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5 Ways to Market and Grow your Start up Business

Updated: May 14, 2019

There are lots of challenges associated with running a start up business. You need to think about budget, staffing, and of course how to grow your business. That’s a lot of balls to be juggling at the same time especially if entrepreneurship is new to you. We’ve prepared a list of 5 ways to market and grow your start-up business to get you to the next level.

Creating a Website Presence

The first thing people are likely to do when they hear your business name is “Google you”. When they do – you want to create the right first impression. That’s why it’s critical you have a website in place. This should list your services, have clear information about your company – and tell a story about your core values and missions. You can either outsource this to a web design agency if you have the budget, or you can use to get something up and running yourself.

Social Media Marketing

In the world of digital social media is increasingly important. It is how prospective buyers get an idea of who you are as a company before making a purchase. Using social media to your advantage is a great way to create brand awareness and get your company out there. When you are innovative in your campaigns, you can generate a lot of interest and traffic to your site. The important thing about social media is to make sure you are posting useful content to the user, and to choose the correct social medium for your business.


Getting out and about at networking events is a crucial way to get your name out there. There are great cheap printing online services where you can get good quality business cards without having to spend a fortune. Make sure you take as many as you can out with you and hand them out. You never know when someone you meet at an event may be in need of a service that you provide. As well as this, you could end up with contacts that could help grow your business such as marketing specialists, accountants etc.

Leaflet Drops

Although the digital landscape is fast evolving, there is still room for traditional marketing. Make use of cheap printing services like ZoePrint and create leaflets that you can post out or make use of as promotional materials at a good rate. ZoePrint are recommended because their printing service is extremely cost effective and fast, so you can have all the print materials you need promptly for a very affordable price. Leaflets can be particularly useful if you have a specific seasonal promotion you are looking to push – or a new product.

Exhibiting at Conferences

There are some great exhibitions out there these days that will help get your brand out there. As well as having your own stand – depending on your level of sponsorship or size of the event, you can also look into options for branded merchandise or speaking opportunities. Make sure you take a look at everything that the conference has to offer before agreeing on an exhibition fee. If you are getting pop-up banners for your stand, you can utilise cheap printing services for this too.

If you are looking to grow your business, then hopefully this handy list of top tips will have you well on your way.


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