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5 Top Tips for Creating a Winning CV

Finding a new job is often a full-time job in itself, which is why you should put in as much effort into your hunt as you would into an employed position, and this all starts with your CV.

The first thing a potential employer will see about you is your CV; so, it is essential that your CV wins them over instantly and scores you an interview. Having an excellent CV will make every application count and make your search much easier in the long run.

If you have been submitting applications but hearing nothing back, it may be because your CV is lacking, and you need to rejuvenate it with these tips.

1. Tailor Your CV

Every job you submit an application for will have different specifications and requirements. To give yourself the best shot at getting an interview, tailor your CV to each job you apply for.

Now, if you are applying for many jobs at a time, this could be time-consuming. However, having a selection of tweaked CVs for specific niches that you apply for will undoubtedly improve your chances of grabbing the recruiter’s attention.

It also shows that you have taken the time to read through the specifications properly.

2. Make it Individual

There are many, many CV templates on the internet, and seasoned recruiters have probably seen them all. To make yours stand out among the rest, you should write it from scratch. If you are not sure how to do this or need some support, CV writing experts at will write a unique CV for you.

3. Only Include Relevant Experience

An excellent CV will be concise and to the point. This means there won’t be chunks of text over 10 pages of A4. If you are applying for a job in an office, the work experience you had at a coffee shop when you were 15 probably won’t be relevant and should be cut.

Only include experience that fits the job’s description and specification; you may have more experience than you think that relates to the job but isn’t directly included in the advert, in which case, it can benefit to add that, too.

4. Proofread and Proofread Again

If a recruiter reads your CV and notices a spelling or grammatical error, you will immediately lose your chance at an interview. Little mistakes like this are what help recruiters sift through mounds of CVs at the first stage. Make sure you don’t lose out on your chance because you forgot to check if you spelled everything correctly.

5. Make it Readable

Appearances aren’t everything, except when you want to make a good first impression to a recruiter. A CV with an unreadable font or ghastly colours will immediately put a recruiter off. Keep it simple and stick to black and white.

Creating the perfect CV can take a few drafts to get right, but once you start receiving invites to interviews, you’ll know you’ve got it down. Don’t forget to include a brilliant cover letter to maximise your chances!


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