3 Essentials to Creating the Perfect Paid Ads Campaigns

Paid ad campaigns are popular because rather than having to spend a small fortune on SEO and wait 6 months before results begin to appear, you can get to the top of Google’s search pages immediately.

As long as your business/website has found affordable keywords that suit the paid ads marketing budget, then you should hopefully see an ROI.

However, there is a lot more to it than keyword research and budget planning. Some of the key issues with budget planning is skimping on the design and content costs just so more money can be committed to the CPC (Cost-per-Click), but using this as a strategy is one of the main reasons so many campaigns fail.

Here are 3 essential ingredients to a successful paid ads campaign:

Qualified Graphics Designers

With so much competition out there today, it is almost impossible to create a catchy paid ads campaign without having a graphic designer on the project. For starters, a graphic designer can draw up a nice-looking wireframe for your sales funnel, how the landing page will look, and give you different ideas for different styles of landing pages if you plan to A/B test your landing pages (which we might add is recommended).

Of course, the main idea of hiring a graphic designer is because you want to display images with the best quality you possibly can. After all, the quality of those images reflects on your brand. You also have the flexibility to edit and change images, add text, add new colours, and in general manipulate images to fit the theme of the page, brand colours, and product/service.

On top of this, if you decide to take the route of ‘display ads’, then you need a graphic designer to design the various image sizes used on these campaigns.

You may find this article about the world’s best graphic designers useful. You can see exactly why these graphic designers have been dubbed the best in the business.

· High-quality images

· Create post-web page wireframe designs

· Manipulate images to suite the landing page

Qualified Web Designers

DIY is not the answer if you want to stand out amongst your competitors. Think about it like this. People that click on Google Ads do not care that it costs your business money. Therefore, there are likely to click on multiple Ads to research their options.

When this happens, there are many factors to consider!

· Mobile load speeds

· Page layout and aesthetics

· Brand appeal

First of all, the better the page loads speeds for both desktop and mobile, the more chance your ads have of beating your competitors’. You could be paying less per click compared to websites in positions 2 and 3 because your page speeds are so well refined.

For example, if you are targeting the internet privacy niche, you can expect plenty of competition, but if you do your research and look at the page speed, how the page scripts are delivered, and even server speeds, you can ask your web developer to improve on this. The key question is not “Can you make it better”, it is “How much time will it take for you to make it better?”

A web designer worth his/her weight in gold will confer with the graphics designer to make sure that together they can create attractive pages without too much noise going on which could affect the page load speeds – this is an art in itself and can be tricky because you want both an attractive page and fast page speeds!

Excellent Sales Copy

The saying goes ‘the words your site visitors read can influence their next decision’. That could be the decision to move on through your sales funnel, click to sign up to a newsletter (now you have free advertising) or click to make an immediate purchase.

Sales copywriters are important, and you should not hire the cheapest one out there or the one that appears to write well. You need someone that can show the campaigns he/she has worked on in the past. Effectively what you are looking for is a copywriter with a portfolio that shows you a proven track record of writing sales copy for ‘successful’ paid ads campaigns.

Also, the copywriter is not just writing your sales pitches, one-liners, and more information. This person is also going to decide on titles, text on images, and the flow of how the information is delivered.

Check out this Forbes article where you can learn the secrets to hiring the best copywriters!

· Look for sales page writers that have a proven track record

· Try not to pay your writer by quantity but instead quality


We hear you already! What about having a good analytics expert too, a qualified paid ads professional that knows how to deal with bid adjustments as well as record what the competitors are doing. And yes, you are correct. These facets of paid ads are also especially important, but also obvious to many which we will cover in our next Pay per click advertising guide.

All that being said, the idea of this guide was to give you some inside information on the design side of paid ads campaigns which is often overlooked.

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