Cryptocurrency Theft - 4 Ways to Secure Your Investment

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, February 15, 2018

As cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new introduction to the world, there are a few areas where security is put to the test for one reason or another.

Cyber-criminals are attempting to find the best ways to take advantage of this new technology and to get their hands on any Cryptocurrencies they can. For this reason alone you might be thinking is cryptocurrency safe? And what you can do to protect your investment.

So far there has been no Bitcoin hack, so the coins themselves and the Bitcoin alternatives are considered safe and secure.

The threats come in other areas where other parties are involved, or in the storage of your coins and investment. There are also Cryptocurrencies that are taking things a little further to enhance security by features built into the currencies or networks they run on.

1. Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams

There are over a 1,000 Cryptocurrencies on the market, and many come and go each month. A few of these are nothing more than an online bitcoin scam and a way to pilfer coins from unsuspecting investors.

One of the easiest way fraudsters are able to perform this is advertising a new coin and build up interest. They then offer an ICO (initial coin offering), and before anyone notices something has gone wrong, the fraudsters have pocketed the Cryptocurrencies, and the site and the coin have vanished. It is this reason a great deal of homework should be done to find a currency based on a solid background.

2. Secure Crypto Wallets

When you are investing or using Cryptocurrencies for use, you need to store your Cryptocurrencies in a secure wallet.

Although there are hot wallets which are ideal for usability cold wallets are the most secure. Hot wallets are a cryptocurrency wallet that can be hacked.

When choosing cold storage crypto wallets, there are two types. A paper wallet is one of the simplest cold storage wallets where your keys are printed. Many copies should be kept as the paper is not the safest medium.

From here you can have a hardware wallet which is much the same as a USB drive. This is secure and can support many varying types of cryptocurrency. A prime example of the best is the Trezor hardware wallet. This comes with 2-factor authentication, and password manager should the device be damaged, lost or stolen.

3. Cryptocurrency Exchange Theft

There are some cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe, though many of these are not the ideal places to leave your coins. When looking at which cryptocurrency to invest in the exchange you use should be considered.

Although lesser known exchanges can be risky, some significant exchanges can also be a weak point in securing your crypto investment. Mt. Gox was up until recently the most well-known exchange to be hacked.

Over $450 million worth of Bitcoin was stolen from their Hot Wallet over a period. This shows how crucial it is to check on the exchange and to never leave your coins there for any length of time.

4. How Crypto Coins Help Secure Your Investment

As you can see a lot of the security weaknesses are down to other parties intervention, there are many Cryptocurrencies themselves that aim to make their own security tighter to help protect your investment.


With the peer-to-peer network and the 4,500 plus nodes, Dash uses around the globe Dash utilizes 200 TerraHash of X11 ASIC of processing power to confirm transactions.

The miners are rewarded for securing the network while validating, storing and distributing the Blockchain to users.

The master-node of servers form Quorums to enhance privacy and governance while eliminating threats of low-cost network attacks.


This coin enforces security by not re-using addresses. Ring signatures allow private transactions as any user on the ring can be a sender or receiver of a transaction.

Monero also uses CryptoNight as their proof-of-work algorithm which was designed to reduce the gap in performance between GPU and CPU mining. The block-time is also reduced compared to BTC and is 2 minutes rather than 10.

A crypto wallet for this Crypto also uses mnemonic seeds. Here you are given a list of 25 words which are the only ones that can be used to restore a wallet.


This coin uses what they call the TANGLE which is a blockless distributed ledger. When the IOTA network has more users, and the number of transactions is increased the more efficient and secure the Tangle becomes.


The wonder of the pack is Skycoin as it totally decouples any of its coins from the mining process.

As a way of doing this, they use their new Obelisk algorithm that rids the need for POW and POS in transactions. A web of trust is created, and decisions are decided upon through network consensus.

The network it runs on is Skywire and is built with nodes, so there is no one point of failure. Data is broken into chunks where only the application and the P2P network knows where it is.

With a secure network and a coin that fixes the flaws with the Blockchain and Bitcoin, you will be safe in the knowledge your investment is safe.
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Finance Hacks for Marketers

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

So you’re among the nearly 54 million freelancers in the U.S. and have proven you’re really good at making a living by offering your services.

Businesses realize the value of outsourcing certain jobs, such as online marketing, because they can get an affordable hourly rate for a high-caliber freelancer. Since you aren’t on their company bank roll per se, it’s up to you to figure out how you get paid and keep track of your accounting records.

The world of freelance marketing is full of potential pitfalls.Here are some tips for freelance marketers to maximize cash flow, increase profits, and make invoicing more effective and beneficial for them.

Get Automated

If you want to look legit for your client and get paid, you need a professionally prepared invoice. There’s an abundance of software on the market for those looking to create their own. Using an online invoice generator will streamline information on each invoice and the client will know exactly what they are paying for.

The client is less likely to delay payment if there’s no mystery surrounding your services. Clients don’t like to be surprised. You can set up recurring billing with your regular clients using an email productivity tool like Boomerang that will send scheduled invoice reminders.

If you’ve developed a positive working relationship from the beginning, clients will trust you and could potentially bring more business your way through referrals.

Give Clients Incentive to Pay on Time

Chasing down payments is not fun for a freelancer. Why not give your clients an incentive to pay on time? If your profit margins can handle it, you could offer a 1 or 2 percent discount if they pay within 10 days. Obviously this doesn’t work for everyone, but it may save you the hassle and headache of tracking down your money and prevent lost revenue over time.

You’ll also need a standardized client agreement that builds in late fees. “One of the easiest things you can do to deter late payments is to think like a video rental store and start charging late fees,” according to the Freelancers Union.

A typical fee is 1.5 percent interest per month after the payment due date. For the client, it’s a no brainer to pay on time. Or you can spend time hounding them, which isn’t what freelancers want to do.

Accept Various Forms of Payment

You don’t want to hear “the check’s in the mail,” from a client. It’s as tiresome as the old adage, “the dog ate my homework.” While cash, checks and credit cards are always great, they aren’t the only ways to pay bills.

Consider other methods of payment including Google Wallet, Apple Pay, PayPal and other competitors. The digital transaction field is huge. If you choose a digital payment option, consider what your needs are and pick a service accordingly.

You’ll need to consider the costs associated with maintaining each system. You want to make payment easy and safe for the client and yourself. Ask other people in your industry what types of payment they accept and why.

A pro tip: Dig into the big data analytics of other marketing companies because you might be able to cut out errors in invoice processing and automating, for example. Whatever other savings you might discover could outweigh the cost of the data software. Tapping into larger sources of customer data could help your own marketing business to make smart decisions.

Even if you are a marketing pro, it’s a tough gig if you aren’t organized and prepared to do the collecting. It’s important to know how to handle the money flowing into your bank account. The beauty is freelancers can earn a lot of money, avoid working a 9-to-5 job, and work from home.

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How to do Accounting Transactions for Small Business

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, December 20, 2017

If you own a small business, most probably you have tried to manage your accounts so you are able to know when you make losses and profits. It is a good idea to keep accounting records as it helps you to understand how your expenses and revenues are flowing, and from this information you may understand what to do to boost the performance of your business. However, not many people know how to go about accounting and most of them resort to speculation when making decisions.

Use these guidelines for accounting to enhance the performance of your small business.

You need a bookkeeping system

Simply defined, bookkeeping is the record keeping process you perform each day in your business. These could be expenses, revenues, or even transactions. As a small business, you should choose which bookkeeping method to use. You may go with the DIY option of installing Quickbooks or you can outsource the work to a part-time bookkeeper. Lastly, you could decide to hire an in-house team, but most startups will not be in a position to afford this.

To record your transactions, you need invoices and documents that can show what transaction has been committed. If you are wondering how you can design an invoice, you can search for invoice templates online that will guide you through the process of designing your invoices.

Cash method bookkeeping

In the cash method bookkeeping, you take revenues and expenses and record them as they are paid or received.

Accrual method of bookkeeping

The accrual method requires that you record revenues and expenses after the transaction has happened, and this also calls for the tracking of payables and receivables.

Setting up a payroll system

If you have employees or people who are helping you, it is important to have a payroll system where you can submit payments to your employees. If you are based online, you should have a system to distinguish between freelance accounting experts and workers from your in-house team. The system should log details to show the expenses you have incurred in paying salaries to your employees. You may also set up the payroll schedule so the money is deducted after every specified period of time.

Establish tax procedures

Taxation is a legal requisite for any business, and to ensure you don’t get on the way of the law, it is necessary to have tax procedures that help you to know how much you need to pay in taxes after each sale. This will help you submit your taxes in time and you could avoid penalties that come with declaring wrong figures. People may choose to boycott your business once they discover you have not been adhering to tax requirements, so consider this as important.

Setting up an accounting system for your small business is not a complex process. All you need is to ensure you understand all the requisites that should be availed to allow you to account for every transaction. The ideas given above are a good way to start, so consider them for your small business.

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Ideas for Personal Debt Settlement Without Professional Assistance

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Financial difficulties are a part of our life. Some people are strong enough to manage period experiences and pay their bills on time, but others may not have good fortune. These people may become the victim of disparaging credit report, judgments and collection proceedings. If you belong to this helpless group, you may need some debt to mitigate financial problems.After borrowing money, it is essential to pay it on time. Some people find it difficult to repay their debt because if exhausting circumstances, such as business failure, loss of employment, foreclosure and health impairment. you should try to settle your loans as soon as possible. you can consult a debt settlement professional to learn how to get rid of extra loans.

In the absence of professional assistance, you can take the following steps to make your debt settlement easy:

One-time Payment of Debt

If you are in need of a least-strenuous method to pay debts, you can try onetime payment. Make sure to settle a fixed money for repayment of the loan instead of tied down to a never-ending cycle of monthly payments. If you don’t have substantial assets, such as a boat, expensive car or home, the creditors will take this settlement seriously. Creditors may try to pressurize you for higher payment, but you have to be careful. They can’t harass you to make payments.

If they try to take you to court, it can be expensive for them because they have to pay money without any guarantee. This expensive procedure discourages your creditors to take a legal action that may take you to judgment. You can take advantage of this situation and offer one-time payment settlement to your creditors in a hardship letter. Make sure to attach your financial statement showing your liabilities, assets, and income. After evaluating your income statement, they may reconsider to sue you. They may often a way to settle your loans for pennies on dollars.

Settlement Next to Judgments

You have to follow the similar steps explained in the judgment section. In this situation, you can direct your proposal to settle the attorney of the creditor that may get a verdict against you. Judgments can be deleted from the bureaus in 5 – 7 years, in case of nonpayment, they may remain registered with the main office of the high court. This can be a hurdle for you to obtain a mortgage for major purchases. To avoid this problem, you should act on right time and offer a one-time settlement to your creditors before they think about taking you to court and get a judgment.


 Though it is an easy way, you should avoid it unless a 3rd party forces you. the conclusion of bankruptcy is eliminated from the files of the credit bureau after 6 to 7 years. It may leave an indelible mark to haunt you for your whole life. Try to avoid this situation as much as possible. Try to limit yourself to a line of bank credit. and 2 credit cards at favorable rates.      

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