Printing - Floor Decals

Heavy Duty (HD) - Asphalt Art:

Printed On:    Coated Soft Aluminum (Polyurethane)

Thickness:    0.10 - 0.25 mm

Finish:    Heavy Duty Slip-Resistant Rigid Surface


Usage:  Outdoor/Indoor - Life span of 1 - 6 months.


Features & Benefits:   
     High visual impact

     Suitable for rough surfaces
     PVC free

     Easy to apply and remove


     Shop Entries & Stairways
     Bus, Tramway or Metro Stations Airports
     Sport Events: Stadiums, Marathons Museums
     Restaurants / Fast Food Establishments Sidewalks
     Pedestrian Areas


Applies to Both Options:


     Rounded Rectangle
     Rounded Square
     Half Circle

Lightweight - TexWalk:

Printed On:    Fabric With Textured Matte Vinyl

Coating Thickness:    0.10 - 0.25 mm

Finish:    Lightweight Slip-Resistant Soft Rigid


Surface Usage:    Indoor - Life span of 1 - 2 months.


Features & Benefits:

     Structured matte finish
     No adhesive residue
     Sticks on almost any surface

     Easy to apply and remove


     PVC Floor
     Untreated Stone
     Promotional Displays


     Slip-Resistant (R12 / BS7976)
     Flame Resistant (M1 / F3)

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