Do-It-Yourself Press Release Kit

by Concept Marketing Group, Inc.

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Have you ever wondered how news finds its way to your newspaper, magazine, and appears on television or radio? The answer to this question is the Press Release.

A Press Release is a simple communication piece that is more powerful and is sometimes more effective than advertising. Many companies, individuals, authors, associations and government agencies engage public relations and advertising firms to write and distribute media releases on their behalf. But did you know that by following some basic guidelines; using an accepted industry format; and writing content simply and concisely, you can write your own Press Release?

Using "Writing Effective Press Releases", you will learn quickly how to prepare, write, format and distribute your own effective Press Releases. It includes a template you can use for producing press releases; examples of the various types of releases and formats; tips and tricks of the trade; comprehensive listings of media outlets; and finally, how to track your media coverage.

By using the comprehensive information provided in our book, you will be able to write and distribute your own press releases quickly and effectively.

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Included in the book:

What makes a Press Release Newsworthy
The Key Components of a Press Release
Guidelines for the Various Types of Media
Writing for Radio and Television Media
Templates for Specific Industries
Sample Press Releases
Top Newspapers Nationwide with Contacts
Media Associations with Contacts
Tips and Tricks of the Trade