Printing - Banners

Popular Sizes:

     2 ft x 4 ft
     3 ft x 6 ft
     3 ft x 8 ft
     4 ft x 8 ft
     4 ft x 10 ft


     10 oz. Premium Mesh Vinyl
     13 oz. Premium Scrim Glossy Vinyl
     13 oz. Premium Scrim Matte Vinyl

  • Our resilient banners can be used indoors and outdoors. They are made to withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain.

  • If properly taken care of, banners will stay intact and stable for several years.

  • Choose our Glossy media for a shiny and bright banner or our Matte media for a subtle look. Our Mesh banner is suitable for windy outdoor conditions.

  • We print our banners on digital printers that use Eco-Solvent inks for a greener environment. Eco-solvent ink is combined with a pigment and resin/glue, which allows the ink to adhere to the surfaces that are necessary for outdoor use.

  • All of our banners are printed on fire-retardant media.
    Any banner that measures over 3 ft (36 inches) on the shortest side will be folded and shipped inside a box.

  • If adding grommets every 2 feet, follow this formula: 4-6 feet have 6 total grommets. 7-8 feet have 8 total grommets. 9-10 feet have 10 total grommets.

  • Please note that due to the fact that we print in large volumes, different material types may have different quantity options.

  • Quantity ranges from as low as 1 to 100.

  • You can upload at a resolution of 150 dpi.

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