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10 Types Of Social Media Posts That Generate More Engagement

From local entrepreneurs to global companies, everybody is facing the challenge of using social media. All of us are trying to manage ours more effectively and wisely, but how? Let’s check some tips.

We all know that without any exception, all businesses are counting on social media since the late 00’s. However, the struggle for how-to use it still remains today. Employees -and even bosses- want to know the basic principles and exact rules of using social media, but we know that there isn’t a specific order.

Even so, there are some pro-advices for using social media, to keep your followers’ attention alive. All you need to do is to  vary your strategies in different techniques. Thereby, you can observe the interactions for each method.

Here, Red Design made a coverage in a great Infographic for how to make a great social media management.

Asking a question is a classic, yet working method. The pros told that everyone has an opinion in any topic and we are sometimes keen to show ours, social media is a great platform for this. If your question post gets so many answers, your goal is achieved. Just make sure that you’re asking the right questions.

Fill-in-the-blank method is the same for Q&A’s in social media, as they work parallel to each other. If you want to boost your engagement of a post, make your blank spaces visible for people to fill them and wonder about the right answer. Or, they may even want to give some personal information with the questions you asked. That is even more thrilling.

Giving advice and sharing your wise words always work. Mostly if your audience is looking for some tips. The reason for using social media is getting and giving advices and useful information. Simply, share yourself and you get shared as well.

You may think there’s no harm to increase the rivalry-spirit between your followers. You’re right. If you split your fans with some survey-based posts, it boosts your engagement faster all of a sudden. This way, you can discover your customers’ product preferences and get a chance to improve your market strategies.

Take trending topics seriously. Because if it’s trending, everyone is intended to talk about it. The tip about posting trending topics is, just being sure about the topic’s relevance to your company/page/ enterprise. Leave some space on your page for at least one trending topic per week and see what happens.

If you are special for some reason and a company knows that reason, this means they are successful in making user-generated content. Paying attention to your customer’s personal information makes you successful company. And in this case, word-of-mouth works successfully as well. Your customer(s) can suggest you to his/her friend(s) for your unique-based information for each customer/follower.

The kingdom of social media is composed of Instagram, Snaphcat and YouTube and Facebook. Therefore, this year social channels include some video-share features in their interfaces mostly. Being live and sharing live is the base notes in social media today. So, we can say that sharing videos and generating video contents are the exact right steps to take.

Do you know where all those TBT’s are coming from? The answer is the urge for adding some nostalgia in social media pages. This is an old tactic coming from traditional marketing. Sharing an old content, or posting an unfashionable, timeless post can make a big engagement on your page. Because it makes a positive effect for your audience -and especially reconnects you with your old customers-.

This is a known-fact that photo-based contents get way more click-throughs than the text-based contents. Because photos let customers/followers use their imagination. Plus, a good caption goes well with good photo content. If you schedule them and keep your page on-duty, it makes you a studious social media authority. But remember that- video contents are more in lately.

To keep your followers/customers more engaged, organize give-aways or host promotions. Studies show that companies which promote more are the most popular and hip-ones. Place some valuable, qualified promotions in your social media order and acquire more loyal customers.

As a result, social media is still improving and spreading day-by-day and methods can change all of a sudden. Yet, if you follow some various tips and use them now and again, it helps you to reinforce your customer relations and receive further customers/followers.

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