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A 2 Minute Tip To Reduce Your Plastic Use Better Living

As many of your know, a big part of my home life is finding simple ways to reduce my environmental impact.

I wrote about using less water last month.

Here is another tip I wanted to share with you all.

Like it or not, Amazon is a huge part of all of our lives. From pet food to skincare, I use Amazon at least once a week.

The worst part about Amazon has to be all the plastic that products/packaging use. @stayplasticfree on Instagram shared this AWESOME tip for having Amazon replace plastic packaging with paper. Go to your Amazon account

  • Go to “help/customer service”

  • Go to “contact us”

  • Use the chat option

  • Ask the chat agent to only use plastic packaging when absolutely necessary — and to use degradable packaging in all other cases

  • This will be applied to all future orders

The whole process takes about 2 minutes. This is a great way to help chip away at the problem of plastic pollution.

In the future, the plastic bubbles that kept your goods safe will be replaced with paper. Have a great tip? Email me at


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