4 Tips on Advertizing Your Business to Cryptocurrency Shoppers

Did you know that some businesses are making a killing because they accept cryptocurrencies as payment? Despite being a viable payment method for several years now, many business owners are still confused about how to use and accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Lightning, and Nano.

Well, we suggest that you find out more because your business is missing out on a sizeable chunk of potential revenue. It would surprise you at just how many people are using cryptocurrencies these days for online purchases. They are cheaper to use, quicker and offer buyers an anonymity that fiat currencies cannot.

Besides, cryptocurrencies are not that confusing once you understand the basics. Many just assume cryptocurrencies are for trading rather than having much of a real-world use. You will actually see that they are an excellent payment method to use and quickly understand why so many other businesses are already accepting them.

For those of you that have a decent understanding of cryptos and want to know how to advertise your products and services to cryptocurrency shoppers, look at our four tips below.

1. List Your Business in a Merchant Directory

When you want to let Bitcoin shoppers know that you accept crypto payments, a good way is to list your business at merchant directories. Consumers who enjoy spending cryptos use these directories to see which merchants they can use for their Bitcoins. There are many merchant directories out there but aim for ones that focus on cryptocurrencies.

2. Use a Bitcoin Payment Button on Your Website

Letting visitors to your website know that you accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is another good idea. Find some buttons of the cryptocurrencies you accept and place it in your pages footer. Bitcoin users know the Bitcoin sign and will instantly spot it. Also, make sure you list all the cryptocurrencies you accept on your ‘Payments’ page or anywhere that describes the payment methods you accept.

3. Write a Blog About It

If you do not tell your customers you accept cryptocurrencies, how do you expect them to find out? As soon as you have added Bitcoin as a payment method, you should be doing your best to inform those that use it. A good way to do this is via a blog post on your site.

Write a nice article that informs your customers and gives them value, and it will also help with your site’s SEO. Regular content is always a good idea if you want to rank well in Google. Just make sure the article is well-optimized with keywords such ‘pay with Bitcoin’ or ‘we accept cryptocurrencies’.

You can get ideas from blogs not just from your home country but you can also search using an IP address abroad.

4. Use Social Media

We all know that social media is a powerful marketing tool, so why not make the most of it by letting Bitcoin shoppers aware that you accept cryptocurrencies? Whether you have a large following on the likes of Twitter or Facebook already or just starting out, you will get your posts out in front of a vast audience.

You could either make a series of posts detailing this information or you could combine them with the blog post that you wrote. Share your blog post in one of your social media postings and let customers click it and read it. This is also great as it brings people back to your website and could lead to conversions.


Aside from screaming and shouting from the rooftops, the above are the best ways to let consumers know that your business now accepts cryptocurrencies as payments. Once awareness increases, you will soon see where you have been missing out as the Bitcoin shoppers visit your website in droves.

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