How Can I Build My List For Free?

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Over the recent years many entrepreneurs have learned that one of the most successful ways to make money on the internet begins with building their own list. This strategy is so successful that it is being used more and more by entrepreneurs and companies to build sales. For your success it is important that you do the same.

If you are new to a home based online business then you will want to build your own list but might be lacking a budget. That is not a problem because it is simple to do it for free. If you follow the steps below you will find yourself well on your way.

  1. The email signature is probably the best place to start when building your list. It will cause your list to grow daily. With an email signature each email you send out allows you the possibility of adding a new name to your list. Even with a smaller response rate it can continue to grow and add to your list of potential customers. In a sense this is a numbers game. A small response rate means you need to have a large list or a list of quality prospects.
  2. Forums can always be a great place to build your list but they can also be a waste of time as well. If you go to a forum and don't see that you can subscribe to other people's list then they will not be able to subscribe to yours either. Some forums groups specialize in this so keep a look out for them. A place like that is a great way to help build a large list fast.
  3. Social Media like using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is quickly becoming a great way for building your list. This is because it reaches such a huge number of people. Start of by opening an account then just start responding to other peoples messages. It takes a little bit of time to get known in the community but once you do you can drop a mention of your list now and then. Those that are interested can join.
  4. You can even start building your list before you even get your site by just setting up a blog. Both blogger and Wordpress offer the software to build it and the hosting for free. This makes it a great way to get ahead of the game before your site comes online.
  5. Skype is an up and coming way of building your list. You can use the numerous search features and see who has the “skype me” button on. A good conversation can help you build your list but if that seems too slow then form a “skype group” to save a little time. Once again, this is a free service and free is always good to hear for a start up company.

If you are going to be a home business internet entrepreneur you are going to have to build list. With there being so many ways for building your list for free you have no excuse to start now.

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