Printing - Mini Menus


     4" x 10" (Folds to 4" x 2.5")

Print Options:

     Full Color Both Sides

Paper Stocks:

     100 lb. Gloss Book


     Double Parallel Fold

  • Mini menus are not only perfect for take-out orders (just slip one in each to-go bag), but you can also provide them at your restaurant's checkout for passersby and regular customers. Conveniently small, your customers can easily store them for access to your menu options from home!

  • Mail menus to your customers and distribute to your local businesses and neighbors.

  • Design your pocket menus with pictures of your most popular menu items, and be sure to include a coupon as an additional incentive.

  • Aqueous coating will be applied to 250+ quantity orders printed on 100 lb. Gloss Book paper stock.

  • Quantities of 100 and fewer printed on 100 lb. Gloss Book paper stock will be printed digitally with no coating.

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