A Resident/Occupant List.will maximize your postage rate savings and get instant name recognition throughout a neighborhood! Reach everyone within a specific area for pennies per record.
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Resident / Occupant
Saturation Mailing Data 

150M residents 
  12M business locations


Included Selects:
  Radius by Distance
  Radius by Drive Time
  Dwelling Type
  Route Type
  Meridian Income
  Meridian Home Value
  % of Household w/ Children
     in a CRRT

What makes us different –  
Technology, Targeting and List Quality

Drive-time radius:
Gathers prospects who can most easily reach a destination.
Polygon mapping technology:
Lets users draw their geography; great for
designating franchise territories as well as selecting 
areas required by city ordinances.

Target by Carrier Route  
median age, 
home value,
length of residence,
% of ethnicity in a carrier route.

While all Occupant data is derived from the same 
master database of all addresses in the country, we 
make sure our customers receive only the best of it. 

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97% Avg

94% Deliverability

<.1% Simplified

100% DPV

100% Highest
DPV Score


Premium Selects:
OccuNames adds Names
where available
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