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5 Affordable Small Business CRM Options

CRM is undoubtedly a very important requirement for small businesses. The way in which small business relationships, sales processes and services are managed play a major role in deciding one's competitive position in his/her respective domain.

Smart Small Businesses do realize the importance of effective CRM, very early in their business tenure. They do realize that a good CRM solution is a critical factor for their rapid growth and success. However, what they need to understand further is to know how best they can deploy a great CRM solution for their advantage and success.

Being a small business is no longer an excuse for being complacent. The internet has only aggravated the competition amongst small businesses and now, most small businesses are utilizing the best software and technology at their disposal to beat the competition.


1.         Agile CRM

Being in the CRM solutions business, Agile CRM understands that every business has different processes and business requirements. Agile's Small Business CRM Solution Combines the core Agile CRM suite (Contact & Account Management, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation and Customer Service/Help Desk) with Integration for MS Exchange eMail, the Agile Integration Module (for connecting to third-party databases) and Agile CRM Web (a web interface for remote user access to basic functionality), and it can be completely customized to meet any user requirements. Having focused on customized software solutions from a long time, we understand that one-size-fits all approach doesn't always work; small businesses should always choose a solution that allows them the level of flexibility that they need.

2.         Nimble

Nimble aims to help you to better manage social contacts including co-workers, customers and partners and all the online conversations you have with them over email, Twitter, Skype, Facebook and other services. All your contacts (and team contacts) can be managed in one screen using this lightweight online platform.

Nimble's Contact Manger interface provides options for adding people or companies as a contact and for syncing all messages from email or social media sites to a contact. You can then create new events and manage the list for upcoming and completed tasks.

3.         Zoho CRM

With features such as sales tracking, Google service synchronization and social profiles, Zoho CRM lets your business focus on customers, not data.

One important feature in Zoho CRM is the Opportunity Tracking Tool, which is designed to give your business a comprehensive view of all sales activities. You'll know where every customer is in the sales cycle, the deal size and contact history. You can even access competitor information. An editable Notes Section displays the time and content of past customer conversations; this lets you make each connection with the customer more personal and productive.

4.         ContactMe

ContactMe is Web-based small businesses CRM with a comfortable, easy-to-use interface. The CRM offers a number of useful tools for notes and email forwarding, calendar and reminders and task management in addition to the contact management and reporting tools.

The contact management tool will be useful for small businesses looking to consolidate and sort contacts. Most small business owners use a system of email, documents and spreadsheets to handle contacts. With ContactMe, though, you'll be able to update your contact list from one place and organize contacts into categories such as lead, potential and customer.

5.         Batchbook

Batchbook is a cloud-based social CRM platform. Any member of your or team can use Batchbook on any device to keep track of important customers, partners and deals. To get started, you can import existing contacts from a spreadsheet or collect contact information from your website.

Batchbook offers several ways to organize contacts to learn who customers are, how they relate to each other and what steps are needed to close a deal. You can organize contact lists by location, by last contact date or by using custom fields. You can also learn more about customers by connecting to their Facebook profile within the Batchbook interface.

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