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5 Tips to Get Your Live Webinar Audience to Take the Action

When it comes to engaging your audience it may be hard to motivate them to take the actions you want. First, you have to decide what action you want them to take and how to sync their performance with your expectations. Think about your webinar’s purpose – regardless of its type (it could be driving sales or gathering high quality leads) you should boost different types of engagement and motivate your audience to take desirable actions.

1. Clear CTA (call to action)

A CTA button is an obvious way of encouraging your audience to take action. A good CTA should be related to the webinar and its content. Remember to release the CTA in the right moment of your webinar. Don’t make your audience look for a needle in the haystack – create a button that is big enough and has a proper contrast with the background. It’s in your interest to make it look as much differential and outstanding as possible.

Moreover, a good CTA should be carefully crafted. Because it plays a huge role in the sales process, you should focus on your customers, their needs and issues to make sure that the action you propose will solve their problems and ease their efforts.

2. Polling your audience

Before you present any Call to Action it is highly recommended to build trust among your audience. First, you should explain your attendees the benefits of your offer. By creating polls you can guide the participants and encourage them to make the right decisions and consider your offer seriously. Polling is also a great way of separating the hot leads from the cold ones. Asking the right questions will also help you identify users showing the biggest interest in your service or product.

3. Surveys & feedback

Take your attendees’ answers in consideration so they won’t think you’re ignoring them. Give them an impression that they have real influence on the meeting and that the host expects them to interact. By giving them a chance to interact, you get full insights into their interest level, background and other vital information. You can also receive additional insights by sending post-webinar surveys in which you may ask your participants about crucial things as audio & video quality.

4. Intriguing your attendees

Without an intriguing topic your webinar attendance rates may be very poor. That’s why you should remember about keeping your participants interested in the presented material. Keep in mind that the title of your webinar has a real power to capture the potential registrants’ attention and encourage them to sign up. Try to make your headline specific and outstanding.

Maybe you should consider adding a little bit of mistery to your event’s name? Even making negative statements can bring good results. Make the readers think that you’re aware of their difficulties with some matter and don’t forget to add that you have an adequate solution for their problem.

5. Chat & leave room for questions

What’s the simplest way to get your live webinar audience to take an action? Giving the floor to the public. Make it easy for your participants to become customers, give them time and space to learn about your product or service. By giving voice to your attendees you show that you’re open for feedback. You also get a chance to go to the end of the sales funnel with the undecided participants.

These were our 5 tips to engage your audience and make them take the action. Remember that it’s also recommended to use good webinar software (such as to keep your audience focused and provide them an user friendly environment.


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