Printing - Aluminum Boards

Popular Sizes:

     9" x 24"
     12" x 18"
     18" x 24"
     20" x 30"
     23" x 23"
     24" x 36"



     Aluminum White Skin Face
     *Black core color
     *Gloss surface
     *May have sharp edges.



     3 mm – 0.0052 LB per square inch
     6 mm – 0.0097 LB per square inch

Print Options

     Full Color Both Sides
     Full Color Front, Blank Back


     Rounded Rectangle
     Rounded Square

Hole Drilling:

     4 Corners
     Top 2 Corners
     Top & Bottom Center
     4 Corners & Top and Bottom Center


Accessory Options:

     Suction Cup N' Hook (Pack of 2)
     3M Command™ Strips (Pack of 2)
     Stainless Steel Standoffs (Pack of 4)

  • Printed with UV ink for longer durability – scratch, abrasion, and weather resistant

  • Product durability is 3 to 6 months

  • Hole Drilling: 0.40" hole diameter with 0.375" away from the nearest edge

  • Accessory options vary by size and shape

  • Suction Cup N’ Hook maximum weight limit is 1.5 LB per hook

  • 3M Command™ Strip maximum weight limit is 12 LB per strip.

  • Stainless Steel Standoffs come with mounting screws for easy assembly.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, aluminum boards are used for displaying business names, logos, suite numbers, titles, etc. Uses include lobby and receptionist areas, stores, waiting rooms, internal offices, hallways, bathrooms, and more. 

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