How to Make Money in Marketing

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, July 21, 2017

Marketing is an extremely popular industry to work in, particularly for young people or graduates. This is because it combines the creativity with data analysis and customer relations. No two days will be the same in marketing. You could find yourself working on a variety of projects, from social media management to sales pitches. However, most people are motivated by money when they are starting a new career and marketing is not known for being a highly paying industry in comparison to others. While a short term loan from loan pig could help you in an emergency it is better to be financially independent. Here’s how to make money in marketing.

Improve Your Performance                        

Showing up every day with a good attitude and a strong work ethic will help you to excel at your job. Make sure you are hitting targets and going out of your way to deliver excellent customer service whenever possible. If you are new to a job it is likely that you will make mistakes, use them as a learning curve! Make sure you take the time to learn about you role and gain an understanding of how the industry works.  It is also advisable to attend industry events to make connections and network with professionals. As with most industries, it’s not always what you know but who you know that will help you get ahead.

Gain Expertise

Learning new skills and gaining qualifications will help you to improve your career prospects. There are a number of areas of expertise to learn in marketing and plenty of online facilities available for you to learn new qualifications for free. This could really give you the edge over your competition, allowing you to access higher paying roles.

Start Your Own Company

Setting up an online marketing company has never been easier. There are a number of website platforms which provide you with a template for setting up a website, although it does look more professional if you learn some basic code and design your own website. You can offer your services to improve other companies’ websites, blogs and social media for a fee. So, as long as you keep working to build your portfolio you could use your marketing expertise to become your own boss and earn a steady income.

Have a Blog on the Side Lines

It is likely that, as a marketing professional, you have excellent communication skills and knowledge of SEO and PPC. You can use this knowledge to start your own blog and earn some additional money from it. Make the blog about something which interests you, but avoid making it too much of a personal diary- or you won’t find an audience beyond your friends and family! Regular updates and management could see you earning hundreds each month. When you have built your audience, it is also possible to go one step further and approach large brands for an affiliate marketing contract. This is beneficial because it allows you to receive additional income from something as simple as posting a product review.

5 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Making money online has become an increasingly popular for people needing cash quickly and easily. While payday loans by Wizzcash are reliable there are many companies out there looking to take advantage of people who are having financial difficulties. Here’s some ways to make money online.


The most obvious way to earn money online is to sell your unwanted belongings. Try to go through your possessions on a regular basis and decide what to sell. Look for items that are in good condition, such as shoes and clothing. If you are struggling to part with your belongings then a good rule to stick to is that anything you haven’t used in the past six month (that doesn’t hold sentimental value) is probably something that you don’t need. The site you choose to use is completely up to you but you want to pick one that is popular so your items will get a large number of views.

If you have a talent or hobby, like illustration or photography, consider selling your artwork online. If you market yourself well you could attract a large following and earn a considerable amount. There are many specialist online stores for selling artwork and handmade items, like Etsy which is particularly good for selling unique, handmade jewellery. Getting recognised can take time, so don’t expect instant results.

Freelance Writing

There are tonnes of websites looking for content online. If you have the ability to write well then you should research freelance opportunities in areas that interest you. This kind of work is ideal because it pays well and it isn’t a formal full time job contract or commitment so you can write articles alongside your regular job for extra income.

Social Media

Using social media for income is becoming more and more common now. Once a user has built a large following they can negotiate deals with popular brands to advertise their products on their profile for a fee. This is a mutually beneficial situation because the brands are growing their audience for their product, while you are earning money from something as simple as posting a picture and a review. Instagram and YouTube are currently the most popular channels for earning money via social media.

Answer Quizzes

This is one of the less interesting ways to make money online but it is possible to earn a considerable amount from websites which need survey questions answered by a large number of people. There are also some websites where users ask questions and you are paid to answer them. You’ll need to sign up and state your area of expertise and then you are ready to start earning online. Although there are many legitimate websites online you should take care to avoid being scammed.

Create A Blog

Blogging used to be a simple activity just for fun- a bit like an online diary in some ways. Now blogging is growing in popularity and it is becoming a way to earn money. Companies pay bloggers with large followings to promote and review their products in-depth. Successful bloggers are even able to blog as their fulltime job! The most important part of setting up a blog is to find a unique take on your area of interest. There are already hundreds of fashion, beauty and travel blogs online- what sets yours apart? It can take time to build up an audience but writing about your interests and publishing them online is a very easy way to make money.