Alternative Ways to Market Your Business

Barbara Spagnola - Saturday, April 21, 2018

Part of making your business a success is an effective marketing campaign. Advertising your company can bring in more sales and more followers on your social media pages. However, these avenues are popular with all companies, so how can you stand out from the crowd? There are a few alternative ways that you can market your company, here are a few to help you get started.

Create Local Awareness

Sometimes those customers closest to your company don’t always know you are there. By gaining local coverage, you can tap into a group that can prove good customers. Start by advertising in the local newspapers and magazines or do something that they want to cover as a story. It might be that you host a charity event and invite the local press to cover it. Look for local magazines that have an interest in your market and send them an email. They may be happy to write about your business and its influence on the local community.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your customers. However, not many companies now conduct an email marketing campaign. You want to avoid looking spammy, so you shouldn’t overdo the emails. Perhaps once a month is the best ratio with a mixture of your new products along with offers and competitions. Your competitions need to be enticing so list the prizes you are offering. Activities such an escape room or a bungee jump experience are popular and will encourage entries.

Let Your Customers Tell Your Story

Do you have some loyal and passionate customers? Why not ask them if they will help you by telling their story? They can take part in an advertising campaign or tell a writer who will write a piece for the local magazine. Your customers are your biggest and best marketing tool, their word of mouth is powerful.

Local Sponsorship

A good way to get your brand in front of people is to sponsor a local event or sports team. Football clubs are the most popular, but any sports team will have the same effect. Another way to sponsor is a local fair or summer event. The local city government will often be looking for local businesses to help with the cost of the event, and in return, they will show the company’s name and branding.


If you have the budget to do it, posting ads on billboards can be a good way to attract attention to your brand. Where the billboard is located is an important factor as you want somewhere that will get a lot of people passing by. Your ad needs to be bold and eye-catching and have everything the person reading it needs to contact you.

Thinking of new ways to market your company can be tough, in fact, there aren’t many ideas that haven’t been tried before. However, if you can give it your own unique twist, there is no reason why it cannot be successful.

The Value of Outsourcing for Small Businesses

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, April 09, 2018

One of the best things about freelancing or running your own business is the autonomy you have. With both types of work, you can at times manage your time for you, without necessarily answering to another person or company. This freedom is something entrepreneurs crave, and it can be both scary and exhilarating. The flip side of being in complete control is that you are responsible for everything, and that means making the right decisions that will help your business to grow. Success is not something that is easily achieved in isolation though and knowing what and when to outsource is a key skill for the self-employed.

Recognizing your skill set

It’s essential to be able to identify your key skills and how your time is best spent at work. Very few people can excel in every aspect of their business, and even if you could, it would put undue strain on your time. The primary contributions you make to the business are likely to be your expertise in, and passion for, your niche, and the vision to drive the business forward. If you are also an accountant, you may wish to use your skills to take care of the books, or maybe you are an excellent salesperson, and you want to play a role in generating sales for the business. Whatever your skills may be, prioritize the ones that will make a difference. It’s no good concentrating on the accounts, if you’re not spending enough time on marketing, for example. It makes more sense to employ someone to do the accounts while you concentrate on the skills you have that are not so readily substituted. Approaching tasks with an understanding of how much time needs to be given to them is essential.

Outsourcing the right tasks

Having a website is one of the most important elements of modern business. Maintaining an effective presence online will be one of the main strategies in your marketing plan, and if you don’t get your online presence right, it could have serious consequences for your enterprise. There is so much competition for consumer attention online that your site needs to stand out from the crowd and have a robust SEO strategy to ensure it features as high up the search engine rankings as possible. This is a good example of how you can save yourself a lot of time and stress by building websites with professionals. Admin is another task that takes up your time but doesn’t require your expertise, so employing a suitably skilled person to help in the office or using a virtual assistant are sensible potential solutions.

Managing your outsourcing

Engaging the right people for the job in the first place is vital to ensure the smooth running of any outsourced operations. Make sure you speak to several different companies or interview a selection of candidates before deciding which one to employ. Once they have taken over, don’t take your eye off the ball; monitor the performance of your outsourced tasks and make sure you are satisfied with how well the work is being done.

The best thing you can do for your business is to use your time doing the work no-one else is as qualified to do, so that you can optimize performance and profitability. The time you gain to concentrate on your primary role, plus the increased productivity of your business, will more than makeup for the expense of outsourcing.

6 lucrative reasons businesses are turning to Google Apps for Business

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, March 23, 2018

Google Apps for Business is gradually climbing through the ranks of collaborative tools for employees. Research firm Frost & Sullivan say that the number of businesses migrating to G Suite has shot up ever since their workforce demanded a more cohesive and integrated approach for completing tasks to yield better results. Moreover, familiarity and understanding about cloud as a technology and as a platform have also been equally responsible for this migration towards G Suite. On probing further, we came across six factors that hold key for decision makers to migrate to this cloud based platform, Gsuite. Let us dive in to know more-                                                                                                           
Collaboration enabled

Across industries and organizations, large as well as small, hierarchical structures have been a major reason for collaborative hindrance. This hindrance has resulted into lack of transparency and clarity over monitoring and tracking tasks. Not that there weren’t tools or solutions that would take care of this gap. But with more and more tasks needing constant vigilance, a fear of critical missions getting seeped through the crevices of corporate structures always loomed. However, many organizations irrespective of their size are turning towards Google Apps for Business is because it has allowed employees in the organization to interact easily with their colleagues and employees at ease. Tools like Google sheets, calendar, email and many others have not only allowed employees to have clarity over projects but also helped them to build stronger teams.

Easy to communicate

Gmail has been a preferred choice for many when it came to informal emailing since it was very easy to use. The great part is that it hasn’t changed for business. So, if you have ever been using Gmail, you will take instant liking to the email feature in G Suite. Its email function is pretty much the same as that of Gmail. Since users were more familiar with Gmail’s web interface, the time taken to adapt or learn about email features of Google Apps for Business is negligible. Since all the important functions are on the dashboard, controlling and functioning Gmail is very simple.

 Large storage capabilities

Google Apps for Business has enabled users with 30GB storage space for work related files to be stored on cloud. These files can be fetched or sent without the need for multiple permissions.

Moreover, there is no restriction in terms of the type of file that is stored. Since businesses use videos and word documents most frequently, G Suite’s cloud storage allows users to store large volume of data. Moreover, this storage can be scaled as per use. So, even if organizations run short of space, they can easily upgrade their plans at low costs.

Branding and promoting themselves

G Suite has allowed organizations to brand themselves with their Gmail identities. You can have your own email addresses with @yourdomainname email id and also brand the interface of your email with your company’s logo. One of the key reasons enterprises and organizations have resorted to this is that allows them to create a great first impression. Also it fosters trust among employees and clients that they are dealing with professionals who have a distinct identity. Safe to use

G Suite has provided comprehensive security plans for their clients. Its two-step authentication factor verifies if the right user is accessing email or files on the organization’s storage drive. If any other individual tries to access these files, the owner of these files will be alerted about the same to take the necessary action. If the owner himself / herself is trying to access important work documents, through another device, then the owner will be asked about his / her credentials and will be provided a one-time-password on their mobile phone to fulfill Google’s validation process. On entering the right digits of the password the user will be able to avail the docs, files or emails. To safeguard its users, Google Apps for Business has also installed security tools which prevent hackers from attacking these emails and important files.

Builds profitable partnerships

Business are always looking to acquire more leads by having finer tracking methodologies implemented for their sales funnel. But a lot of work goes into refining this process. To avoid this stringent process, many businesses today have deployed Google Apps for Business for their emailing, integrating it with customer relationship tools. By merging it with a CRM system called ProsperWorks business are able to optimize their sales and email-marketing funnel very easily. Large enterprises that use sophisticated CRM tools such as Salesforce have integrated the tool with G Suite with the help of Cirrus Insight. This has allowed organizations to build a great business relationship with clients and build brand equity.

To put it in a nutshell, Google has always exhibited simplicity as its core value right from their designs to interfaces. With Google Apps for Business, organizations are leveraging this simplicity to push their endeavour for everyday profitability. Here is hoping that businesses grow with more collaborative measures and initiatives with the help of G Suite.

How to find Motivation for Learning

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, February 19, 2018

Sometimes it is complicated to pull yourself together and start doing something. There may not be enough motivation or the lack of time because of the massive workload. There is also the possibility of a mismatch of priorities, which can affect the desire to learn. As you see, a lot of factors can in every way impede your learning, and this is not a very good prospect. Education is a huge part of our lives, and it can not be ignored. Thus, it is necessary to approach this question responsibly and find ways to motivate oneself, especially if you have some troubles and want to buy college papers online.

Begin by deciding for yourself what goals you want to achieve. What are you aiming for and what you need for this. When you choose a specific task, it becomes easier to make it. Through thorns to the stars, you can get to any goal, if this is important for you. What can be your goals? You would like to have a high-paying job in the future, hold a high position and have a stable status. Or you want to be like someone else or wipe someone's nose. For all this, step by step it is necessary to move forward and not to stop.

Once you have set a clear goal, build a plan for how you are going to achieve it. Make yourself a schedule that can help you with time management and rationally distribute effort and time. Analyze what resources you need for this and consolidate them.

Try not to force yourself to do something, but to become interested. This way, you do not have to force yourself to step over yourself and grind your teeth to accept the task. You can set for yourself some reward for the completed mission. It can be anything you like, from something expensive to the usual tasty muffin.

Provide yourself with comfortable conditions for classes. This does not mean that you can lie on the couch under the blanket and lazily leaf through the book. Make yourself a workplace so that you are happy to sit and study there. Follow the order on your desktop, use beautiful things, for instance, light notebooks or colored pens, you can also add a flower or just some beautiful stuff there. In such an atmosphere, you will enjoy the learning process and combine the pleasant with the necessary.

Do not get distracted by extraneous things during the moments of your studies. Distant from gadgets if they do not participate in the process. Stop distracting for a while on social networks and turn off the computer. You may immediately feel that 100 % of your attention is directed to useful activities. This way you may significantly speed up the process and make it more efficient.

Do not torture yourself to death, but do not relax. You will need to make some efforts to start doing. In the beginning, it will be difficult for you, but when you get used to this rhythm, it will not be difficult for you to devote some time to studying.

Let's give an example of motivation. For instance, it's challenging to write an essay for me, and I do not want to do it. I try to avoid the task and look for some excuses. I must understand why I need this essay. To get a high score and not have problems with the teacher. The goal is set, now we need to discuss the resources. I must study the literature and sources I need. Choose a topic for the essay, which is unusual to you then the process of the camp is much more comfortable. Then I will choose for myself a cozy, secluded place where I can put my work on and not be distracted by external stimuli. Thus, it will not be tough for me to write this essay or do any other work.

You should understand that success will not fall on your head from the sky. Success is hard work, and if you choose a little to suffer from studying, the eternal torment of ignorance will not come to you. Today's day will never happen again, and you will not be able to regard it as a resource for yourself. Act here and now. Your future depends on whether you oversleep everything or whether you will work.

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Everything that you should know about buying an Online business

Barbara Spagnola - Saturday, February 17, 2018

Everything that you should know about buying an Online business

Ecommerce businesses represent the future and most entrepreneurs are aware of this fact. This is the reason why many businesses are moving online. If you are looking for new opportunities, you might be tempted to own an ecommerce business.

While it might be a bit difficult to get started, you can always choose to buy a business that is already existing. The process is not at all complicated, but there are some risks, so you need to be as careful as possible. Here is a short guide that should help you find out what you need to know before buying an online business.

Think about the demand when you choose your niche

Finding the ideal niche can be considered the most important step. That is because your niche can determine the success of your business. For example, if you pick a popular niche and decide to sell products that are popular at the moment, you might discover that the sales will go down over time.

When you choose a nice you should think about the demand and make sure that the product that you want to sell is desired on the market. You should also make sure that you are able to deal with competition. Your products should be unique enough so other competitors won’t be able to replicate them easily.

Make sure that don’t try to compete with the big guys. To avoid this, specialized products are recommended so that you can choose a specific target audience for it. A small niche means that what you have to offer is different and other competitors won’t have the exact products you are offering.

Ask for the financials

When you decide to buy an ecommerce business, you must analyze it very carefully. The financial aspect is vital and it will tell you whether the website is worth buying or not. You need to look at least one year of records and take into account everything, especially profits and costs.

Alternatively, if you buy from an online marketplace such as Exchange by Shopify, you won’t need to worry about accurate financials. To avoid any chance of fraud, you will receive verified financial statements directly from the platform, so you will know for sure that they are legit.

Functionality and aspect

The design of a website is very important, because it dictates how customers will be able to access the site. First of all, take a look at the design and make sure that it is attractive enough. The information should be easy to read and the website should have a sleek look that matches the products that you are selling.

Then, you must analyze just how functional the website is. Even if it looks good, you must make sure that it also works properly. Try to access the website from different devices and see if it still looks good on a mobile phone or a tablet.

Then, check if the checkout process works the way it should. It is important that all the features are functional so that your future customers won’t have any problems when they want to buy something.

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Winning at the Freelancing Lifestyle

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, February 14, 2018

There is no doubt about it – choosing to be a freelancer can be a lifestyle choice that makes it hard to consider going back to the nine-to-five grind again. It can be freeing to be your own boss and set up your own working schedule; you get to decide when to start work and when you can goof off.

Then again, it can be extremely scary. It’s one thing to be able to play hooky from work knowing that there is work that can be put off until later. It’s quite another to have no work coming in at all. It takes a special kind of person to adjust to the freelancing lifestyle, especially after having a “normal” job and regular paycheck.

You will need to make adjustments and get smart at billing so that getting paid runs smoothly and you don’t have to rely on betting apps  or lottery tickets for making money.

But, once you have established a name for yourself and gotten the payment methods down, you are on your way to living a carefree freelance lifestyle. The irony strikes when you realize that you  need to have some kind of fixed schedule.

In fact, you will probably work harder than you would ever have had to as a regular employee. As a freelancer you are your own chief cook and bottlewasher – there is no one else to delegate the work to.

And slacking off takes on a whole new meaning when it means not being able to pay the mortgage or the electricity bill. On the upside though, you are working for yourself, not some faceless corporation or some boss that you barely get on with.

It’ll be hard at times and sometimes you will think about quitting but, at the end of the day, it really can be the best kind of working environment, if you are up for daily challenges you set up for yourself.

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Durham College

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, January 25, 2018

About the University

Celebrating more than 50 years as one of the most outstanding learning institutions in Canada, Durham College is committed to the success of every student at every level. Founded in 1967, the university was built on and remains guided by the strongest ideals and promises. Surpassing the 50,000 alumni milestone back in 2010, Durham College had already established its name as a center that stops at nothing to further the potential of its students.

Courses and Programs

Along with an extensive range of degree programs, distance learning opportunities and online courses, Durham College also specializes in fast-track education opportunities. A great way of studying for and earning a degree in a considerably shorter period of time than what would typically be required. The full list of courses available covers culiary hospitality, tourism, horticulture, business, information technology, media, art design, general arts, science, skilled trades, justice, emergency services, health and engineering technology. Hundreds of quality courses with a firm focus on hands-on experience for enhanced employment potential.

For those unable to commit to traditional full-time education, Durham College also offers an extensive range of 100% online courses with no class-time required. Several hundred courses covering common and niche disciplines alike, available for home study throughout the year. Also a highly affordable alternative to standard full-time on-campus education.

Fast Facts and Info

Boasting an impressive student population of more than 30,000, Durham College remains one of the most popular universities in the region by far. What’s more, Durham earned an exceptional 92.4% course quality satisfaction rate from its students, along with 95.7% staff helpfulness.

Of those who graduate from Durham College, more than 84% go on to secure employment. The total graduate rate at Durham College comes out at an impressive 68%, while 94% of employers taking on graduates from the college expressed their satisfaction with the new recruits. Every instructor and tutor across the university works hard to provide students with the kind of practical experience that speaks out to employers, making it easier to step out of education and into a life-long career.

Contact Information

The full list of courses and study opportunities at Durham College is far too long to begin listing. For a better idea of the scope of what’s on offer, check out the complete listings over at where you can also learn more about student life. Or if you’d prefer to speak to a member of staff in person, the university can be contacted or visited at the following address:

2000 Simcoe St. N.
Oshawa, ON, Canada
L1H 7K4
T: 905.721.200

eCampus Ontario

Looking for the fastest, easiest and most rewarding way to browse the best courses and colleges Canada has to offer? You’ll have this and more over at eCampus Ontario. Created specifically to streamline the search and application processes for students at all levels, eCampus Ontario brings together the country’s best learning institutions and courses – all under one roof! For more information or to get started, head over to today.

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4 Tips To Get Your Online Business Going

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, October 20, 2017

With the vast growth of technology and internet space, chances for small businesses have grown rapidly. Today almost everyone can start an online business, but only a small portion of them end up being successful. It’s not enough just to open your domain and think of the name for your firm, you need to know this world of technology and understand the way it functions. The online area has become so vast that there are many roads a beginner can take. But first, you need to understand the basics and guidelines that will get you on the right track.

1. Human voice behind the machine

Leading a business online doesn’t mean you don’t have to be present all the time. The computer won’t do your work for you. It is an inevitable truth that people today are addicted to their computers and customers prefer finding products or services from their comfortable chairs, but they still need the notion that there is a human voice behind the machine. That is why you need to have a great customer service and the open communication with the users all the time. And never forget that every single user hates to wait. If they don’t receive an email on their screen in a response time they think is right, they will get the feeling that they’re trying to communicate just with the piece of equipment and move on.

2. The Echo

One of the most important things is to engage your users by turning them into active participants and letting them hear the echo of their own voice.  That way you’ll definitely earn their loyalty which will inevitably increase your sales. The simplest way to achieve this is to include comment sections wherever possible, but there are also many benefits in starting a blog section. If your business is a larger one and you offer a wide range of products or services, you might want to consider adding a discussion board that allows your visitors to create their own topics. This can be very useful because these boards are places where people exchange opinions and it can serve at the same time as a free commercial.

3. Part of the family

You should always make your customers feel like family members, to make them feel they belong in your company. The best way to do that is to make yourself present on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. People spend more time on Facebook communication that in conversations face to face. We live in the times when Facebook family member means even more than a real family member. But it’s not enough just to set up your page and chose an attractive cover photo. You need to keep all your social media accounts up to date and in order to do that you’ll probably need to open more workplace whose solemn purpose will be to take care of your company’s ‛social’ life.

4. The Foundation

It’s sufficient to say that every online business needs a strong foundation in the form of a professional website. But not many people know what the website needs in order to be professional. Most of the beginners make the same mistake and want to over-design their websites. But the key is actually in simplicity and precision. Functionality must always come before the aesthetics. Animations, videos, popping sounds and high graphics might attract your visitors in the first instant, but they’re not here to have fun but to find the products or services they’re looking for. Every experienced website developer knows that the main characteristic of a good website is a good organization. The trick is to make a simple website that is engaging at the same time. Making the text straight to the point, readable at first glance, knowing where and when to put a video or animation - this is the kind of art that professionals learn their whole life in order to turn your websites into an interactive playground for your customers.

From people to people - the conclusion

Even though almost everything has been moved to the realm of technology and the machines, business will always remain an interaction between people. Technology provides you with faster and more precise tools, bigger market, more connections, but they can’t make your deals and sign your contracts. In order to earn your customer’s trust, your company needs to have an identity. A human behind the machinery, with its own voice, who is ready to listen. A part of the family who’ll take care of all their needs.



Online Marketing Strategies to Generate Patient Leads for Your Practice

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, October 20, 2017

Healthcare setups and medical practices need effective marketing strategies to accomplish their predetermined long-term and short term goals. In addition to getting an edge over competitors, increasing cash flow, advertising products and services or enhancing their reputations, medical practices also seek to generate patient leads as part of their objectives.

Generally, patients make use of the internet to search for the best medical practice closest to them. Effective online marketing strategies can therefore be employed to generate patient leads for your practice. Here are some top online market strategies you can make use of.

Make Your Website Stand Out

The first impression a prospective patients gets of your practice is more often than not communicated by your web site. Websites for health providers, just like any other business, are built to serve the same purpose. If you are trying to get chosen by possible patients as their go-to practice, you need to inspire trust and the best way to achieve that is through a great website. Your website must look modern and be updated. If it looks like something that was built a long time ago, you run the risk of portraying an equally antiquated knowledge of science and medicine.

Another important factor your website should embrace is transparency in order to provide patients and referring providers alike with the idea that they are in charge of their own care. The website should be clear and concise, offering easy access to pricing options, patient testimonials and procedures.

Learn the Art of Social Media Marketing

Social media is undoubtedly a highly effective marketing tool and it has been used severally by different businesses to increase awareness and grow their customer base. This method of marketing will continue to be relevant in how medical practices generate patient leads and market their businesses. However, it has to be used appropriately to maximize benefits. An active presence on the right social media platform is a great way to break away from the completion, stay unique and build a following for your brand. Your social network must be carefully selected, and time and resources dedicated to market your practice the right way, which will very likely drive in new patients.

Careful thought should also go into selecting the content you share on social media. The best content will include facts and recommendations that are informative and relevant to your patients.

Engaging and retaining old patients while attracting new patients is a combination of choosing the right social media platform for your business and top notch content. Sometimes, you might be too busy to take the time to plan effective social media marketing strategies for your medical practice. Orthosynetics provides a full service orthodontics marketing team that focus on providing social media management strategies that drive new patients.

Use Video Marketing

In order to generate patient leads, spend time on high quality online video marketing. Videos work better in growing trust and showing credibility because people can see a person in real life and relate to what they are saying. As previously mentioned, offer testimonials from your customers on your website, and make sure a large number of them are in video form. To make the videos as effective and as authentic as possible, ensure your patients are genuinely interested in speaking on your behalf, as an engaging and passionate testimonial is more relatable and believable. In addition to testimonials, provide high quality educative videos that offerC:\Users\Onah\Desktop\ariadna-oltra-883879_960_720.jpg
information about the services you offer in your practice.

YouTube comes highly recommended as an effective hub for video marketing. After uploading your videos to YouTube embed them throughout your website. Because YouTube is owned by Google, prospective patients can easily discover your video contents from search results.

Content on Your Website Should Educate


You get major SEO benefits from creating educational content for your audience, because search engines would drive long-term traffic to your website overtime. In addition, the quality articles, blog posts, eBooks and white papers which you produce and distribute on your website will build trust between your patients and your practice with time.

As a guide, your content should be providing answers to questions that patients need about your field. For instance, a person looking to go to the dentist might type questions like “how much does teeth whitening cost?” or “what’s the best toothpaste for whiten my teeth?” into a search engine. By providing answers to such questions on your website, you position yourself as an expert on the topic.

Healthcare practice websites have to provide content that is completely true, addresses expectations clearly, and accommodates the differences in laws for different regions. Also, remember to keep content anonymous where patients are mentioned and to get the approval off good counsel ahead of time.

Use Google to Get Noticed

By using Google, you can attract local patients to your practice. There are lots of potential patients search Google to discover medical practices in their area. Therefore, you should ensure that when people search for the available medical practices in your area, your website is one of the first they see on the search engine result pages.

One sure way to do so is to encourage your patients to review your practice on your Google Places listing after their appointment. If you consistently get positive reviews, your practice will start to show in Google’s local search results, resulting in more patients for you.

Also, take advantage of Google My Business which is ideal if your medical practice is a brick-and-mortar one. Create and claim a business page and ensure your information is correct and consistent. Review sites such as ZocDoc, Vitals, Healthgrades and RateMDs will also help you generate patient leads and give you an edge over the competition.

These are some of the most efficient online media marketing strategies to help your medical practice grow its patient base. In addition to those discussed, sending email reminders to patients is also effective, especially when you include a personalised touch.

Online marketing strategies have worked for many and there’s no reason why yours should be an exception. The earlier you start incorporating these strategies, the earlier you can grow your patient base.

Driving Engagement With Real Stories About Real People

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, October 19, 2017

“The Rocketeer” (1991) gave us the quote “Acting is acting like you're not acting.” If that’s true, then marketing is marketing like you’re not marketing. At least, that applies to blogs and social media. While superhero stories are great, the real heroes are the people who take your company’s goods and services and use them to transform their lives.

These people are some of the best marketing partners you could ever have; they are real-life success stories, and your business is a part of that tale. Leaving the sales lingo behind and inspiring readers is one key to creating an enchanting business blog that leaves customers wanting more.

Beyond the Testimonial

Testimonials are often bland affairs with little useful information for readers. Superlatives and empty praise sounds great on paper, but savvy readers tend to skim over these unless they contain real details and interesting stories. To make the most out of testimonials, take the reins and tell the story of your client. A few key quotes about the experience from the customer are much more valuable when placed in context alongside the trials faced and challenges overcome with a bit of help from your company’s goods and services.

Student-loan startup Earnest regularly features full-length articles on the stories of entrepreneurs and business leaders who overcame debt to rise to success. While rarely tearjerkers, these stories contain all the important elements to engage readers and show them how the company’s offerings can help without using any marketing language. This type of story, focusing on people rather than products, resonates with readers and has the ability to reach viral status as people share the information with hopes of creating their own tales of success.

Showcasing Success

Customers love a success story, whether it comes from companies they’re already engaged with or those that they’re currently considering. Reading about the successes of others reinforces the belief that an organization is a good choice and can inspire investment or business opportunities. Intuit, the global leader behind Quickbooks, advises that finding your customers’ power stories and showcasing how your company changed their lives lies at the heart of this process.


The elements of such power stories include:

     A description of the subject’s situation before the company’s offering was introduced.

     How the subject of the story came to be a customer of the business.

     A direct quote from the customer about the experience of working with the company.

     How the customer attained success with the assistance of the product or service.

     A second quote that serves as an endorsement of the product and inspires others.


Additional quotes and details are always useful, but these elements provide the basic building blocks of a great customer-driven story for your blog or social-media outlet. Remember to include photos of the customers as well as their businesses to further enhance the integrity of the piece and build reader confidence.

Creating Shareable Experiences

Getting these stories may seem daunting for new companies or those that have few direct customer contacts. Organizations just starting out should begin the outreach to customers or potential clients as soon as possible, letting them know that the company is interested in their stories as well as the situations behind why these customers chose that particular business.

There are some pitfalls to this practice. Customers don’t want to feel manipulated or that they’re being used as a tool for marketing. Empathy goes a long way as how you say things matters more than what you say. Explaining how these stories can inspire others to success and transform their lives in similar fashions is often all it takes to get a customer on board. Successful clients may also view such tales as direct marketing for their brands.

Customers who have not yet attained their goals should still be viewed as success stories in the making. The inevitable challenges and hurdles that come along the way can make reaching the ultimate goal all that much sweeter. Savvy business owners understand driving marketing with customer service and how word-of-mouth advertising and customer experiences are paramount to success. Taking the time to showcase the people who use the products in more than a few quick snippets builds confidence and rapport with readers, leading to increased engagement and creating more than a few opportunities down the line.