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3 Reasons Why You Need To Use Print For Marketing Campaigns

With an increasingly digital-friendly world and the Internet of Things expanding, it might start to seem like a marketer’s work is all online. However, since the creation of the first printed pages, paper has influenced world history – and printing isn’t going out of style yet. As both an addition to a robust digital and direct marketing campaign, or as a standalone piece, print for marketing isn’t taking a backseat any time soon.

Consumers (and Millennials) Trust Print More

Did you know that more than half of all consumers (56% according to trust print marketing more than any other advertisement they see? In addition to the way that direct mail is trusted by consumers in general, 90 percent of Millennials think direct mail is reliable and 57 percent has made purchases based on these offers, according to Pitney Bowes.

What this means for marketers is that print for marketing campaigns is an option that should always be on the table. Your audience, no matter who is part of the target, is more likely to respond well to a trusted direct mail piece. This is especially important for industries like financial services or healthcare, where the type of information that is sent out may be sensitive, and some consumers won’t want it delivered to an email inbox.

Next time you’re getting ready for a campaign, remember that using print for marketing is a great way to increase trust with your audience.

Direct Mail is Tangible

An email inbox, although valuable for marketing offers, is a place filled with spam that most people want to avoid and sometimes downright dangerous viruses or malware that can hurt consumers. While hundreds of laws protect what’s getting delivered to your home, far fewer keep you safe from the hackers who are out to get sensitive details from your email account. Additionally, USPS is one of the most trusted companies and government agencies among consumers.

Beyond simple security, 98% of consumers open their mail daily, giving your marketing offer the opportunity to drive results the minute it reaches someone’s home. Also according to the Cash 4 Toners, almost half of the people who receive print marketing in the mail will keep these items for future reference if the product or service seems like something they might want later on.

When you give your target audience a direct mail offer, you help them avoid security risks and filter your message to a place where they are more likely to see and interact with it – and even if someone doesn’t act now, you’re giving them the chance to save your offer for later.

Multi-Channel Campaigns Get the Best Response

When you really want your marketing offers to drive results, the way to do it is with a multi-channel approach. When you send out a direct mail offer that someone saves on the kitchen counter, it can pay to revive that consumer’s interest by sending a follow-up email or digital display advertising that targets the same homes where you sent the direct mail offer. For printers who work regularly with clients, adding digital channels like these also gives you the opportunity to add new revenue streams to your existing business.

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