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20 Prompts to Inspire Your Next Professional Blog Post

by Lily Herman

I’ll be frank: Blogging is tough work. And a lot of times, it’s not the actual writing that’ll get you; instead, you’ll find yourself stuck figuring out what you even want to say.

If you’re currently having trouble coming up with ideas for your next professional blog post (whether it’s for your own site, another publication, or your company’s blog), have no fear: I’ve compiled a list of 20 possible prompts to use.

Take ’em or leave ’em; there are plenty to go around.

1. A Weekly or Monthly Update

One of my favorite simple blog posts to do is a weekly or monthly update of how you or your company is doing. Did you just switch jobs or take on a new project? Did your company just have a great holiday party? Write about it!

2. A Day in the Life

Similar to an update, take your readers through a day in your life at your job. Talk about some of the more important responsibilities you have as well as what each task entails. It’s always interesting to see how others work.

3. The Best Part of Your Job

This is pretty self-explanatory, but share why, exactly, you love the work you do. Hearing your passion may help others realize their passions, too!

4. A Favorite Productivity Tip

I don’t know a single professional who doesn’t love swapping productivity hacks, so let your readers in on one of your favorite efficiency secrets.

5. An Interesting Industry Blog

What’s one of your favorite industry blogs to read? Explain why you love it, and give some suggestions for great posts that first-time readers should check out.

6. A Great Article

In the same vein, have you read an article that’s incredibly relevant to your industry? Feel free to write your own personal response to it. Just make sure to give proper citation, especially if you quote the article, and add your own spin or thoughts on it so you aren’t just copying and pasting others’ work (we don’t want any plagiarism here, folks!).

7. Relevant Current Events

If a current event is going to affect your industry, it’s a great idea to alert your readers and explain your point of view. For example, if you work in HR, discuss the recent settlements that have been happening with unpaid intern disputes. They’re relevant, and they’re definitely something other professionals would want to know about.

8. A Profile of a Role Model

Who’s a professional role model of yours, and why should everyone else know about that person? Tell the world!

9. Your Favorite Career Quote

Talk about one of your favorite career quotes—how you found it, how you integrate it into your life, and why other people should consider adopting it.

10. Your 5-Year Plan

This post doesn’t have to be taken as seriously as it sounds, I promise! It’s always fun to write a post about where you see yourself or the company you work at now in five years.

11. Your Favorite Apps

What computer or phone applications do you use on a daily (or even hourly) basis? Let your readers know your top five or 10!

12. An Industry-Specific Book Review

Here’s a personal favorite: Talk about one of your favorite industry-specific booksyou’ve ever read. Include some of your favorite passages or quotes, and show readers where they can buy a copy.

13. Industry Terminology

Give your readers a beginner’s guide to your industry’s terminology. For example, when I first started out in editorial, I went on the hunt for blogs that defined what “heds,” “deks,” and “ledes” were.

14. Best Networking Events

Another favorite of mine: Talk about a great networking event or series of networking events you went to and why you thought they were so good.

15. Advice to People Just Getting Started

Give your advice to recent grads or people just entering your field on things you wish you’d known about the industry when you were getting started.

16. Things Anyone Can Learn From Your Industry

What makes your industry super awesome and is really applicable to just about any job? Let your readers know!

17. A Q&A With a Cool Professional in Your Field

Like a lot of people, I’m a total interview junkie and love conducting and reading interviews with successful professionals. There’s a lot you can learn from the steps and missteps of others.

18. The Hardest Part of Your Job (and How You Deal With It)

Chances are someone out there is dealing with the same issues as you and would love some advice on how to handle what the job entails.

19. The Best Advice You Ever Received

Whether it’s a really great quote from a book or something your boss said in a meeting, we’ve all had that “aha” saying that put everything in perspective. Tell your audience about it!

20. A “How To” Guide for Something You Have Expertise In

Do you rock at writing really great networking emails? Do you know how to draft one kick-butt press release? Share your experience with your readers and help them get great at that those skills, too. The great thing about all of these ideas is that there are a million different variations for you to choose from when writing a post. So pick your poison and start blogging

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