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3 Basic Steps to Taking your Business Online

Internet is almost 26 years old, its 2019 and information age is thriving like never before, and if you still have not taken your business online, then you are missing a big-time deal. You are that backbencher in the business world who is sitting idly on its seat, unaware of the scenario of the first row.

According to the Pew Research Center, 89% of Americans use the internet to connect with people, get information, and find business services. It means that people might be looking out for you online, and if you are not there, you are calling for a big loss.

One of the reasons why businesses hesitate to go online is that they think going online is rocket science, finding hard to master. It is not! So many businesses are doing it, you can market online too!

Here are given the steps which can turn into the stairway to a strong online presence of your business:

Establish an Online Presence:

The first step in taking your business online is to establish an online presence – a website, a functional one that converts. It is like your shop, a platform which is solely yours. A particular address ( URL) where customers can immediately turn when they want to get your products or services

There are many professional web designers out there, but before hiring someone, you should be clear about the purpose of the website. It is a crucial factor in deciding the design of your website, that it speaks to the right audience, user-friendly (Mobile responsive layouts, quick page load speeds, etc)

Devise an SEO Strategy:

With so many websites selling similar services and products like you, it is very difficult to capture the top search rankings on search engines. People will not come to your website on their own; Google will guide them there. It is near impossible if you are not on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) also know as the First Page of Google. That is why you need an SEO strategy which boosts your website ranking and helps drive traffic to the site.

The usual marketing firm might not serve the purpose here; you need a specialized Marketing Agency that knows how to run a good SEO campaign for your website. They have professional SEO experts who know all the right tactics to make your website visible to the target customers by incorporating effective SEO strategy. From the backend code improvements for lighter pages to correct promotion strategies that will increase your domain authority with search engines.

Have a PPC Budget (Pay-Per-Click):

SEO takes time and that is why a well balanced marketing plan is important when starting your business online. Make sure to set a side a budget to create content and optimize your ads with either Google or social platforms like Facebook & Instagram. This is instant traffic overnight while your SEO strategy starts to take affect on the search rankings.

Engage with Community:

Building strong customer relation was always essential for the success of the business. But engaging with the community and getting social has become much more important with the increasing significance of phenomena like viral and buzz-words in the online world.

Many businesses think that with a running website, effective SEO strategy, and marketing, they don’t need social media presence. But it isn’t true! Social media might seem like a platform only for the stray youngsters, but the reality is it is an effective platform to build a strong customer base, attract customers to your website, and engage with the community. And this all works together to establish a strong brand name – isn’t it what you want?


Every business owner dreams of making it's business a global icon; it might be difficult but not impossible. The world of internet has diminished the geographical boundaries, and businesses are taking benefit of this freedom by going online. If you are not part of this chunk, then become a one today – you will never regret it!


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