Looking for e-mail marketing?  Accurate Data means a Successful Campaign


Data driven
Focus on a statistically based marketing campaign.

Highly Targeted
Highly targeted to the exact specifications of your audience.

Drive Direct Sales
Directed toward an exact component of your business

Our Guarantee
100% of the data is guaranteed for the first 60 days.


Unlimited license for all contact information              
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    • Company Name
    • Full contact name
    • Title
    • Physical Address
    • City, State, Zip, Country
    • Main or Direct Phone Number
    • Email Address, URL/web address
    • Annual Revenue (where available)
    • Number of Employees (where available)
    • SIC Code(s) (where available)
If you find any incorrect data, send us the record within 60 days of the delivery date indicating what part of the data is incorrect (bad phone #, email bounced etc.), We will correct or replace the record.  

Data Source

The data has been compiled through years of direct marketing campaigns (email campaigns, telephone campaigns, and direct mail campaigns). The data has then been supplemented further by data appendage and collection from web based resources. 

Contact Titles
Our contacts are considered “Decision Makers”, we only include contacts at the manager level and above. You can typically expect a mix of Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-Level contacts.

Data Verification
All of our featured databases are verified and updated every 45 to 60 days.

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