Internet Marketing: Where Do I Start?

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, February 03, 2017

For many business owners and those who have been doing marketing professionally, internet marketing is heaven. The available internet marketing instruments allow businesses to reach a vast number of potential customers for the fraction of what it would cost to place conventional ads. Even better, almost all internet marketing campaigns can be tied to KPIs (Key Performance Indexes), making them very measurable.

If you’re relatively new to internet marketing, however, it can be pretty daunting. To help you make that first step into utilizing internet marketing to help your business grow, here are some of the tips to keep in mind.

It’s About the Audience

Similar to other forms of marketing, internet marketing is all about reaching the right target audience. You can do so through search engine optimization or SEO, social media and other methods. Before you can formulate an effective campaign for your business, however, you need to know your target audience first.

A lot of business owners are actually going back to school and pursuing an online MBA just to be able to master this particular basic. Top universities such as Washington State University do offer online masters in business administration programs, so you can pursue an MBA while running your business.

More importantly, there are plenty of tools that will help you understand your target audience and how to reach them correctly. Let’s say you want to market products for teenagers; you can do a thorough research on social media platforms teenagers use the most, as well as the kind of messages that will work best to reach them.

Content Is (Still) King

Internet marketing is different than advertising in one particular way: soft-selling works better in this case. Instead of advertising promotional offers and bombarding your audience with product information, your focus should be stories and valuable contents.

This is where content marketing came from. Brands and corporations are now sharing valuable content that users actually love to read and view. The organic stream of traffic is a good start. Once you have a strong audience base, you can then shift your focus to converting your audience into customers.

Almost all marketing campaigns are using this particular approach. On social media, for instance, sharing tips and tricks work better than just sharing product information or promotional offers. You get more engagement when you share content that users love to see in their streams.

Review and Evaluate

Just like conventional marketing, internet marketing is never a one-time thing. You can’t expect to get great results from running a single campaign. What you need is a series of campaigns, each designed to be an improvement from the previous one.

Constant review and evaluation will help you fine-tune your internet marketing strategy. The nature of internet marketing instruments – which allow instant changes to be applied to any campaigns you’re running – means adjustments can be done in real-time. All you have to do next is continue reviewing the impact your campaigns are making and making adjustments as necessary.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be a step closer to mastering internet marketing. Soon, you will be taking advantage of the best tools available to you to run successful campaigns for your business.