Press releases have evolved over the years, especially with the importance of online marketing. To make a press release work for your business, there must be a strategy. Here are tips to an effective press release:

  • Announce a new product or service. 
    Reach thousands of journalists instantly and be seen on major search engines and social media.
  • Brand your business. 
    Publish and distribute a press release on a consistent basis. It's a good way to improve your company image and develop a brand.
  • Include Images in your release. 
    Convey your message and news stories using videos, images and other multimedia.
  • Distribute to millions of people instantly. 
    A press release can be distributed to millions of people around the world instantly through email and social media.
  • Direct readers to other areas of your site.
    Include links to web pages within a press release, giving you the ability to direct readers to more information on your business. 
  • Search engine optimization is key. 
    Use targeted keywords so visitors can find your company information through search engines.
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