Developing a Successful Postcard Marketing Campaign

by Concept Marketing Group, Inc.

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Postcards are a simple and inexpensive way of communicating. You send them to your
friends and family while you are on vacation. Your doctor or dentist sends you a card to remind you of your next appointment.

Postcards convey the message immediately. There are no envelopes to open and because the picture/graphic is on the front
where you can see it, you are already interested in knowing who sent it to you. Your reaction is to automatically turn the card
over and see what the message could be.

This communication method is now favored by many businesses as well. Real estate companies are letting you know which
houses are for sale in your neighborhood. Insurance companies want your business so they offer you reduced rates via
postcards. The local restaurant wants your business so they offer you a two for the price of one dinner special on certain nights.

Many companies opt for postcard mailings believing the process is as simple as selecting the card and writing a message on
the back. This is true for your vacation postcards but it is a much more intensive process for mailing 1,000-100,000 postcards at a time.

"Developing a Successful Postcard Campaign" provides you with an explanation of the considerations and process requirements
for your postcard campaign. It includes everything you need to know from deciding the message; pictures/graphics; targeting the right
market; postcard size; printing requirements and U.S. Postal Service guidelines.

At Concept Marketing Group, we are here to help you conduct a successful postcard campaign. We want you to be our partner in
delivering a successful postcard campaign. We believe by empowering you with this information, together, we will accomplish your
campaign goals.

Download Now: Developing A Successful Postcard Campaign

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Included in the book are:

  • Advantages of using postcards
  • Uses of postcard advertising
  • Developing wording and layout
  • Mailing your postcard campaign
  • Tracking results of direct mail
  • Sample marketing campaigns
  • Sample postcard layouts
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