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8 Best Flooring Type You'll Surely Like at the Exterior of Your Home Office

While your home office contains your entire workspace in one nice, neat area, the best part is just outside of it – your back porch or patio. This signifies that you have the best of both worlds, a nice place to work and some space to relax in when your work day is over.

However, in order to make your outdoor space as comfortable as possible, you may need to install new flooring from Houston Flooring Warehouse. There are eight main types to choose from at Wraps Studio. Here are the pros and cons of them both.

1) Wood and Composite Decking

This is the most common type of backyard flooring. If you have a deck or wraparound porch, then it’s probably made of either traditional hardwood or composite decking materials. Both have their own pros and cons but are easy to care for and will last for years when taken care of properly. At the very least, wood and composite need a good power washing every few months or so.

2) Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Tiles from Houston Flooring Warehouse can be installed on a traditional porch. You may have to reinforce the porch’s supports so that they’ll hold the extra weight, but this expense will be worth it when you see the finished results.

3) Grass – The Artificial Kind

Artificial grass has gotten a bad reputation. People think of the older varieties, which consisted of spiky, little pieces of plastic that were hard to walk on barefoot. The newer types are far more comfortable and look a lot nicer. They no longer look like football turf or that uncomfortable, 1960s version of artificial grass.

4) Concrete

A concrete pad no longer needs to look boring. There are many different options these days, including stamped and stained concrete. You can have a back patio put in that’s made of molded concrete designed to resemble bricks or stones. The best part about this material is the fact that it’s extremely easy to care for. 5) Brick

A brick patio provides a good place to relax. You can install the bricks right outside of your home office and have a connecting door placed in the wall. When you’re ready to relax, just open that door and sit down in the nearest chair.

6) Outdoor Carpeting

Outdoor carpeting from Wraps Studio should not be compared to artificial grass. They aren’t the same at all. This carpeting is soft to walk on, yet water resilient, so you won’t have to drag it inside before a rainstorm. You’ll find it quite comfortable, and since it comes in many styles, it will complement your décor nicely.

7) Rubber Pavers

Rubber pavers work like traditional bricks, only they’re much softer. They won’t hold up as well, but provide a nice alternative.

8) Foam Tiles

Foam tiles are a great option for people with children. It’s easy to set them up on a patio or deck and they’re easily removable when it’s time for the adults to go outside and enjoy themselves.

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