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The Facts About Internet Fax Services

by: sharktooth on Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 Time: 3:52 AM

What is Internet fax? It's the twenty-first century version of traditional facsimile technology, which uses a scanner to convert a paper document to digital format, and sends it to a fax machine in another location which translates the digital information and prints another physical copy. Whether via a broadband or dial-up connection, you can send and receive internet faxes whether or not the party to whom you're sending them uses internet fax or not. Even the faxes people with traditional fax machines send to you can be received as virtual faxes. And, likewise, you can send an internet fax to people with traditional fax machines who can still receive it like they would any other fax. When people with regular fax machines call your internet fax number, they will hear a pre-recorded message, either a default message provided by your internet fax service or your own personal message, letting them know that they've reached your virtual fax and that they can proceed to send over their fax as normal.

Internet fax services typically charge you a flat rate for unlimited incoming faxes from anywhere and outgoing faxes to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. International virtual fax rates are typically charged if sending to countries other than those, but they're very inexpensive. Many virtual fax companies will even offer to give you an incoming internet fax number for free, so that you can try out their service risk-free before you decide to sign up fully. If your faxing requirements are minimal, you can as well sign up for a type of service that will entail very small monthly or yearly fees.

By choosing internet faxing as your primary transmission method, one of the main benefits to you will be the savings, both in time and resources. Internet faxing will save you money over time since you will no longer require fax paper rolls, repair and maintenance of the fax machine itself, an additional phone line or toner cartridges (those certainly add up over time). You will no longer need to type out cover pages since you can utilize a standard, customizable cover page template. Additionally, you no longer have to print out each document you wish to send as they can all be added as attachments and sent immediately.

Now lets look at what an Internet Fax Service can provide for you and what you should look for when choosing a service provider.

Price Value

How much service will you receive for the cost? Can you get unlimited incoming and outgoing faxes for a low rate? Or will you get up to 100 incoming and 50 outgoing faxes a month for an exorbitant fee? You should at least be able to get a free trial to send faxes online with established and reliable fax software, (maybe even a free incoming fax number indefinitely), and no set-up fee or other hidden fees on service. Due diligence is your main ally at this point. Try as many trial offers as necessary until you find a good fit.


Nothing is more aggravating or disappointing than when you send a fax through traditional methods and it doesn't go through. You are not likely to be any less irritated if you send faxes online and they don't go through either. Some internet fax services offer delivery guarantees on their services - read the fine print and choose what best suits your requirements.

Customer Support

It's the same with internet fax services as it is with every other service-providing business - customer service is paramount. A company is only as good as the customer service it provides. How readily available are trained, knowledgeable, and friendly support staff to help you twenty four hours a day and three hundred and sixty five days per year? And through what selection of methods - local or toll-free phone, email, web form, live web chat? And lastly, what kind of self-support suite does the service offer? Does its user guides, tutorials, knowledgebase, troubleshooters, etc. cover all you need to know to receive and send faxes online using its service? Choose a provider based on most, if not all of these attributes.

Ease of Use

Most of us rely on the software interfaces to guide us through the otherwise intimidating process of communicating our needs to it in a way that produces desired results, in this case: to receive and send faxes online. The best internet fax software will lead you step-by-step through the process to receive and send faxes online.

Internet fax service has indeed addressed not only the cost but also logistic and convenience problems of traditional faxing. And not only that, it has allowed business' and individuals to multi-task without sacrificing efficiency and output. Explore your options, take some trial offers and get acquainted with internet faxing and move your business and communication into the 21st century.

About the Author

Metro Hi Speed is a leader in internet fax solutions for any sized business. Less expensive and more reliable than traditional fax services - you'll enjoy the convenience and well as the cost. Visit us today for more information on our small business and corporate fax solutions

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