it comes to online marketing, there's no one size fits all solution. Every business imaginable has found a way to succeed online. Some businesses succeed through social media marketing, others benefit more through SEO, while others are willing to spend money on a wide range of paid advertising methods. The speed at which you achieve positive results varies, depending on the type of marketing channel you use and the amount of money you have available to spend on this aspect of your organization.

It's Easy to Analyze Your Marketing Results

Unlike many traditional marketing strategies, it's easy to track the progress of your marketing efforts. Every action taken online can be recorded and analyzed. This is an extremely powerful way to find out important commercial information such as your return on investment, where you are wasting marketing dollars and what areas of your marketing campaigns are successful. Armed with this information, you can produce much better marketing campaigns and use your marketing budget in a more effective way.

Your Shoppers and Customers Expect Your Business to Be Online

In many instances, it's no longer an option not to have any online marketing strategy. Today's consumers spend a large amount of their time on the internet and their smartphones. If they can't find your business online, there's a good chance they will deal with another company that is on the internet and your business could be left behind.

As an offline business owner, you have to consider marketing online. The benefits can be huge, you have many more options, and you have the potential to dramatically grow your customer base, leading to more sales and a more profitable offline business.

Improve the Image of your Brand or Company with Custom Corporate Wear

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The image of your brand or company in the marketplace is vital to how your consumer perceives your brand. With the right corporate wear, featuring stylish embroidered branding, you can convey a message of fashionable style and a positive corporate image. Branded Image Madison has everything you need to take your brand to the next level of market awareness.

Your reputation can rely on your choice in corporate wear and the embroidery of your brand’s logo or corporate identity. Here is everything you need to know about creating an amazing range of custom embroidered corporate wear that is fashionable, stylish and visually effective.

Custom Corporate Wear for Better Branding

Customized corporate wear can be used in any sector on a variety of different clothing to produce a uniform, stylish effect. Your employees and team members need to be identifiable to your potential clients. With corporate wear that has bold, impressive embroidery, your brand will attract the attention of your prospects and clients.

The Benefits of Fashionable Corporate Wear

Counting off the benefits of fashionable, embroidered corporate wear shows us how many industries can use corporate wear to increase their brand visibility and improve brand awareness in your target niche.

     Financial & legal firms

     Landscaping teams

     Corporate sports teams

     Golf day shirts

     Retail salespeople

     Installation teams

     Corporate sales teams

     Tech firms

     Small businesses

These are just a few examples of industries that can use corporate wear and custom embroidery to enhance their brand's image.

Effective Ideas for Corporate Wear that Works

There are so many ideas for effective corporate wear that is attractive and fashionable. Some of the most popular fashion items to splash your company's branding across are;

     Bags & totes.

     Laptop sleeves & iPad covers.

     Collared shirts

     Polo neck T-shirts

     Event t-shirts

     Jerseys & hoodies

     Scarves & beanies

     Jackets & hats

Any fashion item you can think of can be used in corporate fashion wear embroidery branding. If you have ideas for anything you want to be branded, speak to a custom corporate wear embroidery specialist.

Custom Embroidery Professionals that Deliver for you

The most important factor in selecting the right custom corporate wear and embroidery is working with professionals. Select a corporate wear embroidery company that has a solid track record of delivering quality products and design.

Custom embroidery professionals will create your logo design or any branding that you may need. They will work with you to finalize any design work and get your approval before anything is printed or embroidered.

Avoid fly-by-night designers and printers that deliver weak results and shabby products. With a custom corporate wear professional, you can expect what you pay for, delivered on time when you need it.

Professionals will be able to offer you special package deals and take care of the entire task from design to printing.

Your Company or Brand Deserves the Best

Your company deserves nothing but the best in corporate clothing. Choose the finest materials, with custom embroidery design to enhance your company or brand's visual profile with your clients and prospects.

5 Things You Can Learn From Helix House

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, May 15, 2017

Learning comes from all kind of places. You can learn from your competitors even. So if you are a digital marketing firm that wishes to grow and reach to a wider audience, we suggest that you learn from Helix House, which is a well known online marketing firm and seems to be doing it right.

Even if you aren’t handling a digital marketing firm, there is a lot you can learn from this company that can be used to push the envelope and grow your customer base.

So without much ado, let’s have a look at five things Helix House can teach you.

  1. How to Respond to Negative Comments

It doesn’t matter how well you’re doing as a business, you will always have a few ungrateful clients. While some of them have a reason to be unhappy, a huge number of clients just enjoy leaving negative comments or trolling you.

This has become a big issue for most online businesses, especially with negative comments spreading like wildlife through social media platforms. However, if there's one company that has learnt the art of handling such comments then it is Helix House.

The company always replies in the light of the facts, without losing its calm. This is something that has helped it win followers.  The key lies in not losing your marbles and replying positively to even the most negative comments.

  1. How to Market Specials

Helix House often have discounts and other special offers for its clients. While it is not the only company to be offering such discounts, one look at how it markets specials and you’ll realize what you’re doing wrong.

The company targets the bull’s eye and hits people who would be interested in what it is offering at low rates. It reaches its audience with the help of PPC, social media and email marketing as well, the latter is said to have the best ROI among all.

  1. Simple Is Good

You will find the company’s website very simple with an easy layout, which may not sound like a good idea on paper but seems to be doing well for the business. The truth is that people like simple things. They do not have the time to scroll through pages and find what they are looking for. They prefer a quick job, and Helix House seems to be providing them just that.

4. Always Available

The company is always available to answer questions others have. It does so not only with the help of a detailed FAQ question, but also by being quick in replying to emails. Additionally, it is also available over phone to cater to its client’s needs.

5. One-Stop Solution

The company promotes itself as a one-stop solution making it easy for customers to find it. This is what you should do as well, given that you actually do provide people with all the solutions that they require.

The 3 Most Important Things to Know Before Allowing Employees to Work from Home

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, May 12, 2017

A recent study has shown that currently almost 62% of employees around the world work from home at least sometimes, if not permanently. This is known as remote-working, and it’s an increasing trend in the job market. Many people dream of working from the comfort of their own homes whenever their jobs allow them to. And, truth be told, there are many job that are traditionally done in offices that could also be done from the comfort of our own homes.

On top of that, many high-paying jobs can be performed at home. Hop over to this website for an interesting list of them. This is why many employers have started seriously considering the implementation of work-from-home policies. If you own a business and have also been considering this, here are the most important three things you should know before doing so.

1. Collaboration

We all know that good collaboration between employees is crucial for the smooth running of any business. And the best way to boost collaboration is through face-to-face encounters, which almost always lead to successful brainstorming sessions and innovations. You might think that this is impossible if you let your employees work from home, but that’s not true. Thanks to the Internet, we now can use things like videoconferencing and live chat.

Using programs that allow this is the way to keep a steady collaboration between the members of your employee team. However, while these technologies are reliable and can produce amazing results, there’s nothing better than in-person interaction.

2. Productivity

The main advantage when implementing a work-from-home policy with your employees is that you will most certainly boost their productivity. Studies show that employees that work from the comfort of their own homes are way more productive than ones that are stuck in impersonal offices or cubicles, and they also take less sick days off. Because, let’s face it, even if you’ve got the flu, you can still work if you do it from your own comfy bed.

3. Engagement

Unfortunately, what most employees nowadays lack is alarming quantities is engagement with their own job. More and more people grow tired with their day in, day out office routines, and start dreading going to work each day. And thus, they become more and more disinterested in their jobs. But this is almost always resolved if you allow your employees to work from home.

Working from home is much more motivating, because of the sense of freedom you get. All in all, while there are certainly a few drawbacks with it, allowing remote-working in your company is a really good idea. Therefore, if your field of business allows for such a change, you should go for it. Your employees will thank you.

Looking for an SEO company? Here’s how to find one

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, May 11, 2017

If you are just dipping your toe into the world of search engine optimization, the process can be daunting – that’s for sure. But the truth is that if you do business online, you will benefit from boosting your search engine rankings, so finding the right way to optimize your site is important. Most business owners own there don’t really have the time or knowledge to handle their own SEO needs themselves, so they look for an SEO company in Toronto to help. Here’s the problem: there are so many companies out there that specialize in SEO, it can seem insurmountable to find the right one for you. Here are a few tips on helping you find the right SEO company for you.

Check their work

Before you hire an SEO company, check out how they do things. We’re not talking about their search-engine rankings. Unless they are a very established company, if they are using white-hat techniques it can take a very long time to get ranked very highly. What we mean is how they have done their own onsite SEO. How do you do this? For starters, do a Google search for their company name. They should be the first result that is returned in the SERPs. Then, check out their meta description (the few lines that appear under their site name in the search engine results page). Does the description make you want to click through to read more? Do their social media pages show up first, too? If the answer to these things is “yes,” you can be reasonably assured that they know what they are doing. If the answer is “no,” move on to another choice.

Check out their portfolio

On their website, a good SEO company will list case studies, recent clients, and customer reviews on their website. It’s a good idea to pay attention to this. If the company you are considering hiring doesn’t have this information proudly displayed, there might be a reason for it. Don’t take a list of clients at face value, either. Ask for URLs to sites the company actually worked on, and check that they are telling the truth. It’s not nice to think about, but not every company is honest about the work they do, and it’s easy to be duped into working with a less-than-reputable company if you don’t do your due diligence.

Talk dollars and cents

As with any service, SEO services come at a variety of price points. Most companies will have their packages listed on their website, but a reputable company won’t simply point you in the direction of their packages and pricing when you make an inquiry. A good company will ask you for information about your company, your goals, your existing web presence, and more before offering you a quote or making a recommendation for your SEO needs. Steer clear of any company who places firm limits on keywords. A reputable firm will often charge hourly, by a fixed monthly price, or by way of a one-time fee for specific job with a start and end date, such as performing an SEO overhaul of your website.