Who Is Most Likely to Buy From You?

Planning a Direct Mail Campaign: The Mail List

What is Direct Mail Marketing?
Put your message in front of consumers or businesses
using direct mail sent straight to the target audience –
communicate straight to your potential customer. While
there are many forms of direct marketing which includes email,
database marketing, mobile text messaging, online
display ads, etc., we’re going to concentrate on marketing
through direct mail. Direct mail marketing is attractive for the
following reasons:
1. It can be targeted to a specific group of customers or prospects,
2. It can contain a targeted message for a specific product and/or service,
3. Its success can be measured directly through responses to the mail piece,
4. Generally costs less than other advertising mediums.
Marketing results can be increased while costs can simultaneously be reduced!                                      
Included in the book are:
Definition of direct mail marketing
Defining your target customer
Creating a targeted list
Tracking results
SIC code directory

Glossary of direct mail terms 


"Who Is Likely to Buy From You?" will give you insight on how to select a targeted direct mail list that will bring you results and how to track your responses. It includes an SIC Code Directory and a Glossary of Direct Mail Terms to assist you in understanding the process of selecting a list.

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