3 Proven Ways to Collect Data to Improve Customer Experience

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Many companies believe that the absence of negative customer feedback means that their customers are satisfied. Map Customer Journeys

Mapping out customer journey means knowing what channels customers use to find your brand, what pages they first visit when landing on your site, etc.

When building a customer journey map, you should focus on customers’ demographics data, such as their age, family status, location, gender, and education. You will also need to analyze their behavioral data, such as their preferences, frustrations, problems, concerns, and expectations.

It is important to map the entire customer journey across all channels customers use to interact with your brand, from your call center to social channels and live chat scripts. Based on the data you collect, create buyer personas that will guide your marketing strategies and drive personalization.

  1. Monitor Brand Sentiment

Every day, people talk about your business online and offline. Just monitoring these conversations is not enough. For you, it is important to know whether customers’ opinions of your brand are positive or negative. In other words, you should measure brand sentiment – the feelings customers have about your brand.

Unfortunately, this is not true. Statistics say that only 1 in 26 unhappy customers will complain.

Instead of expressing their dissatisfaction, they will simply stop buying from you. According to PwC, 1 in 3 customers will leave the brand they like after a single negative experience, while more than 90% of consumers would stop buying after two or more negative experiences.

It only takes several dissatisfied customers to question the brand reputation you have been building for years.

To prevent that, you need to continuously collect customer data and use it to improve customer experiences.

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