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Free publicity beats paid advertising, hands-down. 

A well-written press release has the ability to generate remarkable attention for your company, product, or service. In an age of digital advertising, the press release is still the king of publicity. Why? Because, time and time again, research shows that press releases can generate a higher return than high-powered ad campaigns. Editors are literally thirsting for newsworthy stories with a journalistic slant. And readers trust them to provide relevant and useful information. Let Concept Marketing Group highlight your business in a smart, sharp press release that newspapers, magazines, and online media sources will want to publish. Call us at 1-800-575-5369.

Why our press releases are different

  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Direct-to-Editor distribution - we send your release to the specific editors of the sections/industries your news relates to -- not to a general inbox
  • Updated distribution lists - never more than 90 days old and updated constantly
  • Our experienced writing staff reviews each release before distribution
  • HTML E-mail and FAX distribution includes your logo, photos, and customizations
  • Distribution reports include the media outlet, editor name, and website your release was sent to
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