Why Is Web Design The Most Important Part Of Your Marketing?

Barbara Spagnola - Thursday, October 12, 2017

When first starting out, rarely do business owners grasp the importance of designing a good website right off the bat. Nowadays, without a substantial internet presence, a business might as well just not exist. This is due to the prevalence of social media and our increased reliance on Google searches and similar activities. With so much people spending hours upon hours online, it’s only natural that designing a good site helps reel all of those people in and, more importantly, gets them to stay and/or make a purchase. When thinking about good web design, people often make the mistake of only considering the visual and, while it does play a big part, and you can even opt for Wordpress themes for designers, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.


The first and obvious choice here is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The main reason people choose to revamp their sites or simply build them in accordance to Google’s guidelines is to be perceived as SEO-compliant. This means that a site will fit as closely as possible to Google’s own mold of what a high-ranking site would look like and, as a result, pop up higher in relevant searches. This kind of presence generates organic traffic, meaning that the users come themselves when they’re actually searching for things relevant to your area of business, making them more susceptible to make a purchase due to the newfound sense of agency.


As mentioned previously, this is the main thing people associate with good web design, as they should. User experience is a tremendously important factor that essentially deals with the users after SEO has reeled them in. A good UX can make or break a deal simply due to the convenience at which everything on the site is offered. Is it streamlined? Does it load fast? These are just some of the factors that need to be addressed to cater to anyone that ends up on our home page. We’ve all grown accustomed to fast load times and clear-cut sleek designs, there is no reason not to have our site follow suit. 


With so many factors that go into Conversion Rate Optimization, there are two main reasons that will have a lasting impact on a site: authority and simplicity. As stated above, a simplistic design is something we should all strive for, people tend to get lost and annoyed with too many things happening on the screen at once. A good design will ensure the right amount of elements for the site to be visually pleasing without swarming visitors. As for authority, this comes down to not having a site look like a stock template someone found on Tumblr. Rarely do people trust sites like these and they most-certainly wouldn’t feel safe spending their money there.


Measuring analytics didn’t present much of a problem until web design got a bit clunkier. With so many sites’ parts staying on one singular URL, the difficulties of analyzing site data go through the roof. To combat this, it is best to use a simple yet effective method of designing a site, keeping future measurements in mind. This will help owners figure out what works and what doesn’t and actively work on their site to deliver the best experience possible for the best bang for their buck.

Brand consistency

Bringing your site to the next level helps establish and maintain your brand, anything from colors, logos, fonts or slogans will become more prominent and instill themselves in the minds of customers and passersby alike. Your site is essentially the face of your company in modern day marketing, making anything presented there stick, and creative logo design can only help your brand. This can help associate your business with certain ideas or notions that you might present yourself with. Make no mistake, being associated with words like “trust” and “safety” can go a very long way.

Higher user retention

The trust of the matter is – people like pretty. Whatever the object in focus might be, if it’s visually and functionally appealing, we’re pretty much sold on it. A good design will keep people coming back for more as seen on the sites worked on by Bapple Freelance Web Design. This is precisely the whole point of marketing - keeping them coming back for more. With such an increased user retention, even if users are only buying, each visit is a step closer in the right direction – towards sealing the deal.


The gist is – everyone needs a good web design. So many other aspects of a business hinge on the assurance that the site potential customers land on will be able to close the deal. With less and less people wanting to leave the house to actually buy something and drones starting to deliver orders directly to houses – soon, building a good online presence will be the only way of getting noticed. Take the time, do your research, invest in good web design and watch your business flourish. 

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