How to Turn Your Musician Website Into a Business

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, April 23, 2018

As a musician, you know how important it is to stay in touch with your fans online. You travel from bar to bar, performing at open mics and gigs, and anytime they come up to you after, asking where they can find your music, you tell them how to find you online. That’s why you’re always posting videos of your gigs on your band’s Instagram account, and why you’ve re-branded your Facebook page. Recently, though, you’ve thought maybe you could make some money from your website. After all, if bloggers make money from simply writing articles about their experiences, why can’t you?

As a musician, there are lots of great ways you can turn your website into a business. You’ve already got fans and connections, which means your business can be up and running no time. So if you’re ready to make some extra cash (and what musician isn’t?), read on.

1 Make your website beautiful

If your website isn’t looking awesome, then you’re not going to look professional, which means that customers aren’t going to spend much time on it. Your most avid fans will constantly check out the new songs you post, but if you’re going to sell CDs or write commissioned songs for strangers, you could lose their business. If you aren’t sure what looks good, check out your favorite musicians’ websites, and don’t forget to use a website builder like Wix or Weebly. They’ve got pre-made templates for both musicians and ecommerce sites.

Additionally, don’t forget to make your site mobile friendly. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 95 percent of Americans now own cell phones. And you know from all those people recording you during your gigs that a lot of those include smartphones. To learn more about how to make your site mobile friendly, check out these tips.

2 Blog

A hugely important element on your website is going to be your blog. The fact is, it’s one of the best ways to get new visitors to find out about you and your band. Whether you’re selling ad space or band merch, blogging will draw potential customers because of how much it improves your site’s SEO. Content writing is so effective that 46 percent of marketers outsourced content creation in 2017, and successful entrepreneurs like Brian Magierski blog on platforms like Medium to get the word about their business ventures.

The first place you want to start is by researching your potential customers. Are you hoping to draw in young newlyweds looking for commissioned love songs? Or teenagers’ parents, who are on the hunt for an online guitar instructor? Depending on who your audience is, you’ll write in a particular style and choose certain keywords to include in your title and content. Additionally, you’ll blog 3-5 times a week to get a following and share on the relevant social media platforms. To learn more about how to perfect your blogging strategy, check out this guide from HubSpot.

3 Get on social media

Once you’ve started blogging and set up your site so that there are different pages for your ‘about me’ and the services you’re selling, it’s time to step it up on social media. No matter how great your blog posts are, what counts is sharing them on social media the minute they’re up. Not to mention that new songs you have out, which you can share live on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. If you learn about all the right hashtags and match your social media accounts with the aesthetic of your website, you’ll suddenly have followers not only where you regularly gig, but all around the world.

We’re guessing that you’ve already got a bit of experience with social media since it’s such a big part of the music world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do better. To learn about some of 2018’s emerging social media trends, read this article. Considering that Facebook alone had 2.2 billion monthly active users in late 2017, the world is your oyster. It’s this kind of engagement that makes businesses a success, with lawyers like Aaron Kelly benefitting from connecting with their customers online.

4 Use ads

Finally, don’t forget to use ads! Whether you prefer affiliate links or selling ad space, it’s an additional way to do business with your music website. And it’s passive income, which is helpful for anyone, but especially busy musicians. And as of March 2017, Amazon made it possible for creators to earn up to a 10 percent commission on sales!

By using these strategies, you’ll be making your love of music into a business in no time.

What do you think will be most challenging to you? Building the website? Promotion?

What Features Make a Great Web Host?

Barbara Spagnola - Monday, April 02, 2018

You may be building a new website or you may want to move your existing site to a better web host. You should choose only a good web host that offers the perfect combination of performance, quality support, and affordability. This guide shows you what features make a great web hosting service provider.


  • High Performance: A good web host is going to provide you with true 99.99% uptime. Many are going to promote themselves to be offering the highest limit in uptime, but it is not possible. Even when someone claims 99.90% of uptime, it means that there is going to be 10 minutes of downtime a week.

  • Faster Page Load Speed
    : Another feature of the right web host is going to fast page load speed. When you choose the right hosting service, your pages are going to load faster than 500 ms. This is while considering that your website has a structure for optimal page load speeds. You don't want to choose a hosting provider that delays your page load speeds and sends your visitors off to the competitors.

  • 24/7 Support
    : A reputable hosting solutions provider is going to offer 24/7 customer support through live chat, email and ticketing system. They are also going to provide 24/7 technical support. GoDaddy is among the rare few providers that offer true 24/7 support. Your visitors or customers shouldn't have to wait for a problem to be fixed to use your services.

  • High Storage Volume
    : One of the features of good hosting services is that they provide more than enough disk space to allow you to host your website and databases. On the other hand, other web hosts will provide you just the bare minimum required to keep your site running – only to have you upgrade within a month because your website’s needs grow. It is not easy to move your website once it is set. So choose a web host that offers space so that there is ample room for growth. You shouldn't have to think of upgrading for at least a couple years. It is best to choose a plan accordingly because storage space is not expensive.

  • Ample Bandwidth
    : The right web host is going to provide you with more than enough bandwidth. bandwidth determines how many visitors you can have every month. In an ideal world, you don't want to have any limit over it. Since bandwidth comes at a premium, you should get more than enough of monthly traffic limit. Similar to disk space, the right hosting service will have a plan that covers your requirements for a few years until your website and business has grown for a timely upgrade. A good host is also going to have appropriate plans for upgrading in the future.

  • Multiple Email Boxes
    : You cannot imagine having a business without email address. And it is most important that your address has your website’s domain name to add credibility. The perfect web host for your site is going to offer you just the required number of emails for supporting your business communication. If you need different emails for marketing, sales, general enquires, and customer support, look for a host that can offer as many free email boxes as possible. They should also provide you total control over your email boxes, from setup to management.

A good web hosting service is also going to offer affordable prices while offering everything you require within your budget. When looking for the right web host, your goal should never be cheaper rates. In web hosting, ‘cheap’ rates typically mean ‘cheap’ services too. A reputable web hosting company is focused on providing high quality services and meeting the needs of their clients and not just in having them pay for each and every feature that should otherwise be offered within the standard  package.

So make sure to look for these key features when determining which web host is best for your requirements. A reputable service will provide its business address on its website and will provide cPanel as standard control panel. They would have been in business for years and have positive online reviews.

5 Simple Design Pprinciples to help you Boost Conversion.docx

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, March 22, 2018

The basis of every website design is to boost conversion and increase sales. Even if you have only a simple hobby related blog, you still want more people coming around.

Every website designer or marketer knows the importance of an attractive looking website. A great website is a lot more than just showing visitors you have good design tastes; it can be the difference between good conversion, and a failed website.

In a research carried out by Stanford University, 46% or respondents said a website’s design is an indication of a company’s credibility. This means a professional-looking website is generally taken more serious by visitors and target consumers.

Conversely, if your website is unattractive, it could raise distrust in people. In the same research, 38% of respondents say an unattractive website will make them leave. That is a lot of lead lost.

So, you cannot afford to overlook the design, structure and layout of your website. Do whatever it takes, learn the job, hire a skilled web designer; just make sure you get it done right.

To help you get started, here are 5 really simple principles that you can implement for fast increase in your website’s conversions.

  1. Apply Hick’s Law

Hick’s Law, named after a British/ American psychologist team, states that the time it takes anyone to arrive at a decision is relative to the number of choices he or she has. This law has been cited for various purposes and is also well used in reference to website design.

When used in terms of web design, it means that the number of choices a website visitor is presented with will determine how long it takes him or her to make a choice. This can be applied in different areas of web design, such as in navigation, and products.

For example, too many menus and links on the navigation bar will cause your visitor to spend too much time deciding which one to click on. The same applies to your products page. While you may see the need to display all your products on one page, you are only making it difficult for your customer to know which choice to go with.

It is important however, that when you are applying Hick’s law, you should concentrate on displaying those elements that are more important to your conversion and sales. When you limit the choices your users have, it becomes easier for them to use your website and make decisions, which will ultimately improve your conversion rates.

A quick look at some premium websites by Pixelcarve, for example, will provide you a clearer understanding of this important design principle, as well as other features of a modern and compelling web design.

  1. Use Negative Space

Negative space in web design simply refers to the white spaces on a website. They don’t contain any elements, as opposed to the positive space where all the essential features of the website are placed.

But don’t get turned off by the name or description, negative space is actually a good thing in a website. It helps create good contrast and emphasize key elements on the site, therefore making them more appealing and readable.

Negative space is now the current practice in web design as it gives an overall attractive minimalistic effect. Visitors are no longer interested in a site where every part of the page is choked up with garish colors and terrible effects. What they want to see now is clear content that is easy on the eyes.

When you use negative space on your website, you make it possible for people to see the parts of your website that matters. This is essentially a great way to enhance user experience, and of course; it will lead to an increase in conversion.

  1. Color and Contrast

Color is one of the most underrated aspects of any website, yet it plays a very vital role in usability, and helps convey the brand identity of the website. Remember color lessons in business school? Different color combinations can bring about different reactions in people.

So how does this help your conversion? When choosing a color scheme for your website, ensure to go with something that would evoke the emotion or reaction you are looking for in your visitors, or one that portrays the message your brand is trying to pass.

When you have gotten a suitable color scheme, use contrast to make your headline, fonts, Call to Action buttons and other important element stand out. For example, a black text will do well on a white background, and a blue call to action button will be very noticeable in the overall mix. Get a top professional designer to help you incorporate these vital color principles in web design for optimum results for your online brand to boost brand identity, including using Behance for a web portfolio.

  1. Don’t forget the 8-Second Rule

The 8 second rule expressly states that you have no more than 8 seconds to attract your visitors’ attention. Why? Because that is the exact attention span of the average human being. This is why smart video marketers ensure that they pass their message in the first 8 seconds of a video, anything longer than that, viewers are likely to lose interest and go away.

You basically have a very tiny window of opportunity to attract and engage a visitor when they land on your homepage for the first time. It is therefore essential that you make that time count.

Here are a few ways you can achieve quick engagement –

  • Use a large headline that is catchy but short and straight to the point.

  • Use an attractive image to emphasize the point you’re trying to make.

  • Make your call to action buttons noticeable and attractive.

  • Use words that make your content more appealing.

  • Incorporate visuals in your content, such as pictures, videos and infographics.

  • Use intelligent popups to re-engage visitors who are leaving without undertaking any action on your website.

K.I.S.S. and Makeup

Well, maybe not really, but it is essential that you apply the KISS principle in your website design. “Keep it Simple; Stupid” focuses on simplicity as solution that provides for enhanced user experience and improved conversion.

As you’re working on your page, ensure that you’re not making it complex for users. Simplicity improves functionality. Your visitors should be able to perform the tasks they come on your website to perform easily. If they are there to buy a product, the process of picking out the item, moving to shopping cart and checking out should be so streamlined that your customers can be done shopping in no time.

KISS involves focusing on a clean, uncluttered design, free of distractions and complexities. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, it also drives better conversions.

When designing your website, it is important that you create and provide a user experience that is free of anything that is not absolutely necessary.

Over to you

So here you have it. You’ve got 5 really simple techniques you can apply to improve your conversions. Why not take a look at your current setup to see if there’s anywhere you need to improve on today? Good luck.

Need to Supercharge Your Site’s Sales? Don’t Overlook These 5 On-Site Elements

Barbara Spagnola - Friday, March 16, 2018

With the public at large more than happy to purchase products and services online, even from relatively unknown brands, there’s no better time to be a vendor, right?

That said, there’s no denying the uphill battle today’s business face when competition is fierce and our customers’ attention spans are at an all-time low.

As a result, sometimes it’s the most subtle elements of our site that could be the difference between a repeat customer and a lost lead.

Whether your numbers are lagging behind or you’re just now putting together your site for the first time, consider the following steps to improve your sales and landing pages ASAP.

Be Flexible with Payments

Especially if you’re dealing with international customers, bear in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all method to accepting payments online. Beyond the fact that you might be dealing with multiple currencies, site owners need to mind their visitors’ preferences when it comes to payments.

From secure payments via credit cards to PayPal and digital wallets, some merchants today are even going as far as accepting cryptocurrencies. The more options you offer, the better.

Either way, make sure that you’re following the rule when it comes to accepting payments. Complying with regulations as a vendor is crucial for protecting your business as well as your customers’ data.

Focus on Product Quality Over Quantity

This might seem backward, but consider how flooding your site with products or variables could actually work to overwhelm your visitors.

By keeping your inventory to a minimum (think: an online business selling three courses instead of a dozen, an ecommerce shop selling 30 items of clothing instead of 100), your visitors are less bogged down with choices. Likewise, this makes the process of promoting your products off-site easier as you don’t feel pressured to promote tons of inventory at a time.

Clear Up Your Calls-to-Action

Simply put, coming up with a killer call-to-action is an essential element of any business’ site. In a day and age dominated by mobile users especially, sites need to ensure that their buttons and imagery are loud and clear when it comes to getting people to click (or tap). Don’t make the mistake of hiding your CTAs: when in doubt, flashier is oftentimes better.

Include a Guarantee

No matter how you slice it, many shoppers online are still skeptics. Boasting an on-site guarantee in terms of your products’ quality or results can serve to give someone peace of mind who otherwise might bounce on your officer.

And in addition to writing a guarantee that converts, also include some sort of refund policy which proves that you believe in whatever it is you’re selling.

A Bit of Proof Goes a Long Way

Here’s another step to win over skeptics.

Plastering testimonials, reviews and customer photos on-site is a smart move to provide concrete proof that you’ve done good business in the past. Any sort of proof that features an actual person (think: a headshot of a customer) is a plus, especially for your landing and product pages.

Scoring sales on-site means paying keen attention to each and every element of your visitors’ experience. With these tips in mind, you’re more likely to win business from cold visitors and boost your bottom line as a result.

How Location-Based Marketing will Evolve in 2018

Barbara Spagnola - Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2018 promises to be a year of technological development and more specifically, location-based marketing. Many innovators are looking for more ways that they can adopt mobile advertising and location data so that the two work together in interesting ways. For instance, it is possible that the machine learning application to audience and location data program will roll out this year. In the past, location-based audiences were largely defined by audiences that are in a specific location. However, the program seeks to enlarge these locations so that more users can start enjoying the services.

Another location-based marketing evolution that we are likely to witness in 2018 is predictive modeling that will understand the duration of visitation cycles. According to research conducted by the Advertising Research Foundation, that previous consumer of about twenty percent from over two months ago can repeat their purchases. This attributes to the effectiveness of the adverts in their location. If you are in Las Vegas, for instance, you can use the Platinum Web Marketing for internet marketing in Las Vegas in a bid to see more customers from your area come to your business.

Location-based marketing allows marketers to know the lifestyles of their customers amongst other factors. While this is not going to be a totally new trend in 2018, the idea is likely to have a lot of improvements. The growth of technology will allow marketers to have further details about their customers’ lives, work, shopping, and travels. From the information, they will be able to customize their services better so that it suits many of the customers in the region. What is more is that the data will be more accurate so there will be no doubt that the marketers will be hitting the right points.

Marketers will be able to learn the market trends better. This will allow them to predict what the market needs and be able to deliver the products or services in advance. This is not only beneficial (who will be able to make profits from their predictions) but also consumers who will have all the services available at their disposal at all times. Also, the more data sources will be able to link the online and offline consumer journeys in meaningful ways.

Even though the trends of location-based marketing appear imminent in 2018, the speed of evolvement will depend on issues such as the marketers’ ability to guarantee safety to the users. Not many users will be comfortable to share their location data unless they have a very good reason to. The marketers and product managers must be able to deliver quality products, services, and exhibit transparency in their dealings.


The year 2018 has many plans for evolving location-based marketing. Some of the trends that we are likely to witness include having predictive modeling built to understand the duration of visitation cycles and more accuracy in data location for better service delivery. Consumers are likely to get more customized products, and the marketers will have more accurate data information. However, the success of these trends will depend on the marketers’ ability to convince the consumers of sharing their data location.

A Question That Could Shield You From Online Frauds

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Have you ever imagined that your online movie watching experience might lead to the compromising of your security? Yes it can! Owing to the increasing demands of the internet streaming services, a number of fake sites have proliferated who use several temptations to fetch the various private details of the users logging on to the sites like account number, credit or debit card details etc.

These sites have been using that hunger among the public for getting more entertainment by paying less to do such heinous crimes. The fraudulent sites have been selling out these vital details of various customers which have been obtained from them by setting several tempting traps.

There is a necessity to gain the required knowledge so that one could easily distinguish between the fraudulent and the legitimate internet streaming sites that are currently functional. Our team has checked a lot of papers, documents and internet sources to make a complete research of online frauds.  Negligence in this matter can lead to a major mishap in the future. So, necessary care needs to be taken so as to avert any such forthcomings.


There are few notable and distinct things that can help a person to easily check whether an internet streaming site is legal or not. As a part of prior checking, the following small questions can be quite helpful so decide on the authenticity of the streaming site.


A regular internet surfer often relates these random ad pop ups to disgust. But yes, these disgusting pop ups indicate the legitimacy of a site. The ads that pop up are generally the ones that are published by Google and have a Google tag at the bottom. It must be known that Google does not publish ads on fraud or fake sites and only does so after thorough verification.


As a part of promotional campaigns and better usability, all the legal streaming sites come up with movie app applications for Android and iOS platforms so that the services can be enjoyed lucidly. This does not happen in case of fraud sites with ill intentions. If a answer to the above question is a NO, then you need to do a thorough research before trusting the site with your credentials.


The fraudulent sites often prefer to maintain a low key. However the genuine sites generally have Wikipedia entries by their name depicting the service starting date, a track of developments associated with the service, stocks, prices of schemes, founder, user feedbacks, user base etc. Before paying for the subscription fee for the streaming service, just make sure that your streaming service has a genuine Wiki entry.


Generally these streaming services grow with the help of funding from other major companies. This is generally clearly mentioned on the site itself. The company carries out a thorough background research on the site before providing any sort of funding. This automatically justifies the legitimacy of the site. Go ahead if you find a company collaboration depiction on the site.


After having asked yourself the above questions and getting the respective answers, one can easily decide whether to trust the site or not. The craze for online watching of movies has resulted in a new level of scam which needs to be suppressed as soon as possible by taking all the necessary measures.

Having got the confirmation regarding the authenticity of the streaming service, you are all good to go and get high on entertainment.

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Five trending small business web designing ideas for 2018

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, January 25, 2018

Now that we are in the beginning of 2018, it’s a good idea to be sure that you are prepared for the marketing in the year ahead. Now that the internet and digital world are so ubiquitous, having a marketing strategy which doesn’t involve them is negligent in the part of any self-respecting company which wants to be taken seriously. Web design and marketing are both equally important, since the design is what makes a company’s marketing stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Havingwell-designed adverts can mean the difference between a company which is doing well, and a company which is losing customers and prospects to other companies that look more appealing.

Place the Customer in Centre-stage

Marketing isn’t strictly about the product - or even the company - anymore. It’s all about the customer, and what the product or service can do for them. The marketing in 2018 seems to be trending towards moving even closer to having the customer be what is truly important in the equation.

Companies are looking at this relationship in a varietyof ways; they are using social media more in order to bring themselves to the customer directly, and they are using marketing techniques which speak directly tothe customer, thus enticing them in.

A notable feature of this marketing style is that often companies have to change their home websites to accommodate the new marketing - if a website is easy to navigate and use, then a customer will feel much more attended to.

Use Location Marketing

Location services are one of the newer trends found in digital marketing, as people from MADesign will tell you, but they are already seeing a lot of use. Location marketing has been made possible by the proliferation of mobile devices – studies have shown that when people need a service or product right away, they are more likely to use their mobile devices than any desktop ones – and targeting people specifically in your companies area can both help to narrow down the target market for your advertising, and also increase the amount of traffic your company and online presence receive. Advertising targeting specific markets makes it more likely to be successful.

Use Livestreaming

Livestreaming isn’t just a gimmick any more – more and more companies are using it to bring customers and prospects directly into their business. Livestreaming is like Instagram and other photo-based social media in that it allows people to see the inner workings of a business. The only difference is that videos last for longer, and capture more than one single moment in time. Livestreaming allows people to feel as if they are part of the company, because they allow members of staff to interact directly (or close enough) with customers.

Collect More Data  

Big data has been talked about for a while now, since all the major online players collect large amounts of data and use that to help make the online experience more attractive and lucrative for everyone.Collecting more data allows you to target marketing more effectively, since you can learn the relative ages, locations, interests, and more, of your customers quite easily.

Use Micro-marketing

Marketing is quite expensive, so 2018 seems to be trending towards targeting specific areas of your customer base in an effort to prop up sales in areas where they are suffering. Micro-marketing means taking one specific group and spending all your marketing on them, to ensure that prospects become customers, and customers become repeat customers.

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5 Myths About Marketing Strategy For Web Hosts

Barbara Spagnola - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The hosting industry is an incredibly competitive market. There are almost 50,000 companies in web hosting worldwide, and 10,000 in the USA alone. Gone are the days of a few big providers dominating the market – in recent years, several smaller hosting providers have used innovative marketing strategies to significantly improve their market share.

The rewards for doing so can be huge. Revenues for Cloud services alone are expected to grow to $95 Billion in the next 3 years. But with so much competition, how do you make your company stand out from other hosting providers?

Well, one thing is for sure, don’t believe these 5 myths:

                        1. I Can’t Afford Marketing

Trust me, you can. In such a competitive market, you can’t afford not to have marketing.

Bear in mind that marketing need not be expensive. HubSpot research has found that something as simple as blog update frequency can drive sales. Focus on quality rather than quantity – write a few genuinely engaging blog posts, rather than spamming every potential customer with dozens of marketing emails.

                        2. Social Media is Dead

Nowadays, it might seem that the efficacy of social media campaigns is getting less and less. However, this is largely because a lot of companies still aren’t using social media properly.

At its best, social media is a great way of building a relationship between your brand and your customers. Rather than paying for Facebook ads, why not engage directly with your customers by commenting when they mention your company, and responding to their questions? This is free, and a great way of securing repeat business.

                        3. My Competition Doesn’t Advertise

It’s definitely tempting to feel that since your large competitors are not marketing their company, you don’t  need to. Remember, though, that in these days of social media and targeted email campaigns, they might be doing a lot of marketing that is invisible to you.

The trick is standing out from the crowd. According to research done by Q3 internet, 53% of companies don’t have a particular reason why they chose one hosting provider over another. It seems that measures of speed, uptime, and reliability are not the selling points you thought they were – what matters is being seen by the most customers.

                        4. Content Marketing Is Too Expensive

Content marketing is definitely expensive, but you get what you pay for when it comes to effective marketing. Research done by SocialMediaB2B suggests that companies with blogs generate 67% more leads, on average, than those without.

Content marketing also helps to build a relationship between your customers and your brand, ensuring repeat sales. Doesn’t sound so expensive now, does it?

                        5. My Customers Know Where To Find Me

I hear this one all the time. The truth is that in this market, unless you are continuously generating new customers, you are going to be out-competed. Small businesses are getting more tech-savvy all the time, and unless you can convince your existing customers that you are still the best option for them, they will leave.

Why Is Web Design The Most Important Part Of Your Marketing?

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, October 12, 2017

When first starting out, rarely do business owners grasp the importance of designing a good website right off the bat. Nowadays, without a substantial internet presence, a business might as well just not exist. This is due to the prevalence of social media and our increased reliance on Google searches and similar activities. With so much people spending hours upon hours online, it’s only natural that designing a good site helps reel all of those people in and, more importantly, gets them to stay and/or make a purchase. When thinking about good web design, people often make the mistake of only considering the visual and, while it does play a big part, and you can even opt for Wordpress themes for designers, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.


The first and obvious choice here is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The main reason people choose to revamp their sites or simply build them in accordance to Google’s guidelines is to be perceived as SEO-compliant. This means that a site will fit as closely as possible to Google’s own mold of what a high-ranking site would look like and, as a result, pop up higher in relevant searches. This kind of presence generates organic traffic, meaning that the users come themselves when they’re actually searching for things relevant to your area of business, making them more susceptible to make a purchase due to the newfound sense of agency.


As mentioned previously, this is the main thing people associate with good web design, as they should. User experience is a tremendously important factor that essentially deals with the users after SEO has reeled them in. A good UX can make or break a deal simply due to the convenience at which everything on the site is offered. Is it streamlined? Does it load fast? These are just some of the factors that need to be addressed to cater to anyone that ends up on our home page. We’ve all grown accustomed to fast load times and clear-cut sleek designs, there is no reason not to have our site follow suit. 


With so many factors that go into Conversion Rate Optimization, there are two main reasons that will have a lasting impact on a site: authority and simplicity. As stated above, a simplistic design is something we should all strive for, people tend to get lost and annoyed with too many things happening on the screen at once. A good design will ensure the right amount of elements for the site to be visually pleasing without swarming visitors. As for authority, this comes down to not having a site look like a stock template someone found on Tumblr. Rarely do people trust sites like these and they most-certainly wouldn’t feel safe spending their money there.


Measuring analytics didn’t present much of a problem until web design got a bit clunkier. With so many sites’ parts staying on one singular URL, the difficulties of analyzing site data go through the roof. To combat this, it is best to use a simple yet effective method of designing a site, keeping future measurements in mind. This will help owners figure out what works and what doesn’t and actively work on their site to deliver the best experience possible for the best bang for their buck.

Brand consistency

Bringing your site to the next level helps establish and maintain your brand, anything from colors, logos, fonts or slogans will become more prominent and instill themselves in the minds of customers and passersby alike. Your site is essentially the face of your company in modern day marketing, making anything presented there stick, and creative logo design can only help your brand. This can help associate your business with certain ideas or notions that you might present yourself with. Make no mistake, being associated with words like “trust” and “safety” can go a very long way.

Higher user retention

The trust of the matter is – people like pretty. Whatever the object in focus might be, if it’s visually and functionally appealing, we’re pretty much sold on it. A good design will keep people coming back for more as seen on the sites worked on by Bapple Freelance Web Design. This is precisely the whole point of marketing - keeping them coming back for more. With such an increased user retention, even if users are only buying, each visit is a step closer in the right direction – towards sealing the deal.


The gist is – everyone needs a good web design. So many other aspects of a business hinge on the assurance that the site potential customers land on will be able to close the deal. With less and less people wanting to leave the house to actually buy something and drones starting to deliver orders directly to houses – soon, building a good online presence will be the only way of getting noticed. Take the time, do your research, invest in good web design and watch your business flourish. 

How Are Website Design Agencies Benefiting from Instagram Marketing?

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, September 21, 2017

Instagram is the platform that welcomes all professions and passions with open arms. This platform is ideal for designers, photographers, and sellers since it is an image-heavy platform. You can directly showcase exactly what you are selling. Instagram is gradually becoming the hub for website designers. The new features including Instagram video and image gallery allow the users to display their work entirely.

Instagram for website designers

Some website design companies do better than the others on Instagram do. If you are a new brand starting out on Instagram, there are a few secrets you need to know. First, always include Instagram as a priority in your social media marketing strategy. Second, almost 300 million people use Instagram on a daily basis. There are over 700 million user profiles and over 100 million business profiles on Instagram. Therefore, you need to do something extra get new followers for Instagram. Something interesting and engaging is easier said than done.

Try new display software

Have you ever tried something like Canva? Maybe you have heard of Stencil, PicMonkey, and Pablo. These are image-editing sites that have the power to transform any mundane Instagram profile into something awesome. Some of them have free features, which you can use to create a robust social media marketing strategy. These allow you to create interesting stories that simply stand out. You can tweak with the colors and the background, insert your brand logo and choose new fonts to give your story the extra edge it needs.

Engage more users

Studies show that posts with geotagging engage 79% more users. It is a significant improvement over generic posts that do not indicate any location. It is a part of local marketing. If you are interested in attracting a local crowd, do not forget to use the right hashtags. It is critical for local website design companies, who help small and medium businesses by creating professional websites. 

Take the help of galleries to display your previous design work that involves companies whom you have already helped. Create your own business profile on Instagram and then move on with your marketing strategy. Sometimes, creating a marketing strategy for website design companies on Insta does not require a budget. It just needs oodles of creativity and smartness.

Videos get more users

Use the video sharing feature to share client testimonials and reviews. Show time-lapse of a project you have worked on. Provide interesting information about your company that sets you apart from other website designers. All in all, Instagram helps you tell your story. So why not add some quirk and stay ahead of the competition to grab the attention of the clients you really need.

Instagram’shashtag method allows all professionals to attract the right kind of attention. It is a natural filter, which keeps irrelevant crowds at bay. For website designers, designing the perfect Instagram profile should be a rookie job that takes less than a day.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.