4 Social Media Strategies You Need to Implement to Boost Engagement

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, December 15, 2017

Social media marketing is no longer optional — it is required. In order to present a professional image to your target audience, you must establish a social media presence with clear, confident brand messaging.

Identify Your Unique Angle

In order to really make a splash with your social media marketing, first you need to determine what audience you are trying to reach and how your product can help them. Consider how your product is better than competing products and find a way to incorporate those strengths into your brand messaging as well.

Customers are often overwhelmed by the options available, so they appreciate a succinct explanation of how your product or service is better than the rest. Think about how you pore over Amazon reviews of similar products, looking for some details of why to choose one item over another. Consider the product that you are marketing from this perspective. Aim to answer customer questions in your marketing messaging so that the reasons to choose your product are crystal clear.

Create Valuable Content

Your social media posts should have more substance than just "look how great my product looks." Some of the most socially successful brands use social media posts as an opportunity to share valuable content with their audience that is designed to educate, inform or in some way make their lives easier. For instance, Amway uses their Instagram account to offer holiday guide ideas to followers, while Solly Baby uses Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to offer followers babywearing advice to make their product even easier for customers to use.

Give & Take

Engagement is key for building your brand's social influence. While establishing a large pool of followers is critical, it is just as important to get them to interact with your posts with likes and comments. Encourage this type of interaction by captioning posts in a way that seeks feedback. Another way to attract more engagement is by simply following the golden rule. Like and comment on followers' posts to keep your brand relevant and top of mind to them. You don't have to follow back every follower; you can build just as much merit with your brand fans by simply engaging with their posts in a meaningful way.

Reward Your Followers

Encourage your followers to be your brand's best advertisements by offering recognition or even prizes for posts that showcase your brand's products. For instance, you could do a weekly photo collage of all of your favorite posts from the week that included your brand's hashtags. Another option is to do a random drawing of everyone who posted your hashtag in a given week or month in which the winner receives a complimentary product.

When it comes right down to it, one of the biggest keys to social media marketing is connection. It's the reason you need to painstakingly consider your brand messaging. It is why you slave over an editorial calendar to ensure you always have valuable content in the works. It's why you work to engage likes and comments and also why it is worth using your own reach and merchandise to reward your followers for putting your brand in front of their audiences. Rest assured that with your diligent work and thoughtful editorial messaging, you can serve your clients in the most effective way.


How Does Social Media Marketing Increase Sales?

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, November 20, 2017

According to the 2017 CMO Survey, 45% of businesses that use social media for marketing have not been able to show any quantifiable impact on their business, while 38% have a qualitative feel but no solid quantification. This isn’t a very encouraging statistic when you’re thinking about social media marketing, but it also doesn’t show the whole picture.

Marketing and promoting your business through social media does provide quantitative impacts, but only when it’s done in an organized and purposeful way. If you begin a social media marketing campaign without having a solid plan and measurable goals, you won’t be able to see quantifiable results. However, if you create a good strategy, choose measurable goals, and execute the right actions, you will always be able to find a measurable impact.

With this in mind, we need to address how social media actually does impact your business. One of the biggest questions businesses present about the use of social media is how it works to increase your sales. Not all businesses want to focus on exposure, one of the commonly listed benefits of social media, and would rather see bottom line results. This is a viable use for social media, and it’s not an impossible goal! 

Social Media Works for Brands of All Sizes

Small and large companies are both able to increase sales through social media marketing, although the process must be tailored to match their brand, industry, and size. It’s easy to imagine that exposure and building a brand personality are some of the only real business uses for social media. While these are two possible outcomes, they can also be building blocks for an effective sales strategy using social media. It all depends on how large the business is and what type of strategy is employed.

There are many different strategies that can be used to increase sales through social media marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective strategies for large businesses and small businesses separately.

Large Business Social Media Strategies

Larger businesses are categorized by a larger following on many social media accounts. Size of the business is usually in direct relation to the size of the social media following. It’s important to note that this doesn’t apply in B2B industries. The focus of these strategies is direct B2C businesses.

-          Direct Sales through Social Media

Social media platforms have made it very easy for large companies to introduce products and services to their followers directly. Taking a direct sales approach only works when the business has a large number of followers, as it’s more likely they will get some amount of buy-in for their posts. If a large business directly markets a product or service and points to where it can be bought or incorporates an online sales portal through social media directly, they can see success in sales.

Success doesn’t mean that a lot of followers will buy. But, if there are enough followers, even a small percentage seeing the product or service and deciding to buy will equal to a good boost in sales from a relatively low-cost marketing campaign. However, if this strategy is used too frequently it can lose its effectiveness as followers grow tired of it.

-          Purchasing Social Media Ad Space

One way to solve some of the common problems of the direct sales method is to use ad space on social media networks instead. This has a higher cost associated with it, but it helps businesses to target individuals who are more likely to make a purchase or show interest in their product, rather than mass marketing to everyone.

Because of this, the business can focus on building value and creating an engaged fan base with their main social media accounts while simultaneously selling directly to more targeted followers. However, ads are more likely to be ignored, especially when surrounded by other content. Ads may also be blocked by followers or may start to erode a positive brand image over time. 

-          Indirect Advertising and Marketing Promotions

Indirect social media strategies don’t point followers to an exact product or purchase but give them some other reason to look at the products or services offered by a business. A good example of this would be a business running promotional posts around Valentine’s Day giving ideas for gifts to your loved one. They may not be directly advertising a specific product or service but are still pointing followers towards their company in an effort to increase sales. Many discounts and promotions are used in this type of indirect social media advertisement.

-          Influencer Marketing

Using social media influencers can be costly, but may yield a very high ROI for some businesses. The right influencer can help a business spread their reach to people who aren’t yet following them while also giving a recommendation for the business through a source those people trust.  

Small Business Social Media Strategies

Small B2C businesses have to focus on other strategies to increase sales through social media. They usually do not have large bases of followers, so it requires a little more creativity to get the desired sales increases.

-          Staying in View of the Customer

A huge function of social media for small businesses should be staying within a customer’s mind more consistently. If a small business doesn’t want to be a victim of the old adage “out of sight, out of mind”, they need to maintain a presence where their customer base will see them. Social media is an excellent resource for this and can encourage previous customers to return and use the business again, especially if they are given some sort of incentive.

-          Leading to a Sale

Most small businesses are better off focusing on indirect sales through social media. Given the smaller base of followers, it’s not always practical to advertise products and services directly, since the resulting sales would probably be negligible. Instead, social media should be the first step in the buying process. Many digital marketers would call this the beginning of the sales funnel.

Whatever you call it, social media is a valuable first step towards people buying products and services. It’s wise to point potential customers to a permanent company website by providing them some sort of value for free. Providing value to customers before a purchase is made creates goodwill towards a company and can lead to an increase in sales in many cases. Value doesn’t have to be monetary and is often provided in the form of informational content.

-          Building a Brand Personality

Making a relatable brand personality on social media is a surprisingly effective strategy for small businesses. A helpful, friendly, and responsive social media strategy can lead to a direct increase in sales, according to Sprout Social’s 2017 Q2 report. Responsiveness is the most sought-after quality in a business social media account, and it’s the one thing that’s most likely to lead to sales in all demographics of online customers. This is an inexpensive strategy that’s highly effective for small businesses.

Not all social media strategies work for all businesses or customer bases. However, you can directly or indirectly affect your company’s sales through the use of social media marketing. Choose the right strategy for your business size, industry, and audience if you want the best results.

5 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Customer on Instagram

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Being active on Instagram is no longer enough. If you want to build a powerful following on this platform, which now boasts well over 500 million monthly active users, you have to do something different and unique. More than that, you have to invest significant time and resources in understanding your audience and building unique and optimal content to reach them.

Your success starts when you stop optimizing for top of line follower count and realize that not all followers share the same value to you and your brand. What is more important, rather, is that you are cultivating an active and engaged community of users that are carefully tailored to your company’s niche. These followers are far more valuable for your brand.

While there are no shortcuts, there are some things you should be doing on the platform to maximize your likelihood of success.

Here are 5 ways to attract your ideal customer on Instagram:

1. Truly understand your audience.

Before you experiment with any growth hacks or viral marketing strategies, take the time to understand the demographic of your intended audience. You’ll want to know everything possible about your ideal followers, and you may have multiple personas for different types of followers. You should also use an Instagram analytics tool to analyze who your core demographic is.

You should invest in understanding everything, from who these users currently follow to what they look like and where you can find them. One “low barrier to entry” way of doing this is to simply start direct messaging people that you believe to be in your target audience. While some of them may not respond, if you can get a few people on the phone for a user interview, you will learn tons really quickly. 

Many marketers glaze over this step and jump right into building content. When you do that, you lose the ability to pick up on the little details that truly differentiate the biggest and best brands.

2. Engage with your followers.

You can increase the lifetime value of a single follower by developing a deeper, longer term connection with them. At the end of the day, marketing is about relationships (not transactions) and your audience needs to feel that.

One of the best ways to create this feeling and show your followers that you really care is to be active in the comments’ section of your posts. Your responses do not have to be particularly long winded, but they should prove to your audience that a) you care that they commented on your post and b) you took the time to not only read every comment, but also respond to them. This is definitely a longer term investment (with no immediate ROI), but one that can be crucial in developing a defensible brand strategy on Instagram.

3. Hold relevant contests.

Hosting giveaways that are hyper-targeted to your niche follower is a great way to reward current users for their support as well as expand your relevant follower base. Everyone likes free stuff! And for just a small investment, you can make your entire audience feel a part of something bigger than just themselves.

The easiest way to do this is publish a post with a picture of the prize you are going to give away. In the caption, tell your followers to tag three friends in the comments to qualify as an entry in the contest; this helps the giveaway spread to new and different pockets of the Instagram community.

In just a few days, you will have, hopefully, thousands of comments to randomly choose from to assign to your winner. Better yet, you will have attracted tens of thousands of new eyeballs who, at least you know, are interested in the giveaway (and potentially your content).

4. Leverage hashtags.

Organic growth occurs, generally, when you have “non-followers” finding your profile on their own accord. On Instagram, this happens most often on the “discover page,” where popular, featured, and relevant photos/videos surface to users’ attention. To increase your likelihood of showing up on the discover page, you should use hashtags relevant to your ideal customer.

You can throw in hashtags on all of your posts (up to 30 per post). That way, your content is more likely to show up in front of new people. Whenever there is trending news across the world, a hashtag surfaces to tie together the community. One quick hack is to make sure you are always keeping up with popular and trending hashtags so you can capitalize on the buzz.

Another thing you can do as a brand is make up your own hashtag. The simple phrase should be concise (so it is easy to use) and unique (so it is easily identifiable). You should encourage your followers to use this hashtag, so it gets popular and spreads horizontally.

5. Be real.

One thing that a lot of marketers get wrong is that they think their followers want to see a particular version of themselves so they mold their brand in a plastic and manufactured way.  While this approach may have worked in the past, social media users are jaded. They are sick and tired of seeing the same spammy, unrealistic content popping up on their feeds.

They really just want to interact with brands that are willing to be real and honest with them. Showing the true side of your brand’s profile, through native posts and behind the scenes stories, will earn you respect among your followers. 

Growing your Business through Online Marketing: Traditional email marketing vs. Instagram and social media

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, September 28, 2017

Social media has changed the face of online marketing forever. Social media has made affiliate marketing a lot effortless compared to the old days' email marketing methods. It is now more personal as social media accounts cannot pretend to spam and the users can choose whether to subscribe and follow them online or not. However, the disadvantage is that social media comes up with new features now and then and sort of makes the old features obsolete, so you probably need to come up with new marketing strategies every time.

Instagram is one of the most globally used social media websites nowadays with about 700 million users logging in almost every day. It is necessary for businesses to stay updated for them to stay relevant in the competition and also measure their success and customer reviews. Social media grants this the most. With communication and community being the pillars of any social media, it is not difficult to make Instagram a place to build up a community of loyal followers.

The old vs. the new

No matter how much social media gains popularity, email marketing will always be more personal as it is a complete one on one session. However, unlike social media, where the audience gets to choose to follow or not through email, they get spammed. Of course, they may not respond. Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media sites for that matter, usually takes a more impersonal approach. On these sites, you can post something that can be addressed to every one of your followers. However, with an email or newsletter, your business can target and approach the contacts personally with each having their first, and the last name included. Naturally, it demands more attention and possibly will result in a better outcome.

Changes in Social media over the years

Social media has changed a lot since its beginning. They have no included this personal approach and giving value to the customers. Posts on social media now have mention, reply and tag option where the page or business owner can directly respond to any comment you feel worthy. Also, most social media sites now have started including the inbox feature in them, where your followers can personally contact you, and you can choose to respond. Also, there is this new feature on Instagram and a lot of other social media sites where you can post something for 24 hours or host a live event or Q&A sessions with your followers. These types of things do add a lot more trust in the brand.

Getting success on Instagram

Like any social media site, Instagram has its own set of rules. Firstly, Instagram is a photo-sharing app, so visually appealing content will grab more attention. Secondly, Instagram functions mostly on hashtags where you write something relevant to your content and theme and add hash symbol “#” at the beginning of the term without any space or any other special symbols. Instagram treats this as a hashtag, and if you click on them, you will be taken to the main search option of Instagram search page where your recent posts will be shown at the top.

What should you keep in mind while using Instagram for marketing?

There is one thing you should remember is that Instagram is a bustling site and for you achieve followers and likes, you need to be consistent and relevant. No post stays on a top search on Instagram for too long, and once it gets lost in the vast sea of search results, there is no finding it. So make sure that your post gets all the attention that it can get within the few minutes of it being posted. For this use a reasonable amount of tags that are relevant to your content. Presently Instagram allows up to 30 tags. However, you can opt for 10-15 right hashtags for optimum results. 

Additional help in getting more followers

When you start using Instagram or whether you have been using it for a while, you might notice that liking or following people usually results in them coming over to your profile and liking, commenting  and sometimes even following your profile. This is basic human curiosity, and any form of social media thrives on this basic human tendency. However, with your business setup and busy schedule, it might not always be possible to personally like and comment and follow every profile that might be relevant to you. This is where Gramista comes to your help. It is an app that can be used to automatically like, comment, follow or unfollow fellow Instagram users. It is a paid service but paying a little as an investment for your business should not worry you too much, as the benefits you will reap will be worth it.

The advantages of email marketing over social media

However, emails are still sometimes more effective than social media. The reason you will even consider taking your business online is to be able to gather new potential customer and promote your stuff. Moreover, social media giants like Facebook or Instagram may make you feel that you can get all that you want from these sites. Moreover, now you can even promote your content using a business profile feature newly introduced by Instagram. However, these Facebook or Instagram ads will not assure you total traffic or view even with the paid promotion. You have no idea what every follower is thinking; you just get a general idea. However, with email marketing, you can achieve personalized responses and thus, get a more concrete analysis. However, the is greater, and you cannot possibly hope to reach as many people as on social media within a short range of time.


Both email marketing and marketing through social media such as Instagram has their advantages, and as a smart business person, you should opt for both to get the maximum result. Some even add their email newsletter link to their social media account for users to subscribe to it. Even Instagram allows one extra link to be added into your profile bio which can lead to more traffic or email subscription as well. So you should use one to help the other and vice versa.

Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. Here he explains the uses and conflicts between email marketing and social media like Instagram and how you can use apps like Gramista to increase your Instagram followers.

Major Blunders Marketers Make on Instagram

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, September 26, 2017

In the contemporary business environment, you need to think outside the box and one way of doing this is by incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy. A HootSuite survey says there are over 500 million daily Instagram users and the number is growing. The popularity of this social media network has increased further with addition of video and Instagram stories, making it the fastest growing social media network. 

If you are like most marketers, numbers excite you a lot. Of course these numbers will help you strategize and make the best moves. Well, 40 billion photos have been shared on Instagram since its launch in 2010. It gets even better, Instagram now boasts over 700 million monthly active users (MAUs) and these are sharing over 95 million photos and videos daily.

With engagement levels that are 58X those of Facebook, Instagram offers every marketer an opportunity to stay ahead of the competition. However, you need to appreciate the importance of likes in your marketing campaign. It is understandable that the rush for real Instagram likestakes precedence but then you have to strategize before getting started.

To get the most out of your Instagram marketing campaign, you need to learn from other people’s mistakes. While millions of photos and videos are being shared daily, millions more get no attention. As a business market, you appreciate how frustrating such a marketing campaign can get. To avoid this situation, avoid these major blunders:


  1. Never set your account to private – This is a common blunder with marketers and while it could be an oversight, the consequences could ruin the entire campaign. By setting your account to public, you have a bigger chance of reaching out to a larger audience.
  2. Lack of consistency – If you have decided to use your IG account to drive traffic to your website, make sure you use appropriate pictures. The idea is to provide content that will get viewers going to your website to learn more. If you start posting random pictures however good they might be, you will turn off potential followers.
  3. Failure to understand hashtags – The way you use hashtags can either make or break your marketing campaign. For a start, make sure your hashtags are searchable, short and relevant.   There’s no denying that hashtags promote engagement, which is what every marketer wants. When looking for free Instagram likes, make sure you consider popular hashtags that are relevant to your business when creating content.
  4. Failure to engage – If someone follows you then go out of your way to follow them and even like their posts.  However busy you might be, take time to engage. It is understandable that this might not be possible, especially now that you have much more to do. This is where Like4Like comes in handy to help you automatically like relevant posts.
  5. Poor content – This starts right from proofreading, relevancy of photos and the quality of captions accompanying your images. 

Author Bio
Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. Learn more on Like4Like Instagram technique for his blog.

How You can Use LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, June 14, 2017

While LinkedIn may not have the reach that Twitter and Facebook has, if you are in the B2B (business to business) sector, then it can actually prove to be an invaluable tool for marketing. If you have ever wondered how to use LinkedIn Marketing, use the information here and see what the platform can really do.

There is no question that when compared to the huge reach of Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is quite easy to ignore. It may also feel a bit stuffier and less trendy. However, when you consider the fact that over 130 million business professionals are on the site, there is no question that it definitely has something to offer when trying to market your services or products to other businesses.

However, if you want to get the most possible from LinkedIn, you need to do more than simply create a page. It is necessary to become actively engaged. This process starts with developing your profile.

How You can Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile

It can be extremely tempting to simply fill in your profile on LinkedIn and then leave it alone; however, this is a huge mistake. You need to be sure that you share status updates just like you do on Facebook. However, this is not going to be the same type of personal updates that you put on Facebook. These types of updates need to be in reference to the various projects that you are currently working on, customer testimonials and other business related links. When you post status updates, they should reflect your expertise in some way.

You should also encourage others to endorse you. This means that they are vouching for your expertise in a certain area. This can be anything from digital strategy all the way to web design. You can get endorsements with one of two different methods. You can either ask your clients or colleagues to endorse you or simply endorse your contacts. Generally people will reciprocate when you make the first move an endorse them.

The next step is to begin thinking about your company page.

Company Page Expansion

Once your profile is completed and updated on a regular basis, you can begin to develop your company page. This will include creating the page and then becoming an administrator on it. Once permission is granted, you will need to write an overview for your company, then begin to add the services and products that you offer. You may also want to consider setting up a LinkedIn Group, which can be on any topic you desire. These are both excellent ways to build a list of new contacts and nurture your relationships with others.

If you are ready to supercharge your efforts with the leading professional social platform, contact the staff at Gold PR for help. They are ready and willing to help you put your best foot forward.

Stepping Up Your Social Media Game: Tips from the Experts

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, May 26, 2017

Social media is now an essential marketing tool. Social media activities are essential for creating awareness and building stronger relationships with customers. With the market being as competitive as it is today, regularly posting content and hoping for the best results no longer works.

It is time to step up your social media game and attract the right demographic. We talked to internet marketing professionals and discovered three top tips you can use to take your social media efforts to the next level. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Catchy and Consistent Branding

Many businesses aren’t utilizing their social media pages optimally. They use the default layout as it is and, again, hope for the best. This approach no longer works, especially since your business is competing with hundreds of others for attention. The social media pages for your business need to be catchy and memorable.

Most social networks allow for some degree of customization. You can customize your Facebook Page and Twitter profile with your own branding elements. At the very least, you can have a custom avatar that attracts attention. Other platforms offer more customization options. YouTube, for example, has a channel art section you can customize to attract more viewers.

Take the design of your social media pages seriously. Use a consistent color scheme and branding elements; it is even better if you can match the social media pages with your main website. More importantly, make them memorable.


There are lots of recent cases where brands have successfully engaged an audience and garnered plenty of attention. Wendy’s won big when a post asking for a year’s worth of free nuggets went viral. McDonald’s and Burger King exchange funny Tweets quite frequently. Aston Martin replied to a Twitter post asking for a car by sending the user a model Aston Martin car instead.

In all of these cases, the brands willingness to engage with their audience succeeded. You can’t always predict the outcome of a social media exchange, but you can connect with customers when you engage them frequently.

Stop using the old one-sided broadcasting approach and start taking user engagement more seriously. Ask questions and answer users’ questions. Respond to jokes or prank posts. Hire younger social media administrators and let them have fun – to a certain degree – on the business’s social media pages.

Stay Consistent

Another common mistake many businesses still make is creating profiles on all social media platforms, only to post sporadically later on. You don’t need to be on every platform. In fact, it is much more effective to limit your social media profiles so that you can post consistently on all of them.

Consistency is key. On YouTube, the audience will quickly see a pattern based on your upload frequency. The same can be said for the content you share on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The more consistent you are with your posts, the more customers will be willing to engage with you on social media.

So, are you ready to take your social media game to the next level? Use the expert tips we covered in this article and start boosting your social media performance today.

6 Ways to Use Curation for B2B Social Media

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, May 09, 2017

 Constant content output remains the most underutilized tool in the social media toolbox.

This idea may seem difficult and arduous at first — to put out content on a daily basis — but there is a solution which is available to all who seek to create more B2B social media content and that is curation.

Content curation is the act of using other sources of information as the basis for your content, whether in text, audio, or video format. This does not mean it is okay to copy someone else’s work and pass it off as your own. Instead, content curation uses the ideas from other people’s content, with attribution, and alongside your expert commentary creates new value.


One of the fastest growing social media segments are podcasts. The audio podcast format is an easily digestible alternative to written content. Most, if not all, of people engaged in a business have a smartphone that is capable of downloading apps, podcast feeds included. The format is wildly popular due to the ability to listen while performing other tasks, like commuting to work.

A great way to curate content and to put your expert spin on it would be to pick one topic each week that is a hot topic in your industry and comment on it. It could be less than 10 minutes in length with a big impact of positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

A Blog Post of Blog Posts

It is not necessary for every blog post to be a case study or a unique idea. In this case, one idea is to create a blog post that features your favorite blog posts on a specific topic. For example, if you are an expert in commercial insulation, you could put together a blog post that lists of articles around the theme of energy efficiency. Spice it up with a few words about each article that explain why you added them to the list. This shows that you know your industry well in the process.

Twitter Hashtag of The Week

Another way to create a written piece of curated content is to choose one hashtag per week and reach out to your followers for comment. For example, if you are a facebook page manager for companies, create a hashtag like #OnePieceOfAdvice. Ask your followers to use that hashtag to explain one important piece of advice they have learned running their facebook business page. Then compile a list of your favorite ones and create an article surrounding it.


Data is very important to prospective B2B clients, but data sheets can be boring. Instead of rattling on about the percentage of this or the dollar amount of that, create an infographic using data from well-established research firms. Infographics are very digestible and highly viral.


Twitter is explosive and very engaging. Anyone, anywhere, who decides to, is able to see and comment on any topic. Use this to your advantage by seeking out people in your niche and retweeting things that you find interesting or enlightening. Chances are if you find something entertaining or of value, others in your field will too.

Youtube Ask An Expert Segment

So far, we’ve only talked about written and audio formats, however, video content can be as, if not more, compelling than anything else. One idea for video content creation is to create an “Ask An Expert” Youtube series. In B2B, your potential customers will share common questions about your industry. Reach this audience by creating a series of short videos where you pick out questions that are asked to you and you answer them. It’s that simple but highly effective.

Final Thoughts

The ideas for content curation are boundless. This is a starting point to get you off on the right foot and down the path towards content creation success. For more ideas and tips, check out our other B2B articles.

Author Bio

AppInstitute, a company that provides a DIY app builder platform regularly provides leading publications with app analytics, business data, case studies, white papers and statistics for established publishers across the world. They were named in the top 50 creative companies in England by Creative England.


Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, March 30, 2017

With modernization of technology, almost every one can afford a smart phone and has access of internet. The internet has made access of and sharing of vital information of any kind easy. In the 90’s people spent less time on the internet. With the introduction of social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and others, the world has been reduced to a small village where people are literally in constant contact and sharing of information has become very easy and fast.

With the coming of big and respectable business hubs like Amazon, many business opportunities came with. Amazon provide a platform where willing buyer and willing seller can meet online and execute their business deals. A good example of such a business opportunity is the Private label business.

To effectively become competitive in the Private label business, you have to know important features that defines online customers, where to get them and how to lure them into your business are.

Below are some of the unique features you have to use to hit many sales on the Amazon platform.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Understanding of key word usage is vital for your business to thrive in online search engines like Ask, Yahoo or Google. Have insight on how to frame your key words so that your business will be highly ranked in the online search engines. Here are some key points on how to make your business get high ranking.

  • If you have more than one website for your business, use permanent redirects from your other website to the main website. This will make the two websites to look like one website.
  • As a qualified client on Amazon, provide your testimonials to other qualified business who will also in turn provide links back to your business site.
  • Don’t over price your products. Low prices often attract high ranking from Amazon and Google.
  • Provide a unique brand that will create a social buzz and provide links back to your site on Amazon.
  • Research on how to use keyword and find out which keyword your customers mostly use. Also find out which key words your top ranking competitors use and improve on yours.
  1. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

According to the social media and internet marketing expert Jeff Johnson, over 91% of people engage online search engines like Google or Yahoo to find more information about certain products before they can make a move of purchasing such products. This is a good proof that, currently, social media is the best parameter used by many customers to gather information about products they intend to purchase. Mr. Johnson further says that more than half of those who conducted online search, visit local store to make the purchases.

To draw attention of many social media users to your products on Amazon, provide specific information about your brands. Specific information helps online users to understand and use your products easily. Carry out a dedicated online search to find out which social media platforms clients can access Amazon.com from. Put more adverts on this social sites and provide links to your brands on Amazon.com.

The most important thing to consider before using any social media is your marketing strategy.

  • Have a picture of how social media is supposed to transform your online private label business on Amazon
  • Which social media platforms best suites your interests.
  • Have a detailed plan on how best to execute your strategy.
  1. Email Marketing

Despite the stiff competition from the social media sites, email marketing is still active and a relevant tool to use in your private brand advertising on Amazon. Consider the following strong holds when using email marketing.

  • Concentrate on key points like being brief and straight to the point about your products, using catchy titles that best describes products you sell, being time conscious when you send your emails to your clients.

  • Use automation tools such as Aweber that will be automatically be responding to your emails any time of the day. These tools easy time to concentrate to other matters of the business. They handle customers and clearly introduce them to the products that your business set up handles.
  • Detailed content. Feed your customers with first class information about the products your business handles and any changes made with your business at least one in a month. This will create and maintain loyalty with your customers.
  1. YouTube  Videos

According to statics, over 75% of online users understand content more and quickly using videos than using written content.

  • Apply for a slot on You Tube to establish your business channel.
  • Use short and relevant titles to describe videos of your business. Always remember use the ‘video’ keyword and use descriptions that can uniquely identify your business.
  • Provide simple and clear and instructions on how your products are used.
  •  Use annotations to direct online users to subscribe to your business channel where they can find full information about your products.
  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is an important weapon to make your private label business known all the internet. Keenly research on the most visited websites and around the world where Amazon operates and pay for your adverts to appear on their webpages. Provide links on the adverts to link back to your business site on Amazon. Out of curiosity, some online users may decide to click on your links to know more about your business. This may lead to new customers in your Amazon business.

  1. Influencer Marketing

To improve sells of your private label business, find some key people who have huge number of followers on social media like Twitter, Facebook or a blogger to associate with your business brands. Ask them to write blogs that promotes your business on Amazon. This person can draw a lot of traffic to your online business since many people trust them. This people are key to the business since they can command interests of many people at any given time.

  1. Google Maps

Google maps are helpful in helping to position your business premises in a certain location. This is important since some customers may decide to come physically to your stores. Place your business premises in strategic locations where customers can have ample parking and they will feel secure. Knowledge of how to use google maps is also important; to know physical locations of your customers. This can help you when charging transportation costs.

  1. Outreach

Find big business establishments within Amazon that handle different but complementary in usage to your products and become a serious contributor in their websites. In turn they will provide links that refer their customers to your business website or your Amazon dashboard. This is a great way of getting your business known far and wide both within Amazon and outside in general.

It is one thing setting up a private label business within Amazon and it is another in keeping it afloat. It takes sacrifice and hard work to get and keep your private label business on top of the chart. With careful means discussed above I know your business will undergo major positive changes. Apart from the online powerful campaigns for your private label business, the fundamental factor to the success of your private label product is to ensure that they are manufactured by trustworthy private label manufacturers.

Author bio
Sarah Kaiser is a digital marketing manager at casino global sourcing, the sourcing division of a French retailer Groupe Casino. She’s in charge of godirek.com, the digital product catalog of casino global sourcing, which offers helps and handles enquiries about private label manufacturing and sourcing. She’s a fan of water sports and has studied business management in France. Her works have been published on dozens of websites and blogs. 

Get the best out of Facebook ad campaigns by using effective strategies

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, February 23, 2017

Facebook is the largest social media platform available at the moment. Facebook is the home of millions of users on a daily basis and it offers an amazing opportunity for exposure. This the reason for which many people are turning to Facebook ads to score big in terms of hits when it comes to their own websites or services.

However, there’s a right way to use Facebook ads and a less effective way. If you find yourself not gaining the results you want through Facebook ads, you might be on the less effective usage spectrum of users. No reason to worry though, as we will give you a quick rundown of how you can properly exploit the potential of Facebook ads and see an effective campaign flourish through applying a couple simple guidelines. Before starting, it’s worth noting that you can also reach out for help when it comes to Facebook marketing and ad management. There are service providers such as Didia which can help you with getting a better understanding on how you should deal with these issues.

Audience Insights

Audience Insights is a tool provided by Facebook which lets you gather target data and thus explore a new customer pool. Based on the parameters and details of customers that have already liked your page or showed interest in what it is you offer, Audience Insights will provide information on new targets that would be suitable for pursuing.

Using this tool is a very effective way of finding new people to approach and doors to open for your business. You can access Audience Insights from the Ad Management section.

Stay relevant to convert credibility into business

There are several benefits to staying true to your promise and offering exactly what you said you would offer. By maintaining a permanent alignment between your landing page and the ads you use, you will set yourself up for an audience based on trust and far less reluctance to click on ads. And speaking of clicking on ads, you will also pay a lot less due to having a higher score on the ad relevance meter. This is the most effective way to go as keeping Facebook ads relevant to their landing page beats a cheap trick. Remember that it’s not a sprint, so give the ads time to showcase your authenticity.

Experiment with ad placement and composition

The best ad is not always easy to spot at first.  If you are uncertain about certain details of your ad, you can make variations of that ad where the only thing different is that specific element.  This applies whether we’re talking about the headline or the description, or any other element for that matter. Some perform better in certain compositions, so you can test them all out, but it’s better to run one ad version at a time and stay away from split-testing, as it is not an effective approach when you’re trying to pinpoint a specific element.

Facebook ads can be a highly profitable form of exposure, and it is available to everyone. But how each individual tackles these key aspects differentiates high number generation from mediocre results.