Networking Tools

Let's Lunch - Network with purpose - do more with your lunch hour. when you go out for lunch, we find you interesting people, Swipe to your calendar 


Shapr - Meet inspiring people; shape your life. Swipe for 1 minute each day and make connections you didn't expect. We use your tagged interests, location and professional experience to suggest 10 to 15 inspiring profiles each day. 

Grip - Intelligent Event Networking. Using advanced algorithms in combination with real-time learning from every interaction, we recommend the most relevant professionals and exhibitors to meet at your event.

TenThousandCoffees - Transform your mailing list into a private mentoring and networking program. Upload your mailing list, we'll do the rest. Upload your member contact information to provide an exclusive invitation directly into their inbox. Fast track profile completion with Linkedin or your member directory.

Weave - The easiest way to expand your professional network. Your next connection is a swipe away.

Phonebook2.0 - Inspired by instant messaging, social networks and life streaming applications, Voxmobili combined them into an all-in-one, easy to use application, It secures contacts, notifies end-users when they are online, displays birthday reminders and helps centralize all communications.

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