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Would't it be great to know which customers are likely to buy from
you at any given time? Audience Propensities focuses on what is
likely to be not what has happened in the past.

Audience Propensities are selects designed to predict consumer
behavior, as well as product and brand affinities. They provide
insight into a consumer’s likelihood to respond, convert and remain

First introduced to Fortune 500 companies, Audience Propensities
scored great results. Available for the first time to small and mid-sized
companies. Nearly 4,000 Audience Propensities means that they can
be used for all kinds of offers.

Audience Propensity consistently delivers higher results compared to
other lists with similar counts and geography. 

PR ebook 2
              The results:

More Effective Marketing
Higher Profitability
Excellent Customer Experience

Get insight into:

Potential Spending
Brand Affinity
Media Consumption
Spending Habits 

Enhance your Current Selects
Adding Audience Propensity has
been known to
improve an already
successful campaign.