Printing - Foam Boards


Printed On:       
     Polyester Clay Coated Paper

     3/16" or 1/2"

Board Types:     
     Premium - Sturdy Board with a Matte Surface           Economy - Cost Effective Board with a
                       Semi-Gloss Surface    


Weight Per Square Inch:     
     Premium Board 3/16" - 0.0014 LB
     Premium Board 1/2" - 0.019 LB
     Economy Board 3/16" - 0.0009 LB
     Economy Board 1/2" - 0.0013 LB


Print Options:   


Printed On: 

Embossed Canvas Face




     Canvas Board - Semi-Gloss Surface

Weight Per Square Inch:

     Canvas Board 3/16" - 0.0008 LB

Print Options:



Standard Self-Adhesive

Printed On:

     Polyester Clay Coated with Neutral Back



Thickness:  3/16"



Standard Self-Adhesive Board - Matte Finish


Weight Per Square Inch:

Standard Self-Adhesive Board 3/16" - 0.0017 LB


Print Options:


Applies to all 3 Boards:

Hole Drilling:

     4 Corners
     Top 2 Corners
     Top & Bottom Center
     4 Corners + Top and Bottom Center


Accessory Options:

     Metal Hanger (Pack of 2)
     Pick N’ Hook (Pack of 2)
     Suction Cup N’ Hook (Pack of 2)
     3M Command™ Strips (Pack of 2)


     Rounded Rectangle
     Rounded Square

Our lightweight foam boards are the economical choice for professional looking prints.

  • Printed with UV ink for longer durability - scratch, abrasion, and weather resistant

  • Standard self-adhesive foam boards have Peel N' Stick backing for easy mounting

  • Accessory options may vary depending on foam board type

  • Hole Drilling: 0.40" hole diameter with 0.375" away from the nearest edge

  • Grommets are not included with hole drilling

  • Suction Cup N’ Hook maximum weight limit is 1.5 LB per hook

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