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10 TikTok Marketing Tips. Tip #2 Leverage Trending Hashtags

WOW! Once I sent out the Tip #1 email, the inquiries began flooding in wanting to know more about TikTok videos for business...So, here's

Tip #2: Leverage Trending Hashtags (#)

  • TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes content based on popularity and the number of views, using trending hashtags is an easy way to expand your audience.

  • TikTok videos that use trending hashtags are more likely to be discovered and have a better chance of success.

  • Users on this platform will seek out content under trending hashtags that can help introduce your brand to new expand your audience.

  • Quick Reminder: Your TikTok caption is limited to 100 characters...This means caption plus hashtags – so you need to be strategic with the ones you use.

**5 Reasons Why Trending TikTok Hashtags Are Important**

  1. Bring People to Your Content: The way its algorithm is designed, hashtags help TikTok decide who will find your content most interesting.

  2. Build a Strong Community: Users follow popular hashtags that interest them. This way, hashtags help bring people with similar interests together.

  3. Leverage Popular Trends: To succeed on TikTok, you need to stay on top of trending topics. Hashtags help you keep an eye on trending topics.

  4. Evaluate Competition: If you want to stay ahead of competitors, you need to see the kind of content they are publishing. With hashtags, analyzing competition is easier.

  5. Keep Things Simple: TikTok is all about keeping things simple. With hashtags, you can get your message across without going into too much detail.

If you are looking for the best trending hashtags, start by tapping the 'Trend Discovery' option on TikTok.

This is where you will find the previews of all videos tagged with the trending hashtags.

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