What to Do When You Feel Stress Is Getting the Better of You as a Marketing Professional

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Marketing can be an extremely fast-paced environment to work in and you can often feel the pressure. When you have clients who are depending on you to bring results or you are struggling to find the best solution or strategy for a given project, it can be easy to start to let things get on top of you. Stress can have a lot of negative effects on your performance, as well as on your general wellbeing and your personal life, so it is important to be able to identify times when you are starting to suffer from stress and take some action. Here are some things you can do when you start to feel overwhelmed.

Talk to a Professional

There are lots of well-qualified people who work as stress counselors, with degrees like the online masters in counseling or the counseling degree online offered by top schools like Bradley University. These are people who are used to supporting professionals who are experiencing stress levels they can't cope with. They can be great to talk to and can help you identify why you are so stressed and what you can change about your situation or your own mindset to help you to manage it better.

Talk to Your Manager

If you currently work for an employer (rather than being a freelance marketing professional) then talking to your boss may offer some solutions. If you feel your workload or targets are unfair and this is something your manager or company should address, having a conversation about how overworked you are and the stress you are feeling may lead to them taking some action, for instance hiring more people or adjusting the client's expectations. While it may not always be possible for anything to be done, simply letting your boss know that you feel under heavy pressure can make things better for you, as they may not have been aware of this before and may have thought you could handle even more work!

Make the Most of Your Breaks

If you feel exhausted, you may just want to laze around or sleep during any time you have free during the evenings, weekends, or holidays. While rest is important, it can be better for your stress levels to try other ways of relaxing which may help make you feel more positive and refreshed, such as doing some light exercise, or meeting up with friends and having some fun. Your social life can be important in ensuring you feel like you have balance in your life and aren't just working or sleeping all the time. It can also be beneficial to take a proper break and go somewhere different to refresh you mentally, for example going away for the weekend.

Stressful times are inevitable for most people in marketing, but knowing when the stress is beginning to feel negative rather than motivational and doing something to help yourself is key to staying on your best form.