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7 Tools to Optimize Content Marketing

With the growing number of websites on the internet, standing out in a crowded marketing space is far more challenging. The good news is that hundreds of content optimization tools are available online to bring traffic to your websites and generate leads. Also, relying on these tools allows you to get the job done better, easier, and more efficiently.

Optimizing your blog contents and web pages is vital in content marketing. However, choosing which one to try out of the hundreds can be overwhelming. So to help you, we curated a list of the 7 best content optimization tools in content marketing.

What Is Content Optimization?

Content optimization is understanding your web content's performance and finding ways to optimize it to engage a large audience, achieve a high rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), and improve readability. To do this, a content marketer must:

  • Make sure to add relevant keywords in the blog post

  • Ensure that it is readable and easy to understand

  • Include all relevant images

  • Ensure a high word count in each content to cover the topic in-depth

  • Use at least one of the mentioned content optimization tools in this list

Remember that creating content is not just about writing epic blog posts. It is also about addressing customers' needs, users' search intent, your competitors, search engine updates, and market trends.

7 Best Content Optimization Tools You Can Use


Ahrefs is an essential SEO tool and one of the must-haves in content optimization. While you can use it for basic keyword research, it also provides backlink and competitor analysis, rank tracking in Google, and site audits. It is also an essential tool for understanding your target audience.

Furthermore, Ahrefs handles in-depth projects like performance reports to your chosen cadence, so you're updated every time.


MarketMuse is an AI-powered tool that helps in content research and keyword planning. It checks your existing content and provides personalized difficulty scores. From there, they will show you relevant keywords to include that will most likely rank up in search engines, enabling you to get engagements from a large audience.

This tool also allows users to create first drafts for web content and uses an optimized natural language generation to produce a unique piece of content that requires minimal editing.


Yoast is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that helps users to publish SEO-friendly content. It optimizes your website with the right keywords, edits meta-descriptions and URL slugs, identifies and avoids dead links, and suggests relevant links.

It has green, red, and yellow indicators that make it easy to identify if you've correctly optimized your page. Don't worry if you didn't reach the "green light" yet, as Yoast will provide SEO recommendations to improve the quality of your content.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free tool from Google that allows users to get an overview of their website's performance, such as total clicks, impressions, CTR, and the average position. It also helps understand algorithms and how to create high-quality content based on Google's web content grades.

Moreover, GSC can evaluate the underperforming keywords so users can optimize and improve their content's SERP ranking.


Clearscope helps marketers write highly relevant content based on the search intent of their target customers. Its primary purpose is to find contextual keywords to integrate into your content. Also, it offers a readability level indicator, content grading, competitor analysis, and outline generator.

This tool is helpful for businesses as it gives them an edge to outrank their competitors.


Grammarly is the best tool for improving communication across multiple mediums: from emails and documents to social media channels. It is an easy way to catch typos and grammatical errors in your content, allowing you to better polish your article before publishing.

It uses AI-powered edits that fix spellings, refines the tone, makes sentences clear, and improve word choices.

Hemingway Editor

Hemmingway Editor is the best option for writing better content and converting more website visitors. It is a readability checker that improves hard-to-read or overly complex sentences to more concise and easier-to-understand content. Unlike Grammarly, Hemmingway Editor doesn't just look at individual words and phrases but the complexity and stylistic errors of the sentences.

This tool is also simple to use. You can write directly or copy-paste your content to the editor. The changes suggested are color-coded. For instance, the red highlight means the text is very hard to read. You can work through these recommendations to improve your content.


Content optimization is a crucial part of SEO as it ensures that your content is well-written while gaining visibility through the web. And in order to achieve that, it is helpful to use content optimization tools.

While these tools allow you to stay on top of the game, you don't necessarily need to use all of them to create winning content. Pick the tools you think will work best for your strategies, goals, needs, workflows, and interests.

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