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Need to know how to handle press releases? Looking for the best strategies for postcard marketing? Try our free eBooks for expert assistance with key marketing elements. 

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Creating Ideas and Building Brands

We know that gaining a competitive edge in today's business world can be difficult. Marketing strategies are constantly changing, and you need to keep on top of the latest strategies, trends, etc. It takes time to research information on the web… and time is money! We’ve done the research for you; we’ve compiled a list of Slide Share Presentations that offer information that will benefit your business.

The Do-It-Yourself Press Release Kit

Have you ever wondered how news finds its way to your newspaper, magazine, and appears on television or radio? The answer to this question is the Press Release. This kit shows you how to prepare, write, format and distribute your own effective Press Releases.

Developing a Successful Postcard Marketing Campaign

Provides an explanation of the considerations and process requirements for your postcard campaign. It includes everything you need to know from deciding the message; pictures/graphics; targeting the right market; postcard size; printing requirements and U.S. Postal Service guidelines.

Who Is Most Likely to Buy From You

A targeted mailing list is key to a good campaign. This e-book defines what a direct mailing list is, defining your target audience, how to choose your list and tracking responses.


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